Have you experienced being desperate before?

Desperate for a solution?

Desperate for money?

Desperate for food?

Desperate for love?

Believe me, no one wants to be desperate. We’d rather have comfort, convenience, abundance, overflow, and prosperity anytime. But desperation is something we avoid.

First of All, Be Desperate for Wisdom

Sally and Esther are friends who are both single. They complain how difficult it is to look for good single men.

One day, they notice a new guy in the neighborhood. They wonder if he’s single. Sally says to Esther, “Talk to him and find out.” Esther says, “I’m shy. You talk to him.” After some more squabbling, Sally agrees to go. She approaches the guy and asks, “Hi! My friend and I haven’t seen you before. Are you new here?”

The man says, “Yep, I just arrived. I spent twenty years in prison.”

Shocked, Sally asks, “What for?”

“I killed my third wife. I strangled her,” he says.

“What happened to your second wife?” she asks.

“I shot her.”

“And your first wife?”

“We were fighting, and I accidentally pushed her through the window. We were on the tenth floor.”

Sally couldn’t get back to Esther fast enough. “Esther! He’s available!”

That’s what you call desperate.

When we’re desperate, we have the propensity to act foolishly. The more desperate you are, the more foolish you act. Sally and Esther are so desperate, they’re willing to marry a three-time murderer. So here’s my important message: If you’re desperate, the first thing you need to be desperate for is wisdom—God’s wisdom.

If you mix desperation and wisdom, you become powerful.

Why does God allow desperation?

Desperation can produce dedication.

And dedication wins battles and makes you a champion.

When people despair, some give up.

Others, however, give their all.

It’s all up to you.

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