Let me tell a true story. The biggest statue made of gold is a ten-foot Buddha found in Thailand. It’s 5,000 pounds of solid gold and worth $200 million. It’s fascinating to see, but its history is even more fascinating.

300 years ago, the Burmese army invaded Thailand. Knowing that their holy statue would simply be stolen and desecrated, the monks decided to cover the entire Buddha with 12 inches of clay—so the soldiers would ignore it.

And it worked. The invading soldiers ignored it, but sadly, all the monks were massacred. And no one knew about the golden Buddha anymore. It was hidden for 300 years.

In 1954, the monastery had to be relocated. And a huge crane was used to lift the “clay” Buddha. But the statue was heavier than expected and the ropes snapped. The Buddha fell and pieces of the clay broke. And that was when the monks saw the gold beneath the clay.

I love this story.

Because I believe that we were made just like that Buddha: We were made of Heavenly gold. We’re made of Divine material. Because we’re made in God’s image.

This was how we were born. But alas, we have since been covered with 12 inches of clay. With our warts. With our facades. With our insecurities. With our low-self worth. And not a few of us have forgotten the gold within us.

I’ve made it my sacred mission to remind people of this heavenly gold within them.

Yes, you’re more beautiful than you think you are!

May your dreams come true,

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