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I am where I am because of my mentors.

God is my greatest Mentor, but He has used others to coach me in various areas of my life. And here’s one thing I’ve realized: I should never keep my mentors to myself. They’re too good to keep!

So I’d like to share my mentors with you.

Especially the mentors of my financial life.

I’m offering you my Truly Rich Coaching Program where you get two (2) whole-days of intensive Wealth Group coaching sessions.

Gosh, I’m excited!

I remain your friend,

Bo Sanchez

PS. Most of all, I’m excited to see you. Call up our Beaconlight office right away. Your financial life will change!

Your financial life will change!

Here’s what you’ll receive from Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Coaching Program:

On October 26 to 27, Bo will personally lead you in two Wealth Group Coaching Days. In these powerful Sessions, Bo’s financial mentors will teach you the important building blocks of wealth–and help you chart your own personal path to financial abundance. The size of the Wealth Group will be enough to create the synergy for wealth building, yet small enough so that you get the personal attention you need. The goal is to give you enough practical ideas to start your own specific, tailor-fit path towards financial abundance.

In these 2 Sessions, you’ll learn these five vital lessons:

Wealth Building Lesson #1: How To Build A Solid Financial Foundation

  • You’ll learn about the two lines of money and how you can solve the two financial problems faced by everyone.
  • You’ll learn how to get out of debt in a strategic way.
  • You’ll find out if you’re adequately protected and learn the best ways to protect yourself and your family.
  • You’ll learn how to plan, organize, and manage your finances.

Wealth Building Lesson #2: How To Grow Your Money Through Mutual Funds

  • You’ll learn how mutual funds work and why they should be your basic investments.
  • You’ll learn what kind of funds are there to choose from
  • You’ll learn the various mutual funds Bo’s team has invested in and how you can invest in them too–giving you names, phone numbers, etc.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how you can create your own financial brokerage firm so that you can “buy” from yourself when you invest and thereby save huge discounts, and earn money when you offer investment opportunities to others.

Wealth Building Lesson #3: How To Grow Your Money Through Real Estate

  • You’ll meet Larry Gamboa, author of ThinkRich, Pinoy, as he shares the mindset necessary to grow your money via a unique real estate “system” that doesn’t need huge amounts of capital to create wealth. 

Wealth Building Lesson #4: How To Grow Your Money Through The Stock Market

  • You’ll learn how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market
  • You’ll learn the difference between long-term investors and strategic traders.
  • You’ll learn how to trade stocks on-line from the comfort of your home
  • You’ll discover the strategies successful traders use to create their wealth
  • There’ll be time for people who’ve never invested in the stocks to ask basic questions (no question will be too silly)–and there’ll be time for seasoned stock investors to ask questions too!

Wealth Building Lesson #5 : How To Start & Grow Your Own Business

  •  You’ll be inspired as you meet successful entrepreneurs face-to-face and listen to their stories of failure and triumph.
  •  You’ll learn the keys to knowing what kind of business to get into, which is a very crucial step to succeeding in business
  • You’ll learn the 3 ways of growing your business
  •  You’ll learn the importance of marketing your product–and how you need to be an expert in the marketing essentials to grow your business.
  •  You’ll learn the world of the internet–and the various ways you can earn from it
  •  You’ll learn all the tools that you need for your internet-based business
  •  You’ll learn about the world of the inforpreneur or the business of selling information especially through the internet
  •  You’ll learn the keys to successful internet marketing.

          Two (2) Wealth Group Lunches

  •  During each Wealth Group Coaching Day, you have lunch together with the group and with the mentors. This will be a great time to get to network with each other in the group, and this will also be a great time to talk to your team of mentors.

Very Limited Slots Available

            Because this is a Coaching Program and not a Seminar, we can only accept a limited number of participants. And we will only accept participants who are 100% serious in wanting to grow their financial life and share their wealth to others.

            Fill out the application form below and fax or mail it to our office right away. (We reserve the right to decline any application.)

            If each of our mentors charged for the time spent coaching you (compared to how much they earn in their own businesses), the Truly Rich Coaching Program would be priced at P220,000++! But because of their desire to give back and help others, most of our mentors are giving their time for free or have agreed to accept tokens for their time.

            To get into the coaching program, your investment is only 2.5% of that figure, or P5,975 only. This is a huge steal. (We reserve the right to change this price at anytime.)

We highly encourage married couples to attend this program together, so you’ll be of one mind and heart in your path towards financial abundance. Married Couple rate is P9,975 only.

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee + P500!

            If at anytime along this Program, you feel you didn’t learn anything to improve your financial life, just tell us–we will return 100% of your tuition fee–no questions askedThat’s how much we believe in the wealth education of our program.

In fact, we’re so serious with this offer, we’ll even add P500 more, for your inconvenience and your loss of time in attending this Coaching Program.

            Don’t delay. First come, first served. Once we reach our needed number for the Wealth Group, we stop accepting applicants.  To register,  email now.

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