Do you know the Judas Principle?

The Apostle Judas operated his life by this policy: Money is more important than my relationships.

In Matthew 26:14, Judas asked the high priests, “What are you willing to give me if I handed over Jesus to you?” And the priests answered, “Thirty silver coins.”

Remember that Jesus and Judas were friends. They lived together for three years, ate together, walked together, and worked together. For three years, Jesus taught him, trained him, empowered him, and trusted him as a dear friend and treasurer.

Yet Judas exchanged Jesus for a bunch of silver coins. This is the Judas Principle.

It’s more common than you think.

How many times have we thrown away a relationship for money? Or comfort? Or power? Or achievements?

I know of parents who do this. Their work, their achievements, especially the money they earn, have become more important than their kids.

One time, a businessman came up to me, asking for help. “My son is smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. Bo, I don’t understand why he’s doing these things! I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t take drugs!”

But later on, I learned that he was rarely at home. This father was so busy with his business, he didn’t spend time with his son. Their relationship was almost nonexistent. Yes, it’s true that the father didn’t smoke, drink, or take drugs.

But the friends of his son did. And these friends had time for him.

Sadly, the father operated by the Judas Principle: Money is more important than people. “I’ll throw away my relationship—just give me my money.”

Let me tell you another sad story.

I have a friend who got his neighbor as a business partner. Three years later, that business partner turned against my friend. He saw a legal loophole and brought my friend to court. Today, that business partner owns the entire business.

And my friend—the founder of the business? He has nothing left.

My friend said, “I treated my business partner as part of my family. Almost every weekend, we’d eat at my house and my kids would play with his kids. I don’t understand how a man can be so . . . evil. How could he betray me like this?”

That person operated by the Judas Principle.

The opposite of the Judas Principle is the Jesus Principle. For Jesus, relationships come first. Always.

Think about it. To Jesus, you’re more important than the glory of heaven. He’ll sacrifice anything and everything just to have you. To Jesus, nothing is more important than His relationship with you. That’s why He died on the Cross for you.

This is the God that you worship.

Friend, life is a choice.

You can live by the Judas Principle. Or you can live by the Jesus Principle.

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