When I was a highschool kid, I studied in an all-boys’ school.

Beside us was an all-girls’ school. Between us was a fence. So what did we do? My classmates and I, whenever the teacher wasn’t looking, climbed that fence to ogle the girls next door.

Obviously, I wasn’t lusting. I was just admiring God’s beautiful creation in the female anatomy.

But in one of those trips down that fence, I fell.

Really bad.

And I had this deep gash in my lower abdomen.

Except that I didn’t know about it.

When I stood up and ran back to our classroom, my classmate was the one who said, “Bo, you’re bleeding!”  I looked at my abdomen and saw my white polo uniform drenched with fresh red blood.  I lifted up my shirt and exposed a long wound.
My classmate gasped.  “Your intestines are coming out!”

He asked me to go to the clinic right away.

I didn’t go.  Because of fear.  How can I tell them that I got the wound because I was climbing the fence to ogle at girls?
So I went home, I cleaned up my wound and told no one about it.

But 30 years later, I can’t even see a scar.

Where Are Your Wounds?

As a child, how many times have you fallen, scraped your knee, bruised your elbow, bumped your head, scarred your skin, and burnt your fingers?  How many paper cuts have you had?  How many times did you shave yourself in the wrong way and nicked your face?

You must have had hundreds—if not thousands—of wounds.

Yet where are those wounds today?

They’re all healed.

Simply because your body has this incredible ability to repair itself.  You don’t have to put anything into a wound.  Just clean it and your body will heal itself.

Let me divulge my age here. When I was a kid, and I’d get a wound, my mother would say, “Get the Mercurochrome from the medicine cabinet.”  If you’re my age, you’d remember this tiny red bottle with a small cotton bud inside.

Later on, they banned it and pulled it out from the market—because they used mercury—which they discovered to be poisonous to the body.

Today, we usually don’t put any ointments anymore on our wounds but clean them thoroughly. Because most wounds heal by themselves.

The Best Army In The World

There are millions of different kinds of germs all around you now.

There are also millions of germs within your body now—in your lungs, in your various organs, in your blood, on your skin…
But why are you NOT sick?

When I was a kid, there was no such thing as alcogel.

Today, many people carry this little bottle in their bags.

You see people wiping their chairs before they sit down, wiping doorknobs before they hold it, wiping tables before they eat on them.
Do you think they’re healthier today—because they do this?

You be the judge.

Here’s my belief: The army of germs around us and in our bodies, our lungs, our blood, our skin, are no match compared to the army of antibodies in our body.  We have the best army in the world inside our bodies!

Your powerful army looks for germs, bacteria, virus, and all other foreign intruders, and with precise accuracy, zaps them, shoots them, wrestles them to the floor, pins them down, and destroys them.

And I hope I won’t scare you when I say this, but right this moment, you have cancer cells in your body.

But why is it that you don’t have cancer?

Why are you strong and alive and vibrant?

Because God’s healing system is at work in your body.

Unlike chemotherapy that destroys both cancerous and healthy cells, your healing system is so advanced, so hi-tech, so phenomenal, it targets only cancerous cells and kills them.  With pinpoint precision, it only destroys what needs to be destroyed.

Our problem?  Many times, this healing mechanism in you—this Healer that God has placed in your body—is weakened.

And what weakens the Healer in you?

In one word, Toxins—Spiritual and Physical toxins…

(More of these discussions later!)


May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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