Bo Sanchez’ How To Be Truly Rich Seminar on October 20, 2012 will free you from financial stagnation and rescue you from years of financial misery.Do you know that 90% of your money problems are mind problems? Through Bo Sanchez’ transformational How To Be Truly Rich Seminar, you’ll learn how to solve your money problems by first solving your mind problems. Bo will take you through the journey towards what you deeply desire: True financial and spiritual freedom. Yes, it’s possible to get out of debt and earn passive income. It’s possible to become wealthy so you could start sharing your wealth to others.

When you listen to Bo Sanchez, you’ll change the way you think, enlarge what he calls your “psychological wallet”, and prepare you to receive abundance into your life. And through this seminar…

1. You’ll discover the invisible prisons of your mind that have kept you in financial bondage all these years–and how you can  finally break out of those internal prisons!

2. You’ll discover the negative, emotionally-charged, beliefs that have kept you stuck in your financial level all these years–and  how you can face them and change them.

3. You’ll conquer the common external obstacles that have always prevented you from moving forward on your road of material abundance.

4. You’ll learn to take 100% responsibility for your financial life, no longer blaming others for your money problems–thereby giving you the power to solve them!

5. You’ll learn how to be spiritually open to the pacific ocean of God’s blessings around you waiting for you to claim them.6. You’ll learn the powerful secret of how to attract wealth to your life.

“Oh Gosh, I wish my entire family was here and listened to you! My brothers and sisters are very poor at managing their money…”

–Cynthia, participant in the last How to Be Truly Rich Seminar

“ Hi Bo! I attended this same seminar last July and I have come a long way, thanks to you! I can say that I am already financially literate and on my way to financial freedom. I have also found a way to pay it forward to those who also want to invest in foreclosed properties and it really feels great to help people! Again many thanks and may God bless us all!”

                                                   –Jay Castillo

Dear Friend,

I must apologize. The last time I gave the How To Be Truly Rich Seminar, we couldn’t accommodate the huge number of people who wanted to join. (If you were one of them, I’m truly sorry.) It was painful, but we rejected applicants a whole week before the Seminar was given. Because we reached the maximum limit of participants. But wow, the audience in the last How To Be Truly Rich Seminar was truly amazing. Hungry for financial wisdom, they didn’t just listen to my talks. They devoured the talks! That’s what excites me: To help people change their lives.

Friend, I’m inviting you to join me in my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar. It will change your financial thinking–which will change your financial habits–thereby changing your financial life. Yes, the Seminar will bless you. I’m giving this Seminar again, and I hope you grow with me to become Truly Rich.

By the way, just to let you know, I give this seminar to companies and they pay P8,000.00++ per person. But because I want to help as many people as possible, I’m giving it to the public for the ridiculous price of P975 only. (That’s not a typo error!) To register, email Don’t delay. We don’t want to reject your application again because we’ve reached the maximum number of participants.

I remain your friend,

Bo Sanchez

PS. If you finish this Seminar, you’ll be qualified to apply for the Truly Rich Coaching Program. We will only accept applicants for this Coaching Program from the graduates of the How To Be Truly Rich Seminar.

How To Be Truly Rich


By Bo Sanchez

Bestselling Author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

October 20,  (Sat) at 8:30 am – 12 noon

Seminar Fee: P8,000.00++ P975 only per person.

Early Bird Offer: The first 9 people who reserve will pay P775 only per person!

Email now!

(Organized by: BEACONLIGHT Dev’t Center Inc. office hours: Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-5pm  tel #: (02) 7229562 )