I get interviewed a lot.

Perhaps once a week, I get interviewed (No joke).

My problem is that I get asked the same questions over and over again.

So just to break the monotony, I give them the silliest answers.

Let me share with you one interview today.

Despite the jokes, I’m sure you’ll pick up something for your own personal growth. Here it is…

Q: Brother Bo, we’re going to ask you some very basic questions.

Bo: No problem. You wouldn’t know if my answers would be correct anyway, right?

Q: (Laughs) When and where were you born?

Bo: July 11, 1966 in Caloocan City. Or was that 1976? Let me show you my baby photo. (See below.) At least, that’s what my mother said when she gave me this photo. But because the creature in the photo looks like a miniaturized sumo wrestler, I’m wondering if it was really me. What do you think?

Do you see a neck? Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Q: Who are your parents?

Bo: Eugenio and Pilar Sanchez. The most fantastic human beings on the planet.

Q: We read somewhere that they have a great love story. How did they meet?

Bo: Mom was a pretty 19 year old girl when she met Dad. She was applying for work in his office. Dad, 6 years older than her, liked what he saw and, take note, secretly gave her the answers to the entrance exam–just so that she would pass! He then hired her on the spot and asked for his first date. This may scandalize you, but three months later, Mom and Dad got married. Obviously, they never told me this shocking piece of information until I was 31 years old–when I was far and safe from the impulsiveness of teenage romance.

Q: What was their religious background?

Bo: Catholic. Do you know what was their first date?

Q: What?

Bo: Morning Mass. And from that day on, they never stopped going to daily Mass for the rest of their lives. Before Dad died last year, they celebrated 63 years of wedded bliss.

Q: Where did you go to School?

Bo: I switched schools like I switched shirts. I started in Stella Maris, jumped to San Carlos Boys, hopped to St. Josephs, switched to Claret High School, and finally landed in the Ateneo. Yes, I never got a Loyalty Award.

Q: What was your course in college?

Bo: AB Philosophy.

Q: Did you take up Masters?

Bo: I took up my Masters in Theology but never did my thesis. I was just too busy with my ministry. My purpose wasn’t to get a degree. I just wanted to learn more.

Q: Where did you work?

Bo: In a normal job and normal company? Never. I’m now 41 and I’ve never had a Boss in my entire life. Ever since high school, I was already serving in ministry. And when I was in college, I was already working “full-time” in the ministry of the Lord. I founded 4 non-profit organizations and I’ve always been the leader. I guess I’m just lazy and I don’t want to work for anyone.

Q. Why did you become a preacher?

Bo: I had a spiritual conversion at age 12. I experienced God’s love in such a real and intimate way. And I wanted to do two things. First, the force of that love overwhelmed me and I wanted to love Him back. Second, I wanted to live a life of significance. I wanted my life to have eternal meaning. And so I had this desire to serve God by preaching. Would you believe, as a 13-year-old kid, I would imagine myself standing before 30,000 people in Araneta Coliseum, holding a bible and a microphone, preaching God’s Word.

Q. Did that happen?

Bo: I gave my first talk in the Araneta Coliseum at age 16. That was a miracle. Let me prove it to you: Here’s my passport photo when I was 16. Would you have listened to that… uh, alien?

The Creature.

Q. Was there a particular event in your life that caused you to become a preacher?

Bo: At age 13, Aida, our prayer group leader prophesied that I would receive the gift of wisdom and that I would preach. So she asked me to give a talk that following Friday prayer meeting. So at age 13, I preached my first talk and never stopped ever since. I owe my ministry to that woman, Aida. She believed in me. She saw something in me that others–even I–didn’t see in me. And all through the years, I’ve been trying to be an Aida in other people’s lives. I raise people up and release them to the world. It’s been fun.

Q. We have noticed that you talk about a broad range of topics. Do you have favorite topics now?

Bo: After almost 30 years of preaching, my favorite topics now are about building people’s self-esteem, teaching people to see themselves the way God sees them, and helping them to dream again. For me to do that, I have to change their distorted images of God and of themselves. Another favorite topic right now is helping people raise their financial literacy and teaching them the right theology and psychology towards money. Can I plug?

Q. Yes, please!

Bo: I don’t know if there are still empty seats available, but I’ll announce this anyway. I’ll be giving my life-changing How To Be Truly Rich Seminar this April 5, 2008, from 8:30am to 12noon. I love giving this seminar because it really changes the financial lives of people. How? By changing their psychology and theology towards money. I’ve always believed that money problems are mind problems. So by changing their mind towards money, their money life will change as well. To find out if there are still empty seats available, they can email beaconlightevents@gmail.com right away. (Note from Bo: You can also read my P.S. at the bottom of this blog.)

Q. Why do you use various media? You seem to use everything. You use television and radio and books and magazines and the internet…

Bo: Media is powerful. It multiplies my reach. I think if Jesus were alive today, He’d use the internet too. Can I make another shameless plug? In the internet, I’ve created an international, borderless, non-physical community of people who want to grow in their personal life. I supply them with a mountain load of spiritual nourishment–like daily Bible reflections, monthly magazines, etc… All they have to do is log on at www.kerygmafamily.com. It’s FREE.

Q. You’re both a Preacher of God and also a Motivational or Inspirational Speaker. Is there a conflict?

Bo: Truth is universal. So I give one message. But yes, I’m a preacher in our prayer meetings because I can more openly talk about my sources–the Bible and our faith tradition. And I’m an inspirational speaker in my corporate seminars where I source my message from history, secular authors, social sciences, etc. But the message remains the same because the simplest truth that changes lives is universal.

Q. Why do you think thousands of people admire you?

Bo: Because I look like Tom Cruise. You don’t believe me? Our intestines, kidneys, and spleen really look alike. Okay seriously now. Gee, I’ll be guessing here. Three things. First, perhaps because I try to be honest with my failures and weaknesses. I don’t hide them. People know my sins. So perhaps they see themselves in me. Second, perhaps because I try to speak their language. I speak simply. I don’t try to impress people with my knowledge. Finally, perhaps because I speak what matters to them, their most pressing needs. Because I want to help them where they hurt the most. Aside from those three things, I really think it’s the Tom Cruise thing.

Q. How do you attain your own goals?

Bo: I start small. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Second, I bring together a dream team around me. I don’t go into a project without a fantastic group of people who will assist me in that project. Third, I keep at it. I keep positive. I keep faith. I keep focused. I believe that when a man is focused on his dreams with passion, he becomes a blessing-magnet. He doesn’t even have to look for them. Every blessing that he needs to fulfill his dreams will come to him. He will find blessings rolling down at his feet, begging that he receives them.

Q. We heard that you don’t send your kids to school. Instead, you homeschool them. Why such a radical decision?

Bo: It was a difficult decision. But after 4 years of homeschooling our kids, we see the fruits. We’ve been able to form the values in our kids. We enjoy a very strong relationship with them. To get my complete answer, log on at www.catholicfilipinoacademy.com In that site, you’ll also know the 16 reasons why we homeschool our kids.

Q. How is your relationship with God?

Bo: Alive. Intimate. Happy. Fun. Real. Honest. Worldly. I experience Him in the most secular moments of my life.

Q. You seem to be a very different kind of Preacher. You don’t only preach. You want to help the poor. You want to change the world. Why?

Bo: I began to understand that essence of Christianity. It is love. I’ll say something that will shock the daylights out of you. I believe that Salvation isn’t about going to Heaven. I believe Salvation is about bringing Heaven down on earth, especially to those who are suffering the most–the poor, the sick, the abandoned, and the spiritually lost. My faith is meaningless–my prayer meetings, my liturgical rituals, my bible reading, my religious beliefs–if I do not love my neighbor.

Q. What are you plans for the future?

Bo: I’ll continue to preach about God’s love. I’ll continue to teach people to believe in the God that believes in them. I’ll continue to share very practical ways of living the Christian life–in their families, in their jobs… I’ll use media more extensively to share this message. As a community, we will give half of our funds for evangelism and the other half for our work for the poor. Specifically, we will do developmental work for the poorest of the poor, establishing micro-credit and livelihood facilities. We will work with other groups to eradicate world poverty.

Q. Thank you very much. You have inspired us again.

Bo: Thank you too. You gave me great questions.

Friends, I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed answering it.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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