You Need Tension To Be Happy

You need tension in your life.

Because there’s such a thing as good tension and bad tension.

Warning: Don’t dream of having zero tension in your life. 

The reason why you can stand up is because there’s tension in your feet, in your ankles, in your knees, in your hips, and in your spine. If there was no tension in your body, you’d be a mound of jello on the floor.

Some people dream of sitting on the beach, lying on a recliner, their feet propped up, sipping a tall glass of orange juice, and playing on their iPads. Do that for one day and you’ll be happy. Do that for one week and there’s an off chance that you’ll still be happy.   Do that for one month and I’m sure you’re bored to death. Do that for one year and I bet you’re going crazy.

If you want to be happy, you need tension in your life. 

And do you know where good tension comes from?

Tension comes from Vision…

This Tension Will Keep You Alive

During World War II, in a Nazi concentration camp, cruel doctors experimented on the most effective way of crushing the human spirit. They thought that what would do that was to remove every remaining shred of physical comfort. So they removed chairs, beds, and extra clothes in the prison cells. Prisoners suffered… But somehow, they survived. 

Next, the prison guards cut the food ration to half.  Again, the prisoners suffered, became exceedingly thin… But they survived. Next, they increased their work hours from 12 hours to 16 hours a day. Again, the prisoners suffered tremendously, became sickly and fainted at different times… But they survived.

It seemed as though nothing could break the human spirit.

Finally, the Nazis tried one last experiment. One morning, the prison guards asked the prisoners to dig a hole in the ground. So the entire day, with shovels and pickax and wheelbarrow, they made a gigantic hole. 

The next day, when they woke up, the prison guards asked the prisoners to cover the hole again. The prisoners were perplexed and didn’t understand, but they obeyed. 

The next morning, the prison guards asked them to dig the hole again. Everyday, they asked them to do the very opposite of what they did the previous day. On and on it went. 

Result? Two weeks later, the prisoners began to die one by one.

Why? More than our need for food, or comfort, or sleep—we need purpose. We need the tension of purpose. When what I do has no more purpose, something in me dies.

When there is no purpose, there is no pull. 

Where there is no target, there is no tension.

Is Your Heart Big?

God gave us a big heart. 

But many people’s hearts are small.

Why? Because they are not stretched. Because stretch comes from vision.

Your heart was designed by God to be so big, it can stretch from your present location to your future vision.  Jesus said, your heart will be where your treasure is. If your vision is very important to you, even if your vision is far away, your heart is already there with your vision.  Your heart is here in your present location and there in your future vision. And there lies the beautiful tension that will keep you alive!

Is Your Vision Big Enough To Pull You?

       Here’s what I realized about life: The bigger the purpose, the bigger the pull; The farther the target, the stronger the tension.

If you talk to kids and ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” some of them will tell you of their wild, crazy dreams. “I want to be a Pilot!” or “I want to be a preacher!” or “I want to be a billionaire!” Kids say it with so much confidence and certainty.

       Sadly, after just a few years later, all that childlike confidence flies out the window. Why? One reason: Because well-meaning adults take it away from them. Adults say, “Be realistic. You’re poor. Your parents are poor. You’re not very bright. You look ugly. You’re not very special. You’re setting up yourself for big disappointments. If I were you, you should lower your dreams.” Soon, harsh reality sets in. Negativity sets in. Discouragement sets in. Frustration sets in. And all those big dreams fly out of the window as well.

       When that happens, the heart becomes small. Tension disappears. And people begin to live small lives.

Today, I’m here to help you recapture this fantastic childlike ability to dream. Start dreaming big dreams again. Cast a big vision in front of you. A big vision is better than a small vision, because a big purpose has bigger pull. But big visions are necessary to create enough tension to draw us out of our reality.

Big Vision Is Better Than Small Vision

      Four years ago, I declared on stage, “We dream of building 1000 Feasts” around the world. At that time, there were some well-meaning friends who told me, “Bo, be more realistic. Perhaps 100 Feasts is a more doable figure. You might just be setting yourself for failure.”

       Today, after four years, there are 110 Feasts around the world. Despite the fact that I’m telling all the leaders of the Light of Jesus, “We’re not in a hurry. Don’t go fast. Enjoy everyday of the journey.” But our leaders are saying, “We’re not going fast. Bo, this is slow!”

       We’re experiencing a pull because we have a big vision.

       Let me ask you, “What’s your vision?”

Focus On Your Vision-Giver

       Remember this story? As long as Peter fixed His eyes on the Vision—Jesus—He was able to walk on water. But the moment he looked at the winds and the waves, he started sinking.

       Do you feel like you’re sinking right now in your problems?

       Focus on your Vision. Forget everything else. More importantly, focus on the Vision-Giver. God is giving you a Vision. And He is telling you that this is what your future will be.

       Don’t pay attention to your problems.

       Don’t pay attention to those who criticize you.

       Don’t pay attention to those who tell you that you can’t do it.

       Pay attention to only two things: (1) Your Big Vision and (2) your Big Vision-Giver. The Bible says, Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. (1 John 3:2)

       Ultimately, your Vision is to “be like Him”. When does it happen?   It happens when “Christ appears”. When you see Jesus, you become like Him.

Do you know why worship is important? Worship isn’t singing a bunch of songs. Worship is seeing God.

       Don’t just see your Vision; see your Vision-Giver. 

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that your Vision and your Vision-Giver are one!

       May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez

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38 Responses to “You Need Tension To Be Happy”

  1. Thank you so much Brother Bo,

    You’re just in time.

    Thanks. You’re such a great blessing to us all.

  2. Thank you brother Bo for your inspiration. I have a brother who’s been suffering from low self esteem and every time he watches you, he’s so inspired to be a better person. Thank you for everything that you do and may you continue to touch the lives of people.

  3. Thank you so much Brother Bo. This piece makes me dream big and believe on it with confidence.
    May GOD bless you and your ministry! :-)

  4. Thank you bro. bo. i noticed that every week your topic in your blog really suits my needs. there must be God intercession i believe why it is happening. he is really guiding me like i always pray every day. they are all in line in my dreams. and they’re definitely helping me become stronger and continue doing and acting. i have big DREAMS of helping other people, my relatives, my neighbors, my church and community. God bless you…

  5. Thank you so much Bro Bo! God bless =)

  6. Reminds me of KCON a few years past entitled Dream Big, Win Big. We all need to reclaim that dream we let others steal from us. It’s not too late to dream again and to believe that God has a great purpose in our lives.

    Thanks Bro. Bo.

    See you at KCON 2012!

  7. Wow, thank you Bro. Bo for this awesome article. :) Few months ago I suffered from depression, my self-esteem decreased and I pity myself a lot because of failures in life most especially in my study.

    But everytime I read your articles I was inspired. I came to know Jesus more and more each day as I subscribed to KerygmaFamily. I open my e-mail as often as possible to read the daily Mass readings and soulfood every week.

    Know my vision is to be a missionary priest of SVD 8 years from now. Serving God and my fellowmen most especially the poor, the needy and the marginalized. This dream is fueled in love for our God.

    “Focus on your Vision. Forget everything else. More importantly, focus on the Vision-Giver. God is giving you a Vision. And He is telling you that this is what your future will be.”

    God bless us! :)

  8. Thank you very much for the sharing. I really have a very big vision, but I don’t know when it will happen or will it be going to happen, only time knows. :)

  9. Thanks so MUCH, Bro Bo.

    Thank you for reminding us to keep focus on our vision…
    You’re right, we should not pay attention on the problem, rather focus on the solutions…by paying attention to only two things: Big Vision and Big Vision-Giver.

    More Power!
    Red at Virtual Business Matters

    PS. I’m looking forward on 1000 feast all over the world.

  10. Wow! Very inspiring and moving. God bless Bro. Bo! :)

  11. yet another timely message for me! monday na monday and i’m drowning in bad tension. whew.

    thank you for this message bo. it blessed me. :)

    God bless you too!

  12. thank you brother bo. im looking forward to your inspiring stories weekly.

  13. Thank u BRo.Bo and LOJ preachers for being My and Our Vision JESUS name…AMEN…+…

  14. Thank you Bro. Bo for always awakening my spirit and reminded me of my vision…what a timely message!

    May God continue to bless you and the whole Kerygma family!

    More power!

  15. Big Thanks Bro Bo for sharing this inspiring Soulfood of yours. I really learned a lot.

    “At the end of the day, you’ll realize that your Vision and your Vision-Giver are one.”

    May you keep on inspiring and informing us.
    More power and GODBLESS us all. :)

  16. Continue sharing God’s blessings…you are such a blessing to everyone who needs God’s words…

  17. another food for the soul! Soo goood :) Thank YOU Bro. Bo. ♥

  18. Amazingly how every words you have for this particular soulfood answers all the question that I have right now. I am bound to give up with all my pain, anxieties, problems debts . I am totally wrecked. But holding on with faith and hope in my God who is bigger than my worries. Thank you Bro. Bo. Pls pray for me. And those who will have chance to read my comment … Pls say a prayer for me. God be with us & bless us all!

  19. Yes, big goals and purpose brings a lot of tension and excitement as well. Thanks Bro. Bo for this article. What a way to start my Monday right. God Bless to all.

  20. So true… Thank you for reminding me I need tension in my life. God is indeed my vision and vision giver. My goals and target may be far at the moment, but you are right. I will get there in time because he is guiding my way.

  21. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am a superstar writer and speaker. I am a champion creative servant. Because my Creator is a Superstar and a Champion.

  22. i am so inspired of what bro Bo mentioned about good and bad tensions.. I realized that good life should have tensions. and good tensions will make us more happy and contended in life. I thank God also because of this new site that everybody can have an interactive discussions such as this comments and suggestions… Job well done…. God speed…

  23. Bro. Bo Sanchez, you are really a blessed, gifted
    inspiring person…Here’s hoping to see you someday
    in person, face to face….
    Just wondering, if you still have your homestead
    home for the needy somewhere in Montalban,
    Rizal or Rodriguez City ???

    May our Heavenly Father bless us always, wherever
    we may be !!!

    In Jesus mighty name !!!

    amen and amen……

  24. Thank you for your inspiring messages… You really touched my life through your blogs. I thanked God for letting me know “The Feast” and you as well…

    God bless to all of us

  25. Really, really inspiring. Needed that today! thanks Bro. Bo. God bless!

  26. time to reclaim those long forgotten big dreams..
    time to have a bigger vision…
    time to have the passion burning again..
    time to dream, believe, claim and receive God’s bounty and
    time to be amazed what the Vision-Giver can do

    thank you for this words, bro bo, it affirms me that i am on the right track..
    looking forward for God’s to reveal His amazing-ness and awesomeness everyday

    God bless us all :)

    have a great week everyone

  27. Bro. Bo, you never fail to inspire me! Thank you so much for us reminding us once again to live our dreams to the fullest… The purpose .. The pull… The vision… The tension… in order to be truly happy! God bless you and your family!

  28. Thank you Bro. You keep inspiring me to reach my dream though as of now, it is so far and having a hard time. I know God is with me in my journey.. God is really good because he send you to inspire and tell the good news.
    Thank you and may God bless you more. To God be the glory.

  29. Another moving reference in your godly words, Bro. Bo. Tension is producing these opposing elements that leave us a choice to live with our purpose and all we need is to widen our awareness to the things we are envisioning. Endurance and believing to His intent will be leading us to the right path. :)

  30. My dreams all shuttered and I am now tired of dreaming. You said Bro. Bo to have vision, but I tried that before but why is it I am again in the situation where I’m almost giving up.

  31. Love it :-)

    Thank you Bro BO

  32. Thanks Bro. Bo. I need this to concentrate on my vision and my vision giver. God Bless you always and your family.

  33. Thanks a lot, Bo! Your Godly thoughts helped me to see things in a positive way… Life is not that easy sometimes but with God’s providence and Faith in Him, i can always cope and survive, Praise God!!!

  34. Thanks Bro. Bo,

    Ive been awakened that I have to stand again for my vision. There is no such thing impossible vision in the name our Vision Giver. Because They are really one. Dream Big because He is really Big. You inspire me Bro…Thanks God Bless!

  35. Thanks a bunch brother Bo,. This is just in time. I will surely share this to my classmates who looses hope because of our failing subjects. Now, I dream of telling this to the other prof in our school. For them not to bring down the student’s hope. I don’t like it if they say “aral aral bagsak naman”. I’m really getting hurt. I hope you’ll reach schools and preach to the professors. Sometimes they don’t help us build our dreams. I became more sad when one of my classmate looses hope and stop schooling for work. Hope to see and talk to you :) Thanks.

  36. Bro. Bo,
    salamat po for this article, hindi ko mapaliwanag pero sa tuwing binabasa ko yung mga articles mo po, nakakainspire talaga ng sobra! Salamat po ulit! GOD BLESS YOU EVEN MORE!

  37. thank you bro,,ill keep doin my target..

  38. Reading the kerygma has become a habit for me for i really find inspiration and enlightenment from the articles i read. Today, i chanced upon this article while surfing the net. Very timely! Thank you bo for strenghtening and inspiring me.

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