Here’s my message for you today: Simplicity means singularity of purpose.

That means you’re not scattering your energies all over the place doing unconnected and uncoordinated things.

Many years back, I wrote a personal vision for my life.

I went away for a while to write a picture of what kind of life I wanted to live, twenty years down the road. I wrote about the kind of work schedule I’d keep, the relationships I’d nurture, the projects I’d want to create, the poor I’d want to help, the house I’d live in, the car I’d be driving, even the kind of person I’d like to become. I basically wrote down my life-dreams. And the little document that is kept in my computer is entitled as such: Bo’s Life-Dreams.

I also believe I co-authored it with my Creator. I have a firm conviction that He is involved in my daily affairs, and He has dreams for my life.

I also summarized my mission in one statement: My mission in life is, “To Communicate God’s Love.” Every time I say it, I feel electricity come up my spine! I now stick to this mission. I focus on my life-purpose.

How do you discover your Life-Dreams?

First of all, discern the sacred desires in your soul…

Because deep down, you will desire the very things that you are supposed to be working on as your life-project. It may not be evident at first, and it may take years for you to stumble upon it, but once the vision takes hold of us, you cannot but move towards that direction. Your mission will fit you perfectly.

Second, discern the raw materials that you are gifted with. When you are appointed to a sacred task, you will find an anointing in that area that blesses many people. Suddenly, you realize that all your training, all your trials, all your experiences was all a preparation for this life-project that was waiting for you all along.

Third, discern the open doors of circumstances. There will be opportunities that will open up before you to take your first steps towards the fulfillment of your Life-Dreams. Be open. Persevere. And have faith.

Answer These Questions

  • Do you want to travel?
  • Meet new people and share life and love?
  • Operate a retreat house by the seaside?
  • Adopt and live with twelve orphans in a huge house?
  • Write a novel that will inspire thousands?
  • Work part time so that you have more opportunities for helping the poor?
  • Start a catering service?
  • Build your own cottage in an island?
  • Set up your own school?
  • Be a full-time mother to your children–and your children’s friends?

These are just a few questions that would help guide you. But my advice is this: Dream your Life-Dreams.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez