This is going to be short.

Three years ago, I wrote the book, How To Find Your One True Love.

It became an instant bestseller. And the book rocked the world of many singles.

Since then, I’ve heard wonderful stories of how many singles followed the instructions of that book and have indeed found their one true love. (Yep, I’ve received a number of nice wedding invitations.)

I’ve also heard of single women who broke up with their boyfriends because the book made them realize they were jerks and were going to be terrible husbands.

One girl told me, “Brother Bo, because of your book, I finally woke up from my insanity and got rid of my playboy, gambling, and drunkard boyfriend. Thank you!”

I was enjoying her compliment until she said, “But Brother Bo, please be careful.   My Ex is also a member of the local Yakuza and wants to kill you.”

Alas, the risk of being an author. (Bodyguards are welcome.) But I’m happy that the book saved many singles from a lifetime of misery.

Let me tell you a dream: I want to write a book entitled 40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love. Yes, I want to include your love stories.

Answer this question: How did you find your one true love?

          My goal is to inspire singles and guide them to find their one true love through your true-to-life Love Stories.

          In a few lines, write me a brief summary of your love story in the “comments” section. Inspire others! Encourage the 100,000+ people who read this blog.

And just in case your story gets selected by our editors, they’ll e-mail you; write a fuller story about you, so we could include your story in my coming book, 40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love.

          Thank you for helping me inspire the world.

          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez


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