I love the story of Peter’s failed fishing expedition.

One day, he told Jesus, “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing.” In fact, they’ve been fishing the whole night and couldn’t even catch a skinny shrimp.

But Jesus told him, “Lower down your nets one more time. But lower it at the deeper part of the sea.”

In my language, Jesus was saying, “Don’t give up. Hustle.”

And when he did as Jesus told him, Peter received abundance.  He caught so much fish, the Bible says their nets began to break and their boats almost sank at the weight of the fish (Luke 5:5-7).

Friends, if you want a blessing from God, you don’t give up. You do whatever it takes to get it.  Do what you have to do one more time, but do it in different way. Go deeper. Go higher.  Go lower.  Just do it.

You know what our problem is?

When we fail, we automatically think we’re losers.

No, we’re not.

You can never be a loser because you come from God.

Because of that fact, you’re a champion.



May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez


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