Before me, my wife Marowe had another boyfriend.

         A relationship that lasted for 6 long, painful years.

          I say “painful” because her boyfriend was cheating on her again and again. 

Marowe would catch him red-handed with another girl, and so break off with him. Only to welcome him back when he pursues her again.

“Why in the world did you take this two-timer back again?” I asked, my eyes popping. “It wasn’t the first time he fooled you.”

“I thought I loved him,” she said, “but I realize now that I had a problem.”

          Her problem: Marowe suffered low self-worth. Here’s a universal principle about relationships–and life in general: We don’t get what we deserve; We get what we think we deserve. 

So she felt that she deserved a guy like this who hurt her constantly.

But after 6 years, she woke up from her insanity. She simply couldn’t take it anymore. And she broke up with him for good. 

And for 4 years, she had no boyfriend. Nada. Zero. Nothing.

She realized that having a boyfriend was almost like a crutch to her. She needed a boyfriend for her weak self-image. And not having one was going to be a healing experience.

During those years without a boyfriend, she “found” herself. She served God. She went out with friends. She grew up. And in discovering who she was, she discovered the kind of man she really deserved.

She deserved someone who wouldn’t hurt her, or cheat on her.

She now believed that she deserved someone faithful. Someone mature. Someone loving. Someone responsible. Someone who would care for her deeply.

          And that was when she found me. (Ahem.)

          More accurately, that was when I found my One True Love.

          Here’s a key lesson: I’ve learned that without ending a bad relationship, there won’t be space for a good relationship to begin in your life.

Give Hope To Others By Writing

How You Ended Your Bad Relationships–

And How You Started A New One!

Oh, I love the Love Stories you sent me in my last blog! 

Thank you so much! (In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.) They were very, very inspiring.

May I ask another favor?

I want to help singles out there who–like Marowe years ago–feel trapped in very bad relationships. Perhaps your story can be the “push” that they need to break off, get out, cut clean from a harmful relationship. Once again, write it in the comments below.


·        Relationship with a Married Man (Adultery).

·        Relationship with a Verbal Abuser.

·        Relationship with an Emotional Abuser.

·        Relationship with a Physical Abuser.

·        Relationship with an Unfaithful Jerk. 

·        Relationship with an Addict. 

·        Relationship with a Gambler.

·        Relationship with an Alcoholic.

·        Relationship with a Rage-aholic.

·        Relationship with a Bum.

·        Relationship with a Person who can’t commit.

          How did you finally get out?

          What did you learn when you finally got out?

          And how did you meet your One True Love?

And again, just in case our editors select your story–with your permission–your story will be included in my coming book, 40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love.

          Thank you for helping me inspire the world.

          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez

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