Why God Invented Mothers


Last week, my mother died.

Looking at her lifeless body in her simple white coffin, and remembering her permanent impact in my life, I realized that mothers are God’s greatest inventions.

Why did God invent mothers?

Because there are a few things that only mothers can do…

I needed someone crazy enough to carry me in her womb for 9 months, crazy enough to go through the pain of childbirth, crazy enough to feed me, bath me, burp me, and look after me 24/7, crazy enough to teach me to how to walk, how to talk, how to play, how to pray, how to learn, how to share, how to serve, and how to say “Thank You” and “I’m Sorry” and “I love you”

Why did God invent mothers?

Because when my fingers were smaller, I needed someone with bigger fingers to button my shirt, to cut my fingernails, and to tie my shoelaces.  And when my wisdom was smaller, I needed someone with bigger wisdom to teach me what was right and wrong, and someone to forgive me when I did the wrong.

Why did God invent mothers?

Because when I failed in an exam or when a teacher laughed at me or when a playmate rejected me and I felt like my whole world was collapsing, I needed a mother who would tell me, “Just wait. Everything will be alright…” I needed a mother to hold my hand when I was afraid, hold my hand when I was sick, to hold my hand when I fell down, and hold my hand when I felt sad. 

Why did God invent mothers?

Because when I was 13, I needed a mother who would listen with rapt attention to the mumblings and ramblings of a 13 year old boy giving his first talk; I needed a mother who went to every talk I gave, who recorded my every word in her gigantic old tape recorder, and who heard my talks over and over again in her bedroom—to tell me that in her heart, I will always be the greatest preacher in the universe; I needed a mother who would believe in me so that it would be easier for me to believe that God believed in me.

I needed a mother who would read every word I wrote—in every magazine and in every book I published.  I needed a mother who, even if she never used the internet or email in her life, would still read my blog by asking her daughters to print my online essays for her—to tell me that I never stop writing God’s message to this world.

Why did God invent mothers?

Because when I was 14, I needed a mother who didn’t freak out when I told her that I wanted to live in a dangerous slum area to bring Jesus in the poorest of the poor; All she said was, “If that’s what God wants you to do, then do it; I will pray for your protection.”  Like any mother, she wanted me to be safe, but she believed that there’s nothing safer than being in the will of God;

When I was 14, I needed a mother crazy enough to allow me to travel by myself to the farthest islands of the Philippines to preach the Gospel; I needed a mother who trusted me but who trusted God more than me to take care of me. 

When I was 16, I needed a mother crazy enough to send me off to pilgrimage to Israel and 20 cities in Europe for 41 days all by myself—because I needed a mother who would love me and launch me, love me and let go of me…

Why did God invent mothers?

Because when I started preaching about financial literacy and how to become truly rich, and some people were criticizing me for becoming worldly, I needed my mother who knew my heart more than anyone else and told me, “I’m happy that God is opening a new ministry for you.”

Why did God invent mothers?

Because I needed a mother who prayed for me every single moment of her life. I needed a mother who showed me God’s face by simply showing her face to me.

But I realized I didn’t need just any mother.

I needed my mother.

I needed Pilar.

To make me who I am today.

Dearest friend, God gave you your mother.  With all her weaknesses, she is still one of God’s most precious gifts to you.

       Love herwhile you can.


May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez

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59 Responses to “Why God Invented Mothers”

  1. Dear Bro.Bo,
    I attended The Feast yesterday, and all through out your preach i was crying.. You make me realize how blessed I am to have my Mom.. I was so moved by your story about the chicken and softdrinks that your Mom equally shared to you and your siblings.. And that you thought that the neck was her favorite part.. Yes thats when I realized too what my Mom sacrificed for us.. And God was so Great that He invented Moms, He made an extension to make us feel How he loved me, boundless, limitless, unconditional and overflowing.. Thank you so much Bro.Bo. I love you.. Thank you for being Gods instrument of kindness to Us and for touching my life.. I want to be part of the community and be of service to our fellow.. God bless you Bro.Bo!

  2. thank you brother Bo.
    another good word for today…
    I love my mother!

  3. Thank you Bro Bo for this inspiring message. I feel really blessed to have both my mother and my mother-in-law who love us so much.

  4. Thank you so much for this new Soul Food.
    I love my Mom, and all the Moms out there.
    May we always be thankful and grateful that we have Mother of our own.

  5. Dear Bro. Bo,

    Thank you for this wonderful message. God bless you and your family.


  6. You hit me right to the core of my heart. We have to admit, we can not repay our Mother’s love even up to her last days on earth; but we could further extend our appreciation by ceaselessly praying for her soul.

  7. thank you for always inspiring me with your words about mothers, motherhood and of course God. it make me miss my mother more, and now that I am a mother too, I feel for what my mom has done for us to what we are today. God bless us all. And to all Mothers, thank you.

  8. Dear Bro. Bo, thank you for having touched our lives. I am very touched (to the point of crying) by this particular article because every written word here is so real to me as a daughter to my mother and as a mother to my children. But I have to say that while we say, write and do so much for mothers, let us not forget that we are here now not only because of our mothers but also of our fathers who have chosen to stay silently in the background. :) Be blessed po!

  9. Dear Bo,

    Thank you sooo much for this very inspiring sharing of yours of why God created mothers..
    This makes me missed my mother more , who joined the creator many years back…
    Mama, alam ko masaya kana dyan ksama ni God…patawad po sa mga pagkukulang ko … Happy Mother’s Day soon…

    Thanks and God Bless

  10. Thank you Bro. Bo for your very inspising message on why God invented mothers. Because of thier sacrifices and unconditional love on thier siblings. My father and mother died last year and i really miss them. But i know they are happy in heaven our permanent home w/ God. I just want to thank them for all the loved they gave us. Indeed Mother’s are Gods great inventions.

  11. Dear Bro. Bo,

    Thank you for your reminding me how fortunate I am to have my “nanay”.
    Your messages always uplifts my spirit,give encouragement and inspiration to be the best person I can be.
    God bless you always!

  12. i miss my mother too…

  13. thanks Bro Bo!
    indeed one of God’s greatest blessings is our mother.

    I’ll love them while I can.

  14. Thank You Papang! Can I call you that way?

    indeed you are right when you said that mothers are givers and when they aren’t, bad things happen.
    I pray to God that for us ( who still have our mothers beside us) to show our love for our mothers everyday even if it means to be patient with their nugging and just being submissive to them.

    thank you for inspiring! to God be the glory forever.

  15. Thank you Bro. Bo, this article makes me realize that I should love my mother more than I do right now. That as a mother myself I should offer more than what I give to my children right now and be the best gift to them God could ever give.

  16. Thanks for the wonderful message. Mothers are truly Gods perfect creation.

  17. Thank you brother Bo! This message is really great! You’ve been blessed to have an all supportive mother- Pilar. I’ve waited for so long for God to trust me become a mother. Now that God answered my prayer, being a first time mom to a 4month old baby boy made me realize how my mother loved me &
    how deep is a mothers love..

  18. Thank you so much for the wonderful message Bro Bo. I terribly missed my mama whom God took away 27 years ago…mothers are God’s wonderful creation…my prayers to tita pilar…

  19. Dear Bro. Bo,

    I too have lost my mother and I do understand how you feel. Mothers are priceless and back in the old days when you still had your sessions in Pasig, she was that supportive of you even then. I know because I used to attend those sessions and she was always there.

  20. Thanks for the wonderful message about Moms! I had to ask myself why God invented mothers? Because when everything else seems to fall apart, my mother would stand with all her strength to be my support. Because when I needed to be understood, she will just be there to listen without a word, and yet her mere stare would make you realize what needs to be done, because in her silence, her heart would speak through her eyes. With or without words, I know she will understand and let her love fill the emptiness I feel.

  21. Thank you Bro. Bo for the wonderful message, I will always love and need my mother.. truly our mother’s is one of God’s precious gift to us.

  22. Thank you Bro. Bo for this meaningful message. I miss my mom more than ever. She joined our Creator years ago. Mothers are blessings to us all!

  23. You made me miss my mama more =(

  24. thank you bro.bo very inspiring..,thank u to nanay Pilar

  25. so touching Bro Bo I will try harder to make my mom proud of me..

  26. This blog put me to tears. Yeah, that’s how crazy our mothers are. They love us unconditionally – even at our worst. They are the ones that never give up on us, never turn their backs on us even if the whole world did. I am so blessed to have my wonderful mom. Now that I’m a mother too, hope I can be like my mom to my daugther. God bless you, Bro. Bo.

  27. Very sweet. I’m sure Tita Pilar is very proud of you, bro Bo!

    I wish I had the chance to become that great of a mother to my son, but I did what I could in the 21 days we had together.

    I would say, that to all mothers, their childreb are the greatest gifts. And u are to Tita Pilar, bro. Bo! Thanks for becoming a blessing to the World!

  28. Dear Bro. Bro.
    Peace and all good!
    My deep sympathy in your moment of bereavement when your mother died. May she rest in peace with our Risen Lord.
    thank you for sharing this article.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  29. We thank mama Pilar for being the wonderful mom she was to you bro…because of her great love and contribution , you became what God destined you to be. A God’s powerful champion to all of us!

    You must be missing her a lot right now…

    But i bet that from heaven ,while she’s side by side with God, she continues to cheer and look at u lovingly as you do God’s work here on earth…as always, praying for you and feeling Very proud that you are his son.

    We are praying for you and you whole family.
    We thank you all for sharing your lives with us.

  30. thanks Bro. Bo,..
    because of this article i miss my mom a lot! and i reminisce all the moments we’ve shared together for 17 years..
    My deep sympathy with you Bro. Bo, may our mother rest in peace ♥

    let’s just pray for them :)

  31. Dear Bo,
    I thanked myself because I just came this morning to my mom to help her open a new bank account, pay water bill and ate out in a restaurant. I wasn’t able to do it lately but I promised myself that I will make time for her after fixing my own problems too. I brought her to the bus terminal going to the province before we parted our ways and I loved it.
    I really love my mama! 😉

  32. Bro. Bo thank you for such a very inspiring article. I cried because like you, my mom for me is God’s manifestation and reminder to that I am not alone, never alone. Such a precious gift. Truly, mothers are angels. Love you mom. :)

  33. Dear Bro Bo, thank you su much for this wonderful passage about mothers. You are such a champion in all aspects. You emulated what a perfect mother had left a legacy to her children and her shepherds. Our deepest sympathy for the demise of your mother. May she rest in peace. Amen.

  34. Thank you so much for touching passage about mothers.
    I love the way God gives us our mother with their unique.
    I love you mama.

  35. Yesterday, while I was watching the short video of Tita Pilar, I couldn’t help my tears from falling. Even if she wasn’t my mother, she influenced us through her simplicity and through his son. I will definitely miss her sitting near the door in the Plenary Hall where I served as an usher for 2 years.

    Thank you for the wonderful message about mothers. A few days from now is mother’s day. I pray that God gives us the grace of open our heart and appreciate the sacrifice our mother gave to us and still giving to us up to this day.

    More power to you Tito Bo and see you next Sunday!

  36. Thanks for this article brother Bo.

    I have a related concern. My dad just passed away last April 22 and the group that I belong to in church will be having a summer outing this weekend. I told my mom about this and her reaction was that I should not attend this summer outing because 40 days is not yet over. We should still be in the “mourning period”.

    What can you say about this guys? I do pray for my father and I don’t certainly mean to disrespect him in anyway by having some fun this weekend, but I just feel that maybe something isn’t right going here.

    Should I go or should I not?

    I hope somebody replies.


  37. very sweet…. I love my mother. and always be.. I thank God she’s my mother.. my mama dahlia…

    Thanks Bro. Bo… God bless you,,.. and peace for your mother mrs. Pilar she’s now home to God.

    thanks to Her, she’s the mother of light of Jesus Family.

  38. It was my first time to attend the feast last Sunday, honestly i was so excited to see Bro. Bo preaching in person..i watch him every Sunday on TV..
    I was so touched with his story abt her mom..and i the tears slowly escaped from my eyes..
    Thanks Bro. Bo for the inspiring stories ..
    God Bless..

  39. those who follow this Bo Sanchez are being led astray… his teaching is very humanistic… you know what, people? JESUS is enough… HE can do everything your mother can’t… and some who is smart can understand why i said that… REPENT and make JESUS number one in your life, not anyone else…

  40. Bro Bo;

    My deep sympathy to you and to your family! I always read your food for soul message; and they are very inspiring specially this one; I myself is a mother who love my children more than myself. And I have mother too who loves us very much.Thanks for inspiring us. God Bless!

  41. I always read about your books, inspiring stories… but this one made me cry… its true… “love our mothers, while we can”,…. and I am so thankful that I’ve done that while she’s still alive… though she recently passed away.. in my heart she will always be loved by me and our family…

  42. Mother means love. Let’s give her back the love of God that she gave us so that we may live today.

  43. “While we can”… there’s no time but now. Even if one is far away from his or her mother, a simple text message or a phone call can really make a difference.

  44. You loved her throughout her life ♥ I might have fallen short of this for so many times, but now i realize. I must not waste any second!

  45. You loved her throughout her life ♥ I might have fallen short of this for so many times, but now i realize. I must not waste any second! I was really touched! Thank you Bro. Bo 😀

  46. i missed my mom so much
    thank you so much for sharing everything

  47. This is one of your sincerest posts Bro. Bo. I was touched on how you look at your mother, how you treat her, and how you loved her.

  48. As another has said, “We raise not the children we want but the children that we the parents are.”

    My condolences, Bro. Bo… I missed my “Mama,” too! I wish I could be with her longer enough, though.

  49. This is heartbreaking. My condolences to you Bo and your family. I know that the hardest part will be missing a mom whom has loved you so dearly. Thank you for reminding us how great a mother’s love can be. All those little things they do often come us unnoticed but they have played a great part in molding us for who we are today. Such a gift from God. Thank you. God bless you Bro. Bo.

  50. thank you brother Bo for sharing you and your mom’s love story. This time, I’ll show more love to my mom.

  51. God invented mothers, as saying goes or signifies ,she is the light of every member of her family, I’m so proud to say to the world I have a wonderful, loving,caring and with untiringguidedance to me evendue Im in golden years of my lifetime, still she is always there for and my children as a mother and as a granny to me, because without our mothe we all no here in this world, thank you nanay

  52. Thanks Bro. Bo.

    It’s been a long time since i last read your articles.

    This was a boost for me.

    I love my nanay.

    And Bro. Bo, please keep this up.

    Thanks again! God Bless!!!

  53. Hi Bro Bo,

    Your mother is now in Gods loving hands, literally. May you continue to be an inspiration to us, with your Mom as one of your inspirations too… I am a great fan of yours, and i am always overwhelmed when you write in your blog., thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and Gods words to us.,

    God bless you more.

    Yours in faith,
    Madel Evangelista

  54. Hi Bro. Bo,

    Condolence. I know it’s hard not to have a mom anymore.
    I don’t know if I can ever live without my mom.

    Thanks to your blogs, I am able to appreciate myself more and other people (especially my family).

  55. God did not invent mothers. God created them according to his image and likeness just everybody else.

  56. […] Moms are not “Unlimitted”! Moms are not “Unlimitted”! […]

  57. Hi Bro Bo,
    you have always been an inspiration to me every time i write for The Feast Binan’s weekly Bulletin. Thank you for another moving post. I hope our young generation could realize what they usually disregard and thank you that i was able to link with you too that i was able to share it too. http://profgail67.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/moms-are-not-unlimitted/

  58. this post made me cry like a baby!!! i love this post Bro Bo.

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