Warning: This Will Make You Hungry

I eat a lot and it doesn’t show. 

“God is so unfair!” my wife says, because no matter how much I eat, my waistline remains 31 inches. (Actually, I was 32 inches twenty years ago.)

And yes, I love cheese pizza. With hot sauce.

And simple spaghetti with olive oil, lots of garlic, and chili oil.

And ice cream. 

And peanut butter. (Still a kid at heart.)

Yep, I love food.

But more than food, it’s actually the great people in the meal that makes food fantastic. So let me give you an idea of my fantastic meals, the people I eat with regularly—and yes, what I eat each week!

(Note: By the way, meals were important to Jesus too. Actually, He built the Kingdom on meals! He even made a meal—the Eucharist—the center of our faith. And part of His ministry was having “shocking” meals with tax collectors, drunkards, and prostitutes. Meals built His relationships.)

My Religious Community Is Strong

With The Help Of Sinigang

Every other week, I meet with my great friends who happen to be the pioneer Elders of the Light of Jesus Community. They’re Carl, Gil, Hermie, Pio, Roy, and Tim. And their happy wives. I’ve been serving the Lord with this wonderful gang for more than 20 years now. With some of them—for more than 27 years!

But I guess the reason why we’ve stayed together this long is because we’re friends first before we’re co-workers in the Lord. (If it’s the other way around, you’ll see a split in the organization very soon. Because among co-workers, molehills become mountains. But among friends, mountains become molehills.) And believe me, the Sinigang na Salmon and Pinakbet does wonders in cementing that friendship.

Inspiring Catholic Lay Preachers

Stick Together Because Of Pizza

            Every other week, I also have dinner with another group of fantastic friends—the Kerygma Preachers. Mike, Arun, Alvin, Obet, Jon, Adrian, Ariel, George, and Rissa. Goodness, we even come from different communities! But we’re happy friends. Though we rotate to preach in our little meetings, the preaching stays short. Fifteen minutes, max. Because two hours is dedicated to laughing together and gobbling up super-sized pizza and chocolate ice cream. 


          Oh, I mean our relationships.

          But the pizza and ice cream are delicious too.

My Millionaire’s Club And Sushi

Every other week, I have lunch with my business and financial mentors. 

All of them are richer than me. If these guys are jets, I’m a skateboard. One is a billionaire. The others are billionaires-in-the-making. (I read somewhere that your income will be the average of the income of the five people you spend most time with. Haha. No wonder my income is increasing!)

Aside from sushi and sashimi, I gobble up their wisdom. And the friendship is phenomenal. Through them, I’ve corrected my biases against rich people: The wealthy can be very loving people.

How I Lead 9 Large Ministries And Run 10 Tiny Businesses:

Meal Mentorship


People ask me how I’m able to do so much.

I have a secret: Meals.

I have lunch with our happy Team running www.KerygmaFamily.com. (Hey, if you haven’t joined, you’re missing a lot. We provide daily spiritual support FREE. Log on at www.KerygmaFamily.com now!)

At least once a month, I have lunch at Anawim, our ministry for the poorest of the poor. While sipping Batangas coffee, I mingle with my friends there.

Once a month, I have lunch with our Leaders in the Catholic Filipino Academy who are helping other parents homeschool their kids. And as long as there’s Coke and Chocolate Bars after the meal (Chocnut will do!), our Team of mostly mothers is happy.

I could go on and on, naming the various organizations I lead or businesses I own. I won’t. Too boring. But this is my secret for leading numerous organizations: I eat with the leaders regularly. Aside from these meals, I don’t bother them or interrupt their leadership. (Usually!)

Hey, My Family Life Is Built On Meals Too!

            Once a week, I bring out my wife for our romantic dinner. Usually, Italian.   With the noodles wrapping around our relationship. (Sorry for that corny line.) Once a week is minimum. Many times, I bring out my lovely bride twice a week. I can’t get enough of her.

And my 2 wonderful boys? Once a week, I bring them out for breakfast. Pancakes. Corned beef. Fresh milk. And lots of laughter.

Hey, I even date my 83-year old Mom. I pick her up from her house and drive her to a cheap restaurant. She insists that it must be cheap. Or she won’t eat. She still thinks she’s living in the Japanese war. If she had her way, she’ll not eat anything more than P50. Or she’ll have a heart attack. Like she never orders a drink. (“Bo, how can we pay P40 for a glass of Coke? Que Horror! With that P40, I can already buy a Litro!”) But again, it’s the cheap meals that have made our relationship very rich.

          I hope this article made you hungry for great relationships.

          Go ahead. Make your meals with the key people in your life regular.

          And your relationships will never be the same again.


          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez

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55 Responses to “Warning: This Will Make You Hungry”

  1. Bo, usually, in the Downtown Manila, we ordered in the restaurants a glass of softdrinks at P22-P36. Downtown Manila has cheap prices. Better try dimsums and cold cuts. They are yummy.

  2. Hi Bo,

    I already read this in The Feast and I was enlightened by this blog. I usually eat lunch or dinner alone at work. It never occurred to me that eating should be shared. Eating with others, whether family, friends or new acquaintances will make your meal more hearty and as the Tagalog saying says “Masarap kumain pag madami kayo.”

    Not only that, eating with friends, family, business partners and/or acquaintances will make you not just a better person but will make your relationships with others more meaningful and stronger.

    Bon Appetit! =)

  3. I agree with you, Kuya Bo! I never forgot from my Values Education class that meal time is the best time for bonding. That’s why the Eucharist is also a meal, ei? ^^

    Thanks for the inspiration again and God bless. :)

  4. wow! no wonder i loved spending so much time with our leader who always treated us for dinner. he loved eating with us…

  5. I feel so odd eating alone in public, I have to share the table with someone. I would also prefer ordering different variand to share as well.

    Wow, Millionare’s Club! Undeniably, it’s nice to hang around with people who are driven and/or with high ideals, their experience and foresight can be contagiously inspiring.

  6. Hi Bo!

    Thanks for sharing this another wonderful article.

    Yep. I agree with you that relationship will become stronger if you’ll gonna share meals with him or with them together. A mealtime is considered as fellowship too.

    That’s what my parents also imparted to us. I remember my father always tells us that sharing meals together in the family is very important since this is the time that we’ll be updated to each other despite of our hectic schedule of the day. Hence, as much as possible within a day, the whole family should join meals together (whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner).

    I think, this also applies in all type of relationships – may it with your peers, colleagues, business partners and others.

    Happy meal to you and your partners! :)

    God bless us!

  7. I also noticed that, even Jesus, on their times, they loved to eat! Especially when they gather, they always have food and wine by their table.

    I guess food really is essential in every bonding times with the community: taking, sharing and fellowship.

  8. Uhmm, I have been a member of Kerygma (actually, through logging on the website lang) since last year pero di pa ako nakakpunta ng The Feast. I am looking forward to experience the joy and grace of having a spiritual family. I have friends who are also spiritual and we conduct Bible studies then. But now, we rarely see each other. Anyway, I am really eager to see you in person, Kuya Bo. Kailan kaya kita mami meet? Hope to hear from other Kerygma members. Pa email na lang po ako if you have any info about The Feast. (maryann.demesa@yahoo.com) Thanks po!

    Anyway, thanks and more power, Don Bo! I know you are now a billionaire-in-the-making just like most of your rich friends. God bless you in all your wonderful plans. Keep it up po!

    Anne ^.^

  9. Hi Kuya Bo,

    I firmly agree with you. Meal time is the best time for bonding be it with your family and friends. Same with Christ, He instituted the greatest banquet, the Eucharist. Let’s come and dine with Him.

  10. I’ve read somewhere that eating small frequent meals is better than gulping three large meals that most of us are into. And for someone who is conscious of gaining weight like me, it also helps to know the kind of food we take in to our body. Healthy eating is healthy living.

    And let us be mindful too to share some of our food with our neighbors too. That does a great wonder too.

  11. you’re very right indeed. sharing meals seals relationships. that is why even if i work the whole week and go home only on every other weekend (Olongapo to Baguio), i always have something to look forward to and crave… even if it’s just tuyo and sinangag with my daughter and the rest of the family

  12. i love to eat out with family and friends too! the time spent together, talking and laughing are priceless!

    thanks bo for inspiring us, as always…

    God bless!

  13. hi . Bro. Bo,

    Peace! . Amen. Thanks for this inspiration on sharing meal with other people.

    Am use to it when I am in the Phillipines, After every community gathering. We eat, share food together and the best thing there is the fellowship with one another share Gods goodness in our lives.

    For almost more than a months now i really mizz so much the bonding with all the Gods people & the gathering activities in the community.
    I miss the fellowship of love with the members of the community when we have our lunch, dinner, or even breakfast together.

    God is sososososo great in sharing his love and mercy when we have our fellowship with one another in… any restaurants as we eat together…. any places or as long as we are together to shares God goodness….

    Am praying that soon… God will lead me here. please Pray for me… In Jesus name. God Bless you and the community. the “Light of Jesus Commnunity”

  14. “more than food, it’s actually the great people in the meal that makes food fantastic.”

    …foods taste bland whenever i eat alone. even if it’s my favorite. even if it’s supposed to be delicious. even if they were bought from a nice restaurant.
    it’s really being with good company that makes my meal yummy! kahit fishballs lang or kwek-kwek or ‘dirty’ ice cream…basta i’m with the people i love, “SOLB!!!” ^^.

  15. dear bro bo,

    yeah i love foods too and i enjoyed having meals with my friends and inspiring people around me.

    read my blogspot. thanks.

  16. hahaha….i’m so happy kasi i now i understand why cooking for my friends & family gives me a different feeling. I am always excited and sooo happy cooking new dishes for our household meetings.. i love cooking, but more than cooking i love the people who i am with. You’re right! wow! I hope i could prepare a meal for your family too…kasi love ko din kayo..hehehe! and the kerygma preachers
    God bless us even more!!!

  17. hi bro bo,

    wow me i really love foods. this makes me strong everyday esp to my game keeps me going. fun to be with friends discovering resto and having meal together.


  18. hi bro bo,

    thanks for this very nice article. it reminds me when im still in the phils every other week me and my mom always have time to dine outside. her fave resto is max’s =) . i miss those time =( thats why everytime im in the phil i’ll see to it that wherever i go she accompany me =)

    it reminds me also of my friends in the phils, the week wont pass without seeing each other and enjoy meals with chicken and pizza..i have a friends who is chickend addict and a pizza addict..hahahahaha

    with my new friends here i think will start with sharing meals with them from time to time =)


  19. nice…eating keeps us alive!practically – true…And also because it builds relationships that really keeps us alive! So, Eat with a family or a friend…It’s healthier.
    Happy Eating!

  20. nice site. thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi bro. Bo,

    I’ve been wanting to attend your “How to be Truly Rich Seminar” but unfortunately for this Oct. 4 seminar, i tried to call the number but they said they would forward it but i know by this time there will be no available slots. I just hope i could attend hopefully before the year ends.

    Your article about eating and having meals with the people you love, i must say really makes sense.It is during this time that you were able to share everything and anything to someone special and show how you really feel for them.i must try this to my friends because if no one will initiate no one will follow. i will update you on my plan. but you know what your right it doesn’t have to be in an expensive place or to eat an expensive food. just be there for each other sharing while munching. . .

    Thank you brother Bo. . .

  22. Hi Bo! I have always wanted mentors, somebody u could talk to and ask about a lot of stuffs… i just wish i know where to look.. your site has always been a source of inspiration..more power!

  23. Hi Bro.Bo,
    True indeed, it’s at the table where relationships grow and is being nurtured. In this other hectic demanding part of the world, where family members almost don’t see one another, it’s during mealtimes that they share the details of the day and nourish their love for one another. Yes, at the table! Let’s say it this way, the family that eats together stays together. Yes, Jesus shares His love for His flock by dining with them. When confronted why he eats with sinners, Jesus replied, ” I have not come for the righteous but for sinners to repentance.” He said that there’s rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents and who has come back to the fold. He himself gave His very own life out of His great love for us. ” No greater love is there, than for one to lay down his life for a friend.” says Jesus. Yes, He gave His life , even until now in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Holy Eucharist, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. No gretar love than this indeed. ” Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you shall not have life in you.” says Jesus. As we nourish our mortal bodies with the temporal food, let us nourish foremost our immortal souls with our Heavenly Bread, by dining with our Lord at His table in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In the Mass we are reminded of Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. How varied intense emotions must have played at that table when Jesus revealed who would betray him that night. Amidst all of that, Love played the greatest scene in the breaking of the Bread . Love played the greatest role.
    have a nice day everyone! may we all nurture one another at the table with our families and friends, and experience God’s love in one another.
    thanks bro. bo for this wonderful space.
    God bless us all.

  24. loved it and agreed on this once again, bro bo.
    yup, it’s me again. = ) thanks again for remembering me when u visited us here in jakarta last july for the live Feast. and i’m touched that u actually read & remembered my comment! = )

    i also enjoy meals with my family ( as u can see on my tummy hehe)…it’s our bonding moment…and i love it more when my husband and 4-yr-old son say that what i’ve just cooked is yummy! = ) — even if it’s just a sandwich, sinigang, or spaghetti!

    as for my friends, i really treasure moments (as in captured in photos and remembered forever) i spend with them enjoying a meal together. bdays, lunch treats, and esp. my weekly bonding with fellow moms where we enjoy lunch together after praying for our family and community (genesis). i enjoy listening to their funny stories, experiences and even learned some financial and cooking tips (i used to know nothing about cooking but now i & my family are kinda happy with my home-cooked meals…just by being with my intercessory group!)

    and i look forward to sharing these meals with the people dear to my heart… = )

  25. Hi Bro Bo,

    Your article is another testimony to the saying that “the family that eats together, stays together.” The family, be it your nuclear family or your “extended” family such as friends, associations (religious community, kerygma family, clubs) etc. There have been studies that have proven that family meals produce healthier children not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. This is the reason I guess that this so called “family” meals makes relationships better. Given that when people are all together, spending quality time over meals – sharing, that real bonding happens.


  26. hey Bro Bo, last night, a friend of mine invited me to an IMG financial management seminar. They are the same group of people who sponsored a channel in skycable where I have my love at first sight at you! haha

    my friend told me that you are visiting cebu every first monday of the month, at the mabolo church… be sure to prepare ice cream and spaghetti Bro Bo haha! and please meet me there,

    you will know it is me when some great looking macho guy instantly hugs you, probably with kisses! haha

  27. hi bo, reading your article really made me hungry not only for food but more times when i can bring along friends and family to eat and chat.

    Weekly before or after going to the grocery…my family…my sis and her hubby, my parents and my three children…would eat lunch together….this is our bonding moment coz everybody in the family loves to eat….(mind you we’ve been almost the “mid” range restaurants in makati….our favorite…pancake….hahaha)……pag kami lang ng mga kids ko …..wendy’s yan….

    My CYO choir,,,,we eat dinner before we rehearse…nagkakagulo kami over nilaga…sinigang….kahit tocino or spam lang okey na…and our dessert…..laughters….

    My SMA Gleeclub and Sir Boy…..a little eating with videoke and Starbucks Coffee …..or sumptuous dinner over Tina’s place……solved na……..at kwentuhan till madaling araw…..

    truly…food binds people together…

  28. what a perfect time to read this blog of yours again bro. bo.

    this coming friday, i will meet my former colleagues.
    and what made us bond so much is the fact that we do appreciate delicious foods – no matter how expensive and affordable it may be as long as we love the taste..

    soooo much excited coz after months of not seeing each other, just texting and chat in messenger. we’ll gonna meet again.. laugh with each other and more talk, of course.

    thanks bro. bo for being there for me all the time.i get strength from you blog entries here.

    take care and God Bless us all people. may you have more people to preach.

  29. what a perfect timing is it.

    bro.bo, this blog entry of yours is making me more excited coz this coming friday. i’m goin’ to meet my former colleagues..we’ll have our dinner. after months of not seeing each other, just texting and chatting in messenger.

    this time, it’s our time again to bond and to fill the emptiness that we had for the last months.. bro. bo i love them coz they are always there to support and love me unconditionally. they’re just like my second family.

    food really bonds us – no matter how expensive or affordable it is as long as we all love the taste, we’ll order it.

    thanks so much bro.bo coz ths site of yours do really give me strength. God bless us all people.
    take care of yourself. hope to see you soon.

  30. thanks for this wonderful blog entry of yours, bro. bo..

  31. dear bo,
    im currently in hongkong now. i received soulfoud email every now and then and it enlighten me evertime..
    do you have any worship group here? thank you

  32. hi! bro bo..

    nakaka-inspire na naman at saka..nakaka gutom naman hehehehe.joke..
    kahit….Dried fish lang ang ulam namin basta..magkakasama lang ang pamilya…at puno ng ligaya…thanks bro.bo..god bless you always…

  33. THANKS! Bro Bo 😀

  34. Hi Bro.Bo,

    Just wondering, when i meet with my friends ( since we satrted to create our own cellgroup), is it okay to have beers? since they tell us that its okay as soon as you dont get drunk, a bottle or two would do, but i really dont feel ok with it… thanks and more power!


    P.S. do you have email where i can ask questions or number where i can talk to people for spiritual growth and guidance? thanks so much!

  35. Hi Bro.Bo,

    Just wondering, when i meet with my friends ( since we satrted to create our own cellgroup), is it okay to have beers? since they tell us that its okay as soon as you dont get drunk, a bottle or two would do, but i really dont feel ok with it… thanks and more power!


    P.S. do you have email where i can ask questions or number where i can talk to people for spiritual growth and guidance? thanks so much!

  36. This is a very mouth watering article brother bo. and as usual, very inspiring. I also love spending Fa-MEALy time together. Its fun and it really builds relationships. =)

  37. Hi Bro. Bo!

    I remember when i was young, and mother was still alive, kahit s market lang ang punta namin, lagi kami kumakain kahit sa mga karinderia lang. somehow, i took after her…i love eating out, especially now that i have my own family. i occassionally bring them out to have meals, anywhere i fancy. from tapsilogan, to some classy restos….even at home during weekends, kung ano lang maisipan ko ipabili snack, basta may makain kami family.

    now i also have this amiga of mine, we meet once in a while, just to eat, and talk…of everything under the sun, comparing notes on family matters, etc… still, im not afraid eating out alone, sometimes on my way home from the office, pag may nadaanan ako kahit streetfoods, i go ahead and satisfy my cravings….

  38. i certainly love having meal with my whole family…before, we were just 8 (my mom, my dad, and 5 brothers)…but now…we are whooping 18! (that includes all my sis-in-laws and nephews and nieces)

    sooo much fun spending lunch or dinner with them! we love it!

  39. I love your corny jokes.haha!
    You inspire me Bo..my Idol…

  40. Hello Tito Bo,

    i just want to say thank you for the inspiring stories. but i can’t sometimes agree. just like this one, how can i enjoy my meal when during meal time my mother always scold us, She always say, “ako pa rin ang nag-PAPALAMON S INYO.?.. it is a sad part during meal because she always reminds us that we are just like Pigs. you know, PALAMUNIN?….

  41. Loviemin,

    I feel sorry about that. Nakakalungkot nga minsan pag yung mismong family mo nagpaphirap ng loob mo. But try to understand the other side of her. I believe nahihirapan ang mother mo sa pagtataguyod sa inyo. If you can’t enjoy your meals with your family, have meals with your friends.
    The last time that I ate with my whole family was when I was young, and I’m 22 years old now. That’s why I’m planning to make our family get the habit of eating together, no matter how hostile some of them sometimes can be.
    You know, it’s just a matter of positive thinking. Don’t ruin your life because of some unfortunate events. If you want, you can add me to your list of friends. Just email me (maryann.demesa@yahoo.com). Believe me, I have had a fair share of really unfortunate events in my life. Just stay happy no matter what, gurl! Keep inspired by Bro. Bo. Okay? There are more things in life worth celebrating, so cheer up!
    Good luck and God bless! Hope to hear from you soon. ^^


  42. Dear friends,
    Bo is telling us that eating with friends will make us richer en relationship. I do believe with him because I never eat alone. I always eat with my sisters besides I live in community and we always eat together. Sometimes in those days of feastdays, we even make fun of a box of chocolate or whatsover. We make raffles who will win and the winner will sing for the group. We had a great fun eating together!
    W can build our relationship through mails.

    May your relationships grow in God’s grace,

  43. Dear Bo,

    This article really struck me since I’m leaving alone here in Manila because of work and my family is “scattered” all over the world (literally) :-) . My Dad is in Saudi, My sis is in Canada, and even though my mom is here in the Philippines, she is there in Batangas looking after our house ( as you can see, we are really that close with each other :-) ). Its been awhile since the four of us are in one meal together. I’m really hoping that we can again share a sumptuous meal together.



  44. ackh. i suddenly craved for a pizza. tsk.tsk. ;P
    *tummy makes hungry growling sound*

    i totally agree, having meals together really tighten and bond relationships (which brought me to think of one certain Pinoy commercial)…

    anyways, this Filipino trait (whole-family-eating-together) is slowly disintegrating. it’s a bit saddening, but i’m hoping that this would continue to be one trait/value that we would pursue. because it is during meals that we nourish not just our physical needs, but our emotional needs as well (and even our spiritual needs – through the Eucharist)… ^_^

  45. Makes me Hungry too all the more, Just Eaten Jolibee for Dinner. Thanks for Another Spiritual Insight! God Bless (P.S Brother Bo there’s an annual synod of bishops, this time to talk about the Word of God it will take place on Sunday Oct 5 the day before my birthday) : )

  46. tama po kayo masarap kumain ng may kasalo. gusto ko lang pong i share ang saya na nararamdaman namin ng 10 year old son ko pag may kasabay kaming kumakain na matatandang pulubi na nakikita namin sa lansangan. nag aaral pa lamang po ako ay nakaugalian ko napong mag sabay sa pagkain ng makikita kong matatandang babae na pulubi sa daan kaya hanggang sa nag kaanak po ako ay nakagawian napo naming gawin ito tuwing sahod. minsan po may matandang babae kaming pilit na inayang kumain sa isang fast food ayaw pa po nyang sumama pero pinilit sya ng anak ko. habang kumakain maraming nai share sa amin si nanay maria ang 5 apo na iniwan sa kanya ng kanyang anak na kanyang binubuhay kung kayat kailangan nyang mag hanap ng mapagkakakitaan. ang inorder nyang chicken and rice ay di nya kinain ibinalot ito at uuwi daw nya sa kanyang mga apo. kaya umorder na lang kami uli ng para sa kanya. ilang ulit pa naming nakasama si nanay maria sa pagkain at masaya kami ng aking anak dahil nakikita namin ang saya sa mga mata ni nanay maria…subalit isang araw na sahod napag kasunduan naming mag ina na isurpresa si nanay at ang kanyang mga apo, yayayain namin silang magsalosalong kumain sa labas, pero sa paghahanap namin ng address na ibinigay ni nanay maria may nagturo sa amin na kakadaan lamang daw nya nakasalubong daw namin….sa pag aakala naming papunta sya sa pwestong kanyang nililimusan naisip namin sundan sya pero sinabi samin ng aming napag tanungan na ang karo ng funeraria na kakadaan lamang ay si nanay maria iyon ang araw na ihahatid sya sa huling hantungan……..di ako nakakilos dahil sa pagkabigla at nakita ko ang namumulang mata ng anak ko……salamat kay nanay sa pagkakataong ibinigay nya sa amin na makasama namin sya sa pagkain at sa pagtitiwala nyang i share sa amin ang lungkot at ligaya ng pagkatao nya…salamat po.

  47. Hi Bro. Bo….

    This is a splendid idea. Busy people don’t have much time in their hands and making time for others using meals is just plain brilliant!

    You rule.
    Friends check out my website at http://www.deathtomycreditcards.blogspot.com

    God bless you!!!

  48. Hi again Bro. Bo,

    I just want to share about our group, VolCats (Volunteer Catechists) from Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Makati. We are an avid fan of yours. We really do idolize you and your ministry. Some of us are attending the feast at times and I hope we will be much active for the following weeks. I enjoyed reading this blog coz I really can relate to it. After the mass, we usually eat merienda together. Sometimes, we also go out for dinners. And one thing that relates to us \ is that; most of us are high school friends before we joined the organization. And that is really healthy for us. And you’re right, there’s a split in the relationship if we are co-workers only. A lot of people tried to joined us but they never stayed long. Maybe because they are not able to be-friend us. And now I guess, one of the most important things to remember when we have a new member is to have a meal with them so we can build the friendship before we can work together. Thanks for this wonderful blog Bro. Bo.

    God bless and hope to see you this Sunday!!

    Annie :-)

  49. nice and yummy story there bo!
    thanks i learned from it….. now i know…..
    thank you again. God bless

  50. hi evel,

    di ko mapigilang maiyak sa kwento mo… sana magawa rin namin yan.
    nawa’y dumami pa ang katulad nyo… mabait at mapagbigay sa mga taong tunay na nangangailangan.
    salamat sa inspirasyon…

    God bless u and ur family!

  51. hi bro. bo,

    try to eat in italiannis serendra. mention my da paul’s name, they’ll give u a discount! we know them very well. in fact, we’ve been there last night. i hope u enjoy it!!

    p.s. buon appetit!

  52. […]          And how can I start talking about how wonderful my friends are?  (I wrote about them in another Blog entry entitled Warning: This Will Make You Hungry.)          […]

  53. Hello Bo!
    Please HELP us.
    We are drifting away as a catholic coz we find the pastors in Born again community, word of hope, in from SM city, how well they explain the bible.
    But my husband and I told them that we are still catholic and just seeking for a highly matured people to belong to, for our spiritual support, specially now on times of darkness in our lives. We attend anticipated catholic mass and join them in their sunday worship and attending their christian growth series 1.
    As I have mentioned, our family is dark times that our faith in wavering at most times. Please if you can refer someone who can be a mentor to us, we really need it badly. We are 56 years old. We would appreciate so much to be with highly spiritual people group of people whom we can see JESUS’ presence and love from them; people who are cloth with the words of God and putting them 24/7 hours a day in their life. Though as commonly use for excuse, be patient with us, for God is not yet done in molding me, is not to be used all the time by highly spiritual leaders that God is using to touch people.
    God bless and hope to hear from you soon.

  54. I agree! Great leaders I know always loved to eat as well!

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