I felt like a “kid” from a third world country, preaching in my very first US Convention. So I was thrilled and nervous at the same time.

Nervous because I was going to preach to Americans. (Will they listen to a brown-skinned Pinoy? Will they understand my jokes?) Nervous because most of the other

Speakers were big time American Bishops and Priests. And nervous because I was in my twenties, their youngest Speaker.

I felt small, young, and ignorant.

After my talk (which to my surprise turned out very well), the Convention broke up for lunch. Participants made a beeline to the door, scattering to the different restaurants around.

Being a poor Pinoy, I decided to save money. I spotted a quiet corner in the hall, sat down on the carpeted floor, and munched my biscuits. That was my lunch and I was happy.

The next day, I preached another talk.

And again, during lunchtime, I did the exact same thing: I found my quiet corner, sat on the floor, and ate my biscuit.

And that was when one of the organizers saw me and almost shouted, “There you are! I’ve been looking for you. Brother Bo, what are you doing there sitting on the floor?”

Your Name Is Already Written
On Every Blessing Designated For Your Life

“Eating my lunch,” I smiled.

“But Brother Bo, we have lunch prepared for all the Speakers. The Bishops and the other Speakers are waiting for you!”

Now I kind of figured that the organizers would prepare lunch for the Bishops. But for me too? Nah. I was this kid from the Philippines.

But when she escorted me to the dining room–lo and behold–it was a huge buffet! There was a long table filled with food. There were five main dishes with two desserts and waiters serving drinks.

And to my greater surprise, on top of table was a little card with my name on it, “Bo Sanchez – Speaker.” It had been waiting for me all along.

The Bishop beside my seat asked, “Hey Brother Bo, where were you yesterday? No one sat on your seat.”

How could I tell him? “Bishop, to save money, I was sitting in some dark corner, munching on my biscuits that my mother packed for me from Manila.”

Why did I miss the buffet?

Here’s why: Because I didn’t ask.

All I had to do was ask the organizers, “Excuse me, do you have lunch prepared for the Speakers?”

I didn’t ask because I was afraid to ask.

And I believe the same thing happens in our life.

There’s A Buffet of Blessings
Waiting For You!

Many times we miss out on God’s blessings.

We’re sitting on the floor in some corner munching on a tiny biscuit when there’s a glorious Buffet waiting for us – a Buffet of Blessings. God has prepared this banquet for us – a feast with our name on it.

Why are we not enjoying God’s Buffet?

Because we don’t know its there.

Because we’re afraid to be rejected at the table.

Because we feel we’re not worthy to even ask.

We’re content with our biscuit-sized blessings.

Friend, if you’ve been subsisting on crackers and missing out on the feast, believe me, I understand where you’re coming from.

But you don’t have to stay in that corner forever. That’s why I’m sharing this message with you.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez