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Just Do It a Little Bit Differently

  I love the story of Peter’s failed fishing expedition. One day, he told Jesus, “Master, we worked hard all night and

Just Do It a Little Bit Differently2016-06-19T21:09:02+08:00

Are You Ready To Work?

  Friend, if you want God’s promise of abundance to happen in your life, you’ve got to dirty your hands. You want

Are You Ready To Work?2016-06-13T06:59:38+08:00

Get Serious About Your Health

  If not now, when?   I believe that for many people with persistent health issues, they need to get out of

Get Serious About Your Health2016-05-18T16:22:43+08:00

Praise Someone Today!

  The literal meaning of the word “blessing” is “to bow down.” When I bow down in front of someone, I give

Praise Someone Today!2016-05-02T06:24:46+08:00

Choose Your Battles

  There are two kinds of parents. Parents who bless and parents who curse. What kind of parent are you? Face it,

Choose Your Battles2016-04-24T18:32:20+08:00

Bless Your Loved Ones

May I share this with you? My friend sent it to me and I found it…uh…enlightening (I think). What I Learned From

Bless Your Loved Ones2016-04-17T21:06:48+08:00