I’ve always loved restaurants.

Simple, little, cozy restaurants.

Perhaps because when I was a small boy, I remember Dad bringing me for pizza or ice cream or hotdog every week. In restaurants, I felt loved. And happy.

And when I hit my twenties, one of the favorite things I loved to do was sitting in a coffee shop all by myself, reading a thick fat book.

But I had a big problem. For years, I was poor, single missionary. 

How poor? Every time I entered a simple eatery like Jollibee, I always had to first count my money–including my coins–to see if I had enough money. And many times, I had to walk away because I didn’t have enough money to eat there.

          Let me tell you about one of my unforgettable experiences. And yes, it has something to do with Crispy Pata.

Emotional Pain Can Make You Change

            One day, I wanted to impress my girlfriend.

          Thankfully, I felt rich that day because I had P500 in my wallet.

So I invited her to eat in a fancy restaurant. (Any restaurant that used tablecloths was fancy for me.)

          But a part of me still wondered if I really had enough money for the meal.

          I knew the restaurant’s specialty was Crispy Pata or deep-fried pig’s knuckles (Yep, I was still eating meat at that time).   Quickly, I read the Menu. It cost P150 only. Yes! I could afford it.

          I called the waiter and ordered Crispy Pata. With two cups of rice.

          To save money, I didn’t order drinks. Thankfully, my girlfriend didn’t order too. I smiled. Things were going my way.

          At the end of our yummy meal, the waiter brought in two little green bowls of Macapuno (sweetened coconut).   So this was how it was in restaurants with tablecloths: They give free desserts!

          The waiter then gave me the bill.

          And that was when I felt like my soul jumped out my body for ten seconds.

Because my bill was P561!

          With my heart racing and armpits sweating, I called the waiter. I asked how my bill could be more than five hundred if I ordered only Crispy Pata worth P150?

          He showed me the Menu again. He pointed out that it was P150 per 100 grams. With a beaming smile on his face, he informed me that he served us 300 grams.   Like he did me a favor!

So we ate a whopping P450 of Crispy Pata.

          And that wasn’t the end of my trials. The waiter also pointed out that the Macapuno was P20 each. It wasn’t free at all. So with the rice and the tax, the entire bill reached more than what I had in my wallet.

            So I did one of the most embarrassing things I ever did in my entire life–right up there with preaching with my zipper open. Sheepishly, I asked my girlfriend, “Uh, do you have money? I’m a little short…”

          Thankfully, she had some.

          But I had nothing left for the waiter’s tip.

          With my head bowed down, I walked out of the restaurant as fast as I could.

          Friends, this happened a long time ago. 

But I can never forget how this embarrassing experience gave me a wild fantasy. It may not be wild for you, but it was absolutely wild for me: I fantasized of a time when I had so much money, I could enter into any restaurant I wanted to, and order anything I wanted to–without even looking at the prices on the Menu!

Call me silly. Call me juvenile. Call me crazy. But experiences like these were painful enough, they fueled my desire to become wealthy.

From The Brain or From The Heart?

You need a fierce emotional reason to become wealthy–or it won’t happen.

Here’s why: We make choices based on emotional reasons, not logical ones. (Oh yes, after the choice, we justify with logical reasons. But the initial reason is always emotional.) The reasons must always come from the heart, not just from the brain.

Funny, but that’s just how we humans operate.

          Let me share with you my fierce emotional reasons for changing my financial life–from the sublime to the silly.

My sublime reason: I hated the fact that I wanted to help people but I couldn’t–because I had no money.  I was always faced with the needs of the people I ministered to… Some of them had very small financial needs, and I couldn’t even meet those small needs.  It was so frustrating. So I nursed a fantasy: That I would have more than enough to share to their needs.

My second reason: I hated the fact that whenever I had ministry projects in mind, I couldn’t just go ahead and do it–because the ministry always lacked money. So I began to nurture another fantasy: That when I had a new ministry project, I’d pull out my wallet or checkbook and say, “I’ll finance this project for the first 6 months.” I had goose bumps just imaging this scene. It felt so good and wonderful, it was my favorite daydream.

          My third reason is my silly reason to become rich: Restaurants!

          If you want to change anything in your life, find a big enough “Emotional Why” and facts don’t matter. 

You will change.

            (To Be Continued Next Week…)

          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez


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