Answer: The experts don’t know.

The smartest people today usually see 10 years in advance.

But because of AI, they can see only 1 year in advance.

Because this technology is getting better by the day.

Here’s one crazy prediction from some tech gurus:

One day not too long from now, when you want to watch a movie on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you sit on your lounge chair and “prompt” AI what kind of movie you want to watch, indicating the style, genre, characters, and how you want the movie to end.  In minutes, AI will GENERATE A BRAND NEW MOVIE for you–at Hollywood level quality. You become a one-man scriptwriter, director, film-maker, and producer.

Isn’t that wild?

The experts are painting other scenarios like these that will blow your mind: Everything will be Individualized.

Individualized Education.

Individualized Healthcare.

Individualized Entertainment

Why am I writing this to you?

To tell you that you cannot NOT participate.

If you’re old as me, you remember how the internet changed the world?

That’s what will happen because of AI.

The world around you will be transformed in so many ways.

What should you do?

Focus on your Purpose.

Don’t be distracted by the technology.

Use it as a tool to achieve your mission.

My story:

I remember the first time email was born.

Quickly, I learned how to use it, and very soon, started emailing 50,000+ of people  everyday with God’s Word.

And people loved it.

And when Facebook and YouTube launched, just one year after, I started making daily videos sharing God’s Love to the world.

Today, I’m already a semi-old guy at 57.

It’s easy to be stuck in my old ways.

But watch me in the next few years.

I’ll do the same with AI.

I’ll use it for God’s purpose.

I hope you do too!

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