God’s Plan Is Bigger Than Your Mistakes

       I’m a legendary artist. (Ahem.)

       I’ve produced legendary artwork.

       So legendary, in fact, no one remembers them.

Michaelangelo uses paint.

Leonardo da Vinci uses charcoal.

Me? I use my sons’ magic sketchpad.

Okay, it’s a toy. 

But I love this toy. 

My boys and I would sit on the couch and doodle for hours. Together, we’ve drawn literally thousands of sketches. We’ve created entire worlds and galaxies together. Roller coasters, spaceships, rockets, monsters, aliens—you name it, we drew it.

Here’s why I love this toy. 

When I make a mistake, I don’t get angry. I don’t curse myself. I don’t condemn myself. I simply pull the eraser button and draw again.

Which is what we’re supposed to do in life.

I’ve met some people who think that just because they’ve made mistakes, just because they made bad choices, God won’t bless them anymore.

Hey, we’ve all made mistakes.

Perhaps you gave yourself to addictions. Perhaps you were a rebellious child and made your parents unhappy. Perhaps you married the wrong person. Perhaps you didn’t raise up your kids well. Perhaps you made poor financial decisions.

I want to give you hope today. Your future is brighter than your past. How do I know? Because God’s plan is bigger than your mistakes. Your mistakes are no match to God’s great plans to bless your life.

Have You Missed Your Chance

At A Happy And Blessed Life?


       I’ve met so many people who think they’ve “blown” it.

       People like Jordan and Cindy.

As boyfriend and girlfriend, they practiced pre-marital sex. Eventually, Cindy got pregnant. She was 18 years old. 

They rushed into marriage. Both of them had to drop out from college. Cindy, being the eldest in the family, once dreamt of working in an office and sending her younger siblings to school. That dream was no longer possible.

       Jordan had a dream of getting a job abroad.  He gave that up too and took a low-paying job to feed his small family.

Today, they’re very poor. Everyday is a struggle to survive.

       But when I talked to them, I realized that the lack of money was not just their problem. Jordan and Cindy had a lack of hope.

First, both of them blamed each other for the pregnancy and the foolish decision to get married. Cindy felt Jordan always forced himself on her. While Jordan felt Cindy manipulated him to get married to save face.

Deeper than that, guilt had never left their hearts. At the back of their minds, they felt they deserved their poverty as punishment for their sins.

They told me, “Brother Bo, we blew it. We missed our chance at a happy life.”

Meet The God Of Second Chances

       I told them, “You’re wrong. God has a great plan to bless your life. And He has many ways to make this great plan a reality. You made a detour.  But that doesn’t mean you no longer can receive His abundant blessing.”

       Both began to cry. Cindy said, “I know that God forgave us. But I don’t know if He’ll ever bless us…”

       I shook my head. I said, “Here’s what I learned about the mercy of God: No mistake you made can totally destroy God’s plan for your life.

       I talked about a few not-so-perfect people in the Bible.

       About Jacob—how he lied, deceived, and swindled. Yet God named an entire nation after him. 

About David—how he became an adulterer and a murderer. Yet God still made him the greatest king of Israel.

       About Elijah—how he ended up depressed and a coward before Queen Jezebel. Yet he was there with Jesus and Moses at the miracle of Transfiguration.

       About Peter—how hot headed, temperamental, and out-of-control guy he was. Yet God made him the head of the Church.

       About Paul—how he was a murderer of saints. Yet God made him one of the greatest apostles of the Bible.

       I told Cindy and Jordan, “If you read the Bible, you’ll realize that the biggest stars were the biggest sinners. They’ve fumbled big time. But God’s love is bigger! And God gave them a second chance. And a third chance. And a fourth chance. He will never stop giving you a chance to live a life of happiness and abundance.”

I then shared a powerful Bible verse to them: Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

       “God wants you to go to Him with confidence. With boldness.”   I prayed over them. I told them to boldly pray for God’s abundance.

Believe me, it was such a moving experience to see the eyes of Jordan and Cindy shine with hope that they can actually live a happy life after all.

As happy as these 4 female friends of Jesus…

Do You Feel You’re Trapped?

Let me pick 4 of his female friends who failed big-time. They represent the crowd he hung out with. 

The 4 female friends of Jesus were a demon-possessed woman, a divorcee, a condemned person, and a prostitute.

Let’s start with the famous Mary Magdalene. 

According to the Bible, she had 7 demons in her.

The number 7 in Jewish culture is a symbol of perfection. That meant she was perfectly bad.  Perfectly depraved.

Yet Jesus made her his friend—and she became a staunch follower of Jesus and a strong pillar of the early church.

Today, you may feel like Mary Magdalene.

Perhaps you’re trapped by your own demons. By your addictions. You’ve tried everything to kick the habit, but nothing has changed. Perhaps you’re trapped by your depression, your fears, your anxiety. You feel imprisoned.

So you feel you’re beyond repair.

Listen to me. God wants to repair you. God wants heal you. In the same way He drove out the demons of Mary Magdalene, so will he drive out all that’s holding you back from your freedom.

The next person was a divorce expert.

Have You Failed In Your Relationships?

Second on my list is the Samaritan Woman with 5 husbands.

Which is worse, having 7 demons or 5 husbands? One woman told me it’s worse to have 5 husbands, because one husband is equal to 3 demons. (My personal answer: Having 5 husbands is worse because you’ll have 5 mothers-in-law.)

       Perhaps like her, you’ve suffered many failed relationships. Perhaps you cheated your spouse. Perhaps you have a broken marriage. Perhaps you come from a broken family. And you think you’ll suffer forever from your past mistakes. You may think, “I’ve blown it. I’ve missed the boat of happiness. I guess I’ll be miserable for life…”

That’s not true.

       Friend, God loves you. He wants to bless you with great relationships and great people. Because His plan to bless you is bigger than all your mistakes.

The next person was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Do You Feel Rejected By Others?

Third on my list was the woman caught in the very act of adultery.  They had no hidden cameras then, but they had full-proof evidence. Can you imagine being dragged into the street by a mob ready to stone you to death? Yet Jesus told those guys to take a walk. And he told her point blank, “I do not condemn you.”

Friend, you may have made a big blunder. And people look down at you. People condemn you for being foolish. People talk behind your back and reject you. 

Yet God is saying these words to you right now: I do not condemn you.  I have a plan to bless your life. 

Receive this declaration in your spirit.

Believe when the Bible says, There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus.

The next one was probably the worst of all…

God Doesn’t Focus On Your Past

Finally, the town prostitute. (Note: Some people think Mary Magdalene was this prostitute. But there’s no biblical proof to ascertain this.)

When Jesus was in a party, she gate-crashed.

The woman knelt at the feet of Jesus, washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. Everyone in that party knew that the woman was a prostitute. 

They started murmuring, “Hey, is this Jesus really a holy guy? Doesn’t he know that the woman touching him is a whore?”

But Jesus didn’t mind the talk around him.

Everyone else saw who she was yesterday. Jesus saw who she will be tomorrow. Everyone else saw a prostitute. Jesus saw a woman who loved much because she was forgiven much. Everyone else saw her past. Jesus saw her future.

Friend, here’s my message: Never define yourself by your mistakes.  Define yourself by your destiny.

They Are Nameless

Out of these 4 women, only one was named—Mary Magdalene. The other 3 are nameless. The Samaritan woman didn’t have a name. The woman caught in adultery didn’t have a name. The town prostitute didn’t have a name. Why? Perhaps God is saying, “This could be you.  My mercy will give you a new future.”

That’s the kind of God you have. I repeat: His plan to bless you is bigger than all your mistakes put together.

My Experience As A Father

       One day, when my son was 5-years old, he said, “I want to cook pancakes!”

“Sure,” I said. 

Immediately, I had a sense of remorse.

Because when he ran into the kitchen, it sounded like the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The banging of pots and pans was so loud, I bet you could hear it all the way to China.

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw the chaos mentioned in the book of Genesis. Like a tsunami hit our kitchen.

There were broken eggshells all over the place, flour on the floor, spilt milk on the table. He wasted so much ingredients. He made so many mistakes.

But then again, I expected him to make mistakes. That’s key.

Today, at 9-years old, my son still loves to cook pancakes, cheese omelette, and other simple dishes. Because he’s short, he has to stand on a chair in front of the cooking range. (It’s so cute.) I’ve noticed that each time, he commits lesser mistakes. Each time, there’s lesser chaos. 

       It’s not just in cooking.

I’m a father of two growing boys. 

My sons have failed thousands of times.

But that’s okay. I still love them. They’re still the darlings of my life. And I still want them to grow up and succeed.

       Why do they make mistakes? Because they’re still growing, they’re still learning, and they still have a long way to go. I know their mistakes are all part of their growth. Without those mistakes, their growth won’t be complete.

       I love them—all their mistakes included.

God Expects You To Make Mistakes Too

I have a controversial belief I’d like to share with you: God expects you to make mistakes too.

       Do you think God is surprised that you fall?

God has made room for your mistakes.

So in a sense, He has incorporated your fumbling, stumbling, and struggling as part of His over-all plan to bless your life. By His mercy, He even uses your mistakes to bless you. The Bible says that all things work for good to those who love God. Yes, even your mistakes. (More on this later.)

       Friend, I’m not saying this as our license to sin. I’m saying this to give hope to those who think their lives are doomed because they have sinned in the past.

God Has Bigger Plans

Thirty years ago, my father had a young man working for him in his department. His name was Pio Español. When Light of Jesus began, Dad invited this young man to the prayer meeting but Pio would always find excuses not to go.

       Why? Pio, though a married man, had a young girlfriend. In fact, he had a few young girlfriends in various parts of the country.

       One day, Pio was in a restaurant, waiting for his girlfriend. But that day, he felt a deep emptiness in his heart. He felt terrible. He felt something was missing in his life.

       And then something strange happened.

Suddenly, he heard singing. It was such happy singing. He got curious and walked towards the music. He found out that right in that restaurant was a prayer meeting—a prayer meeting similar to what his boss, my father, was inviting him to attend. 

And in that room, he saw very happy people. All of them were smiling. In his heart, he began to desire that same kind of happiness.

Soon, he started joining the Light of Jesus prayer meeting.

Soon, he cut off all his extramarital affairs and won his wife back. He restored his marriage. He changed his life.

Fast forward 30 years later, Pio is our Elder Missionary to North America. Because of him, we have many Light of Jesus chapters in Toronto, Mississauga, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Los Angeles… Today, Pio preaches to thousands about marriage and family life. He is indeed a walking miracle.

       You may be like Pio 30 years ago. All you want is to be happy. All you want to do is recover from your mistakes. He never thought God had bigger plans for him.

But God did.

He will not only straighten you out. He will make you a blessing to the nations.

God Didn’t Give Up On Me

       I give this message born out of my own experience.

God didn’t want me to be addicted to sex.

       But I was. For many years, I was so addicted to porn, it literally ruled my life. It consumed me.

       So God’s Plan A for my life didn’t happen.

       But guess what: He had a Plan B for my life.

       But my porn addiction lasted longer than it should have, and so I destroyed God’s Plan B too.

       And Plan C.

       And Plan D. 

And Plan E…

       I believe I stayed with my addiction for such a long time, He offered me Plan Z. And I rejected it.

       What did God do? 

He invented a new letter for me.

In fact, He invented a whole new alphabet for me.

       Nothing I did could ever stop Him from offering me another plan to bless my life.

Today, I’m healed from my addiction.

I’m experiencing so much blessings, I sometimes pinch myself. Am I really living this charmed life? I don’t deserve this!

I Can’t Understand Why I’m So Blessed

I’m swimming in an ocean of blessings!

Today, I’m married to this wonderful woman for almost 12 years now—and we have an incredible marriage.

I’ve got two fabulous boys.

I’ve got the best family and friends one can ever wish for.

My businesses are growing.

And hey, I must mention this. I’m even good-looking. (If you disagree, I’ll pray for you less.)

Can you believe my “luck”?

And I’m serving God in such a phenomenal way.

Yesterday, I came from Vietnam and preached God’s Word. Vietnam, would you believe? So far, I’ve visited 36 countries, written 16 books, publish 7 magazines, and lead 9 non-profit organizations that are doing the craziest work for God.

Who’s doing this?

A former porn addict.

Why is this happening?

There can be only one reason: Mercy!  

I’ve approached God’s throne with boldness and received His mercy.

God Even Uses My Mistakes

And here’s the crazy thing: God even used my failures as part of His plan to bless me. 

How? Because of my failures, my preaching has become very different than what you hear from many religious people. Precisely because of my own mistakes and how God dealt with me.

Dear friend, God hasn’t given up on you.

So don’t give up on yourself. 

And God hasn’t given up on your destiny.

So don’t give up on yours!

Some of you may say, “But Bo, I’ve messed up. I’ve missed God’s best plans for my life.” I say No. Believe that the best is yet to come.

       And always remember, God’s plan is bigger than all your mistakes put together.

       I wrote a special declaration for you to say below. Say it with all your heart. Confess your faith. Let your words define your reality:


“I may have messed up, but this is temporary. I may have made mistakes in the past, but my future is brighter than my past. Today, I come boldly into God’s presence to receive mercy. I reject condemnation. Because of God’s mercy, my best blessings are yet to come. Each day is a new beginning for me. Each day, I shall live a new life. Each day, I shall live in abundance. Each day, I shall walk in God’s favor. Amen!”

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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    I would like to thank you for all the wonderful inspiring article. Its helps me a lot to strong my faith in God. Thank God that He gave you an amzing gift that u freely shared with every one. Your God’s blessing to us. Thank you!

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  58. Just the exact encouragement i need to get by this year and for the rest of my life! Thanks a lot Bro. Bo!

  59. Bro Bo, what you say is very true for I am a living testimony of God’s great mercy. I have made wrong career choices and chosen wrong paths to follow and yet here I am, swimming in God’s blessings too. I do believe that it is an invitation from Him to leave my old ways and start anew. I know that I am undeserving of His great goodness but He has looked past my shortcomings and gave me this wonderful opportunity I am enjoying!

    I pray that everyone be blessed too. It is difficult to trust and believe when you feel that the world has turned its back on you but keep the faith. You’ ll soon find the light at then end of the tunnel!

  60. tito Bo,

    This is just the article that I’ve been looking for. The word of God that I wanted to know. This article is soooooooooooooo great tito Bo that it made share it to my wall on facebook. Tito Bo, again, thanks for this article. It really made me feel much better and inspired me more on trusting upon God and believing on his mercy. God bless you more tito Bo. :-)

  61. I believe the pio story and your story and the other stories have helped me and heloed healed me.

    your article helped me see how great God is and that his mercy truly makes me whole again.

  62. Thanks be to God,for His mercy,I commit a lot of mistakes and detours in life but still ,God loves me just the way I am,He continue reveal to me the sins that i need to get rid off,through the help of KGMF and our ministry ,God is so faithful to me ,patient in my being still a baby christian,Praise be to God,for your inspiring ,article may you continue to inspire us through your writting.God loves you..

  63. there is still hope for me. i know it in my heart but i can’t move, can’t take even take a small step. But, God can. please pray for me.

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    yes indeed..God never gave up on us..

    now, God also is in another set of alphabet for me..tapos na ang plan Z sa akin..

    am thankful to God for that opportunity again..

    i knew and i believed that He has a great plan for me..i can feel that I have a brighter future and that I will be okay up to the end of my life..

    mistakes may come but it will be replaced by God’s love and mercy. He is there for me..thank you once again Bro Bo.

    God always bless us! Amen

    Cheers for a beautiful and abundant life ahead!

  65. Thank you so much Bo for this wonderful inspiration. I have made so many mistakes, choices and failures in life. But I will never allow these failures to separate me from the love of God. I know that He’s not done with me yet..The best, indeed, is yet to come..Shine on!!!

  66. Very inspiring article bro Bo…

  67. A BIG THANK YOU Bro. Bo. Hope. This is what we need and this is what your article brings – that sinners though we are, we have hope to become better persons through GOD’s mercy. We can always trust in God’s goodness, faithfulness and forgiveness but we must also do our part by following his will. May you continue to be a blessing Bro. Bo!

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    Thank you for this GREAT article! It helped me a lot to be a better person for everybody. I have learned a lot with all your articles. So for every problems that I have I always thinking that I have a BIG GOD that is always on my side. In the recent debut celebration of my eldest daughter, GOD helped me a lot! We were able to have a simple celebration but meaningful with my family and friends. I may not bless financially right now but I can feel that my BIG GOD will always be there to help us!

    Now, every time I have a problems and tempted to commit sin, our BIG GOD is always there to guide me and show me the right way. Truly, our GOD is merciful and forgiving. I am now waiting to harvest the Blessings that HE has prepared for me and I am willing to share it to others to be a Blessing to others like what you have been to us.

    Bro. Bo, you have a Blessing to us and our BIG GOD uses you . You have changed my outlook in life living simple what the our BIG GOD has done for us. I may have done huge mistakes in the past but HE has forgiven me helped and guided me to follow HIM which what I am doing now.

    I know our BIG GOD has prepare something for me. Whatever it is, I know that it is the BEST. I can feel our BIG GOD’s love!

    Thanks bro. Bo.!
    God Bless always!

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  70. Bro Bo,

    Thanks for the perfect timing of this article. I was depressed but after reading your article.. it straighten again my way.

    I agree with your quotation “No mistake you made can totally destroy God’s plan for your life”

    I sinned often times but God’s plan is for our good. as long as we believe that God loves us so much. He loves us more than our sin..

    Thank u always,


  71. Hi Bo,

    I am feeling really down today and for the past few months. I havent a new job yet. my dad is already retired and i am really worried, perhaps feeling guilty coz i could not offer anything for my family. after i have read your article, i kinda felt a little good about myself. thank you bo and i am looking for more articles from you.

    God Bless you always!!!


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  75. God bless you Bro Bo! You are a life changer. Every morning before going to work and doing some chores, i see to it that i read the “Daily God’s message for You”. I am enlightened by your article today. I would just like to ask permission that i will print this one and i will give this to my friend whom i think needs this one very much. For me, this article gives me hope, enlightenment and hope. We should hang on always to God and believe that Big blessings is coming to our life! Thank you so much God for Bro Bo. God bless you always Bro Bo :-)

  76. Thank you Bro. Bo for this very inspiring article. I can relate to you because i also have two girls almost same as your sons’ age. I am pretty sure you are very patient and loving to your sons. I love my kids so much but as a working mom, there are times i feel so tired playing or reading books with them. When my eldest tried to help me in the kitchen and she ended up being messy & had some mistakes, i’d rather do it myself coz it came up extra work for me. After reading your wonderful experience as a father, that you expect them to make mistakes and loving them as well because it is part of their growing up.. i promise to myself from now on, i will do the same things as you do. I have learned so much from you so please continue your writing and sharing. Thank you and more power to all your plans & endeavor!

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    Thank u so much for that wonderful, inspiring article.Very enlightening indeed!

    More power and god bless u always.

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    Thank God for blessing us with people like you. This is a great article and very timely indeed. I’m feeling down and hopeless now. . I made some wrong choices in my past ,specifically in the relationships i went into. And I felt , that because of this mistakes, I have missed the best in life.
    After reading this article though, I feel hope .. I am very positive now that God have something better instored for me in the future.

    Godbless you.

  79. Thank you Bo.

    May God bless you and yours and bless the world with more people like you!

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    Thank u so much…this awakens my hope despite of shortcomings from the past. May the Lord God leads me the right path and strengthen me to achieve my dream for abundant life….

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  82. Im always thankful to God for sending person like you.. thank you for inspiring a lot of broken hearts and hopeless minds… at times we need to be reminded of how great GOD is.. and im thankful that HE is bigger than any problem i encountered and will encounter and most of all i feel wonderful knowing there’s someone BIG up there, loving a tiny speck like me… thank you for praying for us all

  83. Thank you for the sending me a copy of this article. This really helps a lot specially now that i am struggling with many things within myself. play pray for me too…I hope I could get the chance to meet you personally. Is their a chance that you’d be able to visit Davao?

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  90. I have been sitting here for several hours cruising the internet. Today I received the scare of my life and over the past several hours I have been doing some thinking. I have made many mistakes in my life, suffered from my addictions: porn, homosexuality, sex. I am a 26 year old woman who might have contracted herpes from my partner because of the “mistake” I made. I promised myself that in the event that my results came back positive that I would not dwell on it because God never gives me more than I can bare. I found your blog by googling, “praying to God when you’ve made mistakes” and this is the first blog that came up and I opened. I want to thank you for writing this blog because it is truly helping me accept the fact that people make mistakes and that one must get up and brush his shoulders and keep moving forward. I don’t live my life believing what man can do but what God can do and this blog reassured me that I can keep moving forward in Christ no matter how many mistakes I have made–even if they were just last night. Please pray for me because I need it. I want so badly to be a woman of God who can not be knocked down by the ways of this world but what I must do is always remember that God forgives, and God heals. Thanks!

  91. All I can say is my sincerest THANK YOU for this article Bro. BO. It made me realize a lot of things. . . . . God bless

  92. Brother Bo,
    I have been a faithly follower of our Jesus Christ since i was young joining various organization in our church and doing volunteer works for the youth. However, for the very 1st time i made a U-turn (made a bad choice) and now suffers for the mistake i committed. Guilt is in my heart and at the back of my mind i feel that i deserve to be punish. Reading your article gave me HOPE. I was in tears reading this article over and over again. I felt God’s love for me despite of my weaknesses and failtures. I pray that God will continue to show me the way as I experienced His love and mercy.
    Thank you for being an instrument of God’s love.

  93. Bro Bo,

    You helped me again from depression I thought I will never be forgiven from the mistakes I made, I’m glad that God is there to forgive me and knowing that he will give me another chance it lignten up my burden.
    Thanks Bro Bo for being the instrument of the lord to reach out to us.

    God bless,

    P.S. I wonder what did you do with your porno materials, can i have it? hehehehe joke

  94. It is amazing how an article can change one’s view in life. Bro Bo, thank you for sharing this article with me. It made me realize that I still have so much to look forward to. I am not perfect, but I believe His ways are. God’s will for me is where I want to be.

  95. Thanks Bro.Bo for this article. I’ve been condemn my self for so long, and because of this its like that there was a missing part of me…although I don’t know what it is. Been alone and lonely for years it seems that I forgotten how to be happy, yes I smile but deep inside there’s nothing but darkness. I think that being alone and punishing myself will make God happy and forgive me for my sins that I have committed. I really hope that God will not give up on me. I wish.

    Thank you Bro. Bo. for all that have you’ve done, I really admire how you help people that was in need like a superhero ( where the power comes? from God of course ) … hehe…
    God bleSs…

  96. touching… truly Bro. Bo’s past life has made him a better preacher. The part about God inventing a new alphabet was so hilarious but true. That’s how much God loves us all. Godbless!

  97. you know i have been reading your articles since i was like 12 years old or younger, i cant remember ,and now im 19 but i still keep on reading your inspirational writings, i believe in you, its fate that you wrote this article because i thought i committed mistakes that will make my life turn upside down, but after Ive read your article i felt Gods loving embrace. i honestly believe that you are a savior too:)

  98. Sir Bo,

    Again, an inspirational article.Thank you very much!

    God bless you more!

  99. I really really really love this article….it is just in time. I thought GOD is punishing me for the mistakes I’ve committed lately but thanks to your article, I am now blessed!

  100. Leave your comfort zone,,, that’s what our company always says, i’ve trapped to this company maybe bec. of the high pay, fast promotions, travel all you wanted for in a company, but I am no longer happy,,,, is this enough reason to leave? But what I want to believe that God has better plans for me and for my family,,, i will start may be in a scratch,,,, I wanted to have strong faith,, truly I am afraid, yes, I am truly in my comfort zone, pls pray for me

  101. Dear Bro. Bo, thanks for the message. I’ve been crying a lot recently thinking that God has abandoned me. I got pregnant twice but no husband. My first child, now 2 yrs old, doesnt have a father. It was a mistake. My parents forgave me. And now, I’m 6-mos pregnant again. I made another mistake. I don’t know if my mother (who takes care of my eldest son, my father passed away when my son was 2 months old) will ever forgive me. She’s so disappointed with me. I feel so ashamed of myself and i think God will never bless me. I do not know if my salary is enough to feed my family. I feel so lost in hope and love. I feel like running away but don’t know where to go. I feel all alone in this struggle. Because of your article, I learn to believe that I still have another chance to live my life with more blessings. In fact, bigger than my mistakes. Thank you, Bro. Bo. :-)

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  103. ” There can only be one reason : Mercy. ” Suddenly my tears fell out of nowhere after reading this very short yet very touching phrase ; Mercy as deep as God’s Love for us sinners. ” His Mercy endures forever ” indeed !
    Thanks Bro. Bo. & family .
    God bless everyone !!!

  104. Hello Bro. Bo, Thanks for another very inspiring article. It really enrich my life and its a great awakening for all readers especially those who are very hopeless.
    Thanks also for your prayer support. God truly blessed me. My plans were realized….I’m now in Canada and happily married with my loving husband.
    God the Almighty continue to bestow you more blessings!!!

  105. The ones who have sinned the greatest are always the ones who, after receiving His mercy, will always have greater love for Him and are more likely the to one of His disciples…

    Ang taong mas malaking utang ang napatawad ay ang taong merong mas malaking utang na loob…

  106. Amen to those, bro!

    The ones who have sinned the greatest are always the ones who, after receiving His mercy, will always have greater love for Him and are more likely the to one of His disciples…

    Ang taong mas malaking utang ang napatawad ay ang taong merong mas malaking utang na loob…

  107. Dear Bro.Bo
    Thank you for another soul food..God bless..

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    Very well said. Gods’ grace is endless…

    More power po.

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    Thanks for this great article, you have given me a lot of hope…im a great sinner (were quit similar Bo), but as you’ve said God has a bigger plan for me…Thanks lot Bo and please pray for me that i may overcome my sin and healed from my wrong doing.

    God Bless and your Family

  110. Dear Bro.Bo,

    You are amazing! all articles are indeed very uplifting,keep up the noble work….

    God Bless you and your family!

  111. sa panahon ng matinding confusion at di ko talaga alam kung para saan ako….

  112. thanks Bro. Bo. really, God is so great! i read your article just when i needed this most. Thanks again! :)

  113. What if God is not real? .. that it was only us people and the good and the bad things that we do and how positively or negatively we think about everything around here.

    i tried to obey everything God says to me before. and this is what i realized about his existence. maybe you should all stop bluffing people with your mind games,

  114. Thanks for reminding us again how loving and forgiving our Lord is.

  115. Another good read. Thank you so much Bro. Bo.

  116. Mr. Bo..you really inspires me a lot,,,i luv writng and it makes me happy,,,i want to be lyk u,,,ur such a great writer and evry words came from u really opens a lot of learning for me,,thank you for sharing ur thoughts and kindness,,, I’d read some books you written and they are worth buying plus worth the time by reading it,,,more power and blessings,,,,Super Kid…God bless u

  117. wow! very inspirational…

    thanks Bro.Bo. It helped a lot.

  118. Hello Brother Bo,

    I always read your articles. They fill me with hope of great things to come. Thank you for being God’s blessing to us.

    Best regards,

  119. Hello Tito Bo,

    Belated happy new year! Ohh my, this article is very inspiring and it hits me big time coz I’ve been condemning myself for a long time for a mistake that I kept on doing again and again. THanks for the inspiration Tito Bo. I’ll reject condemnation now and believe that the best is yet to come.

    Keep on inspiring us all Tito Bo! more power!

  120. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thanks for this great article! This blog title got published as one of the status in Facebook, so I started reading the article.
    I have one request, though. I hope your posts can be translated into many languages so other people can understand it too. Last Christmas, I gave one of our janitors a copy of Didache, since I noticed he likes reading English newspapers during his break time. He came up to me and was very grateful. He said he’s trying to understand the entries, but couldn’t understand some of the words. (now I realize I should have given him Gabay instead). Nevertheless he says he is touched by the articles.
    God bless in your ministry! May God make it grow and grow to touch more lives in all corners of the earth.

  121. Bro. Bo.

    Thanks for the great article,u did mention again the part that i can relate to you, actually I end up laughing for a few moments, after you mentioned Plan Z up to the new alphabet. I guess you can say count me in. but you’ve already surpass that i think its my turn now and discover what letter am i now in God’s plan for me. I believe he still a long way to go. but actually this year maybe diff from the others. see i have great hopes that i might (cross fingers ) be a different man the next year or so.. whenever that maybe it’s him who can only tell. i all leave it to him, his in charge of everything, of my Life!
    this year ive decided to be a better person everyday throwing away my bad habits of collecting girlfriends or should i also say being involved in a relationship of two or more. i already hit the ground so many times see my lessons clearly only to find that ive been in the same situation once again just right after several mos. im such a looser Bro Bo. but i will not let myself be a lost, I’ll keep on fighting.. till i can finally say.. I learned my lesson now and when that time comes i hope i can be of somewhat be an inspiration to others as well just like you!
    or maybe someday i can be too like Bro Pio. Hope when the time comes id be hearing the angels sing i am ready for the job! surelly the real happiness is there in front of me!
    Thanks for letting me share this one.
    God bless us all!

  122. Dear Bro. Bo,

    We Praise and Thank GOD for your wonderful message on the above subject.
    It has really truly blessed us and gave us enlightenment especially to my
    husband, Al.
    May GOD bless you more in all your endeavors including your family and
    those who are dear to you.

    Cordially yours,

    Al & Dolor Santiago

    PS. It was only last Nov. 2009 I joined Kerygma Family and it was a Blessing!!!
    .Bro.Bo,can u pls include in ur prayer lists that my husband Al’s real estate transactions to push through
    and myself to find a job so that we may be a blessing to ur Ministry. Thank you very much.

  123. Great article, Bo!

    Just to add, we may have blown our chances before but as you have said, God has more plans for us. That means, we have thousands of “Second Chances” and all we have to do is to pick ourselves and stand up and face the challenge.

    All the best, Bo!


  124. i thank my friend for sharing this link to me… if not for her i won’t learn about this blog of Bo Sanchez. i’m kind of feeling lost and incomplete for quite some time now. after reading this article, i felt revived. it’s as if seeing a ray of light in a long, dark tunnel.

    you’re an inspiration to a lot of people Bro. Bo.

    God bless

  125. Bo, your thoughts have given me relief from my sinful past and empowered my hopes for a better future. Thank you!

  126. My sons have failed thousands of times.

    But that’s okay. I still love them. They’re still the darlings of my life. And I still want them to grow up and succeed.

    Why do they make mistakes? Because they’re still growing, they’re still learning, and they still have a long way to go. I know their mistakes are all part of their growth. Without those mistakes, their growth won’t be complete.

    I love them—all their mistakes included.

    > I was so struck with these, its as if ur saying it to me, and you as part of my life, accepted me completely. Thanks for ur love to me Bo. Thanks for ur encouragement.

  127. thank you 4 another inspiring aricle Bro. Bo…. ibelieve God has a lot of in store for you…just keep on serving Him no matter what because you know that our labor in the Lord is not in vain…

    thank you so much!!!

    God bless us!

  128. Amen to that Bro Bo….More power!!!

  129. Ive actually been there,But thank God for His love and mercy, I trust that this is where He wants me to be….I’m still imperfect…I’m still struggling…but I have so much faith in Him that even the difficult times are moments when we learn the most lessons in life…

  130. I’ve been feeling depressed for almost two weeks now. I tried to overcome it but I can’t seem to find the source of it and it made me feel even worse. But after reading this article and imitating the prayer you sent us, I feel a whole lot better. Everyday, I feel my energy coming back to me and I can now afford a smile and even laugh a little. I guess, inspired you to send us this message from him. I’m really grateful.

  131. thank u brother bo.. thank you so much..i know god will also forgive me..thank you for sending me this very inspiring message..godbless you more…

  132. thank you Bo!!!!
    Thak You so much!!!!
    We’re gonna make this year our financial breakthrough!!!!!!! Thank You so much!!!
    You really inspired us!!!!

  133. this is what I really needed.. thank you so much BO!.. =)

  134. Hi Bo,

    I’m making a quick connection between you and Jessica Cox who you featured last year in one of your talks at the Feast.

    Jessica is in the Philippines now. She spoke at the Smart Communications Leadership Summit today.
    She said she’d be coming back to the Philippines on Feb 16 and would be interested to give a sharing at the Feast.
    I told her I’ll make this connection to you.

    You could contact Jessica at:


    Edwin “Ka Edong” Soriano

    Technology Blog: http://www.technobiography.com
    eOFW: http://www.eofw.net
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ka_edong
    Join my professional network: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kaedong

    “I don’t believe in circumstance.
    The people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want
    and if they can’t find them, make them”.
    – George Bernard Shaw

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Edwin ‘ka edong’ Soriano
    Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 5:53 PM
    Subject: see you again!
    To: jessica@rightfooted.com

    hi jessica!

    It was great talking to you a while ago after you gave a very
    inspiring talk at Smart. Ü

    I’ll make sure to connect you to Bo Sanchez (Bosanchez.ph) to arrange
    a talk at The Feast (Sunday Catholic mass, worship and preaching) or
    any other opportunity they may have.

    i’ll keep you posted ü.

    fly high, jessica!


  135. Thanks Bro Bo! Its another inspiring lines for me, ito ang paunti unting daan sa pagbabago. Mabuhay ka and God bless!

  136. bro pls help me to pray…im addicted to porn and even hire male sexual worker..im married with two kids…waht will i do?

  137. You never fail to give me goosebumps. Very eloquent and compelling…

    Keep on blessing people Bo!

  138. helo brother Bo, this another eye opener article is very timely in my situation. I am about to make the most crucial decision making in my life concerning my vocation. Pls. do pray for me that i may be guided by the holy Spirit, so that my decision may not be another mistake… of my life…yet no matter what happens i will continue to believe that my God will not leave me and will continue to bless my life. Pls. brother Bo, i badly needed your prayer… thanks a lot. God Bless you and your family!!!

  139. Thank you for your boldness and telling us the truth about God’s Love and how unconditional His Love is for us..personally–It’s a continuous eye opener and awakening of my soul (spirit) whenever i get to attend the Feast especially when I hear/listen to your talk or read your articles.

    This particular article/talk is a message that Hit me hard.

    Thank you! I will always be grateful for your inspiration and allowing God to use you as His messenger…to me and to all of us.

    God Bless Bro Bo….God Bless!

  140. Hi Bo… I heard so much about you before, but never ever read one of your books so I have no idea what you were writing actually. I accidentally found your fb page through someone I don’t even know since he is a fun of yours. The article you wrote is really inspiring, particularly to me who is slowly losing my belief in God. I’m in a doubt sometimes if there is really God or none at all. I feel so guilty about it. I’m fighting for my faith now. Reading this article is something like a hammer banging on my head and it’s waking me up! I feel so ashame, after all of the things that God gave me and some impossible things that God showed me, and yet I am still so weak with my faith in Him. I’m trying to convince my athiest boyfriend that there is GOD and it’s really true, but it’s very hard. How can I convince him with a very unstable faith… I hope you will write an article that I can show him and also for myself to read and to anybody else who is in the same situation as I am.

    …thank you for this article(“,) God bless you!!!

  141. such a great article! God bless us all Bro Bo!..

  142. wow….thank you for this article Bro Bo.. i really need this..=)
    Thank you for always reminding us that God is always there for us…

    Thank you again..and keep on inspiring many people…

    God Bless us all!!.. =)

  143. More…more…more…brother Bo..

  144. Hi Brother Bo!

    This is truly inspiring and on a very perfect timing.. I have done a big mistake in my life that put me into this situations where i am right now. I was so ashamed to pray because, i feel that God will not listen.. though i know the story whom you cited in the sample because i have read it in the bible, but still.. the guilt is there… I’ve been praying for help this past few days, for wisdom, that God will wake me up and help me move on..

    Truly, God works in mysterious ways..

    Please pray for me as well Bo, that i can decide now in accordance with the will of the Lord, even if it means sacrificing or giving up something..

    God Bless you always..

  145. The only reason why God never looked on our past mistake and never curse us of it is because of His Son Jesus!! Jesus paid everything on the cross… he was scorned, shamed, spit at, punished because of us… God who gave His One and only Son to save and bless us, how much more are the desire of our hearts? Our mistakes in the past will no longer hunt us unless we allow the devil to do so… everytime you feel you are not worthy to be loved and blessed, look at the cross.. go back to the cross… the devil will point at you but you point back and tell him to look at the cross… hte only reason why GOD sent HIS SON is because of our mistakes, imperfections, sins… He did no sent His son for the rigtheous but to those that is needed to be saved… just want to share what i have learned this past years… GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  146. Dear Kuya Bo,
    I always admire everything that you have written, and this article is really good for me, im totally depressed from yesterday im thinking also that because of the mistakes i have that then i will never be blessed anymore, when i started reading it, I feel like you wrote it for me, how coincidence, because im really feeling sad and depressed and those things you said are exactly what is happening to me now… but i belive that God has let all these trials happen to my life because he has plans good plans for me..and Im really thnkful to God also because he has given us an imperfect mentor like you to guide us perfectly..More power and God bless you more!mwah!

  147. thank you po for the prayer Bro.Bo… God bless us all.

  148. thanks Bro. Bo.

    May God bless us always..

  149. hi bro bo,

    i was moved by your article and in such a perfect timing…

    with what i am going through right now – i’m feeling sad, anxious, and worried but never did i felt so miserable and ironic may it seems – i have found peace of mind inside the walls and behind the bars . we all have our own share of wrong calls – our own reasons of survival that leads us into the tunnel of consequences and my faith had kept me and keeps me going… i know that my mistakes doesn’t make me a lesser person and doesn’t define my future and i am 100% sure ill get thru with it…

    just like what you have said “God’s plan is bigger than “MY” mistake… GOD IS GOOD AND GOD WILL MAKE A WAY…

    kindly include me in your prayers…

    God bless us all…

    thank you

  150. Bro. BO, It was a big help for me, right now im still on the process of allowing my self to be rooted again in christ , i honestly say that i committ mistakess ( a huge mistakes) but i still praying for god’s repentance and forgiveness ,one way or another all words above really striked my soul , i know that god did not lose hope for me , i know his love was so reavealing through you whove been such a great blessings and instrument to everyone, may you continue in praying with me to be more rooted and to allow god work with my life, i Believe that by “God’s mercy, my best blessings are yet to come. Each day is a new beginning for me. Each day, I shall live a new life. Each day, I shall live in abundance. Each day, I shall walk in God’s favor. Amen” indeed thank you very much for continue helping me to live a life with god , may you have more more blessings in life ,

  151. This article sounds good for truly millions of lives has been change by the power of God through His Word. But one thing important not mentioned is how this transformation came about. is repentance from sinning prerequesite for a transformed life? Because there has been no mention about repentance and on how a restored and transformed life can take place, is it possible to live perpetually a rebellious life against God ( meaning continue watching porn, having adulterous relations with married people, or murder – David in reference, ect. and still be able to avail of the abundant blessings of God and become great in the service of His Kingdom?

  152. Thanks again..just the right message at the right time…you’re heaven sent..thank you so much…

  153. Amen!!!! this article is a real blessing, for those who feel “chained” to the pit of hopelessness…God bless u bro bo…hope u come to mumbai, India.

  154. this article really touched me, thanks Bro Bo, ur really an angel. because sometimes Im losing hope that God will still listen and give me another chance, it seems that i’ve always failed Him. God is really a loving God.

  155. :-) marami pong salamat ulit…

  156. Thank you LORD for affirming your love for me every single day since the day ive been found. Thank you Lord! Once I confees to GOD that I’m having problems discerning his plans for me. I’m having problems identifying his love and blessings in my life. GOD is indeed good. He’s been really patient with me. Now I am able to accept all his blessings because God made it easier for me to recognize all the blessings that he has poured abundantly in my life. Everyday is an affirmation of his vast love for me, for all of us. I am unemployed, I don’t have money. I only have my faith and my GOD. I am not be a billionaire, monetarily speaking (but i’ll soon be..:p) but I’m richer than that in spirit. I am blessed. I am loved. To GOD be the GLORY!!

  157. The Lord is speaking to all of us through you. You are giving us unlimited hope that we badly need. I hope you’d continue being a blessing to all the lives you’re in contact with.

  158. well, my problem is why i always do commit the the same mistake?

  159. Lord never fail to give us hope. He gives us many chances to correct our lives.

    I thank the Lord for never giving up on me.. that despite of many mistakes, He forgiven me and still blesses my life. I know that His plans are better and bigger so I should not dwell in the past..always move forward and trust the Lord to make his plans happen to me. My future is brighter than my past.. I know in time He will reveal this.

    Thank you for uplifting our spirit Bo. More power!

    Please include me in your prayers. God Bless us always

  160. thank you for posting this , , , i’m at my worst and this post made me smile,knowing God allow my mistakes for me to be a whole and complete person…. salamat po!

  161. this is truly very timely since i would like to give up already. i did copy the prayer on latter part and i will use this to guide my daily dealings. me and my husband feel that everything is crumbling down and we keep on asking why, yes we overspend compare to what we earned. but we didn’t expect this worse…we accumulated a huge amount of debt, how can we get out of here our frequent question, hoping sooner than soon…..please pray for me…

  162. Thanks a lot Bo, for sharing this article, I am very inspire with your article particularly this article and the other one that you shared “be True to yourself”….now I really enlightened and see things in a positive way…thank you so much…I made so many mistakes in the past, and now I am also in the point that I feel Ive blown it,I messed up…but I believe that GOD has a great plans for my life, and HE is waiting to that perfect time to pour HIS blessing that belongs to me,..maybe at this point, I am not ready for that blessings but I believe that HE will reveal it in HIS time,…I would like to pray for me Bo, for strength and courage and wisdom to be more closed to GOD and follow HIS will always, please pray for me to enlighten my mind. ….This all I ask through Jesus Christ our Lord…Amen…..

  163. thanks bro bo im realy touched by this article…you gave me hope, i thought that my ADDICTIONS will no longer leave me but today is the Day that gives me hope because of what you have said….Salamat bro bo Maraming salamat tlga…God bless you more.

  164. Bro. Bo,

    I couldn’t thank you enough. I have no words….

    I was crying as I read this.

    And i just can’t stop my tears.

    God bless you and never stop reminding us that our God is a God of Hope and Mercy.

  165. Bro. Bo,

    Thank you so much for this article. Honestly…. i have no words….

    I was crying the whole time i was reading it.

    And i can’t stop my tears.

    Don’t stop reminding us that our God is the God of hope and Mercy.

    God bless us all. More power.


  166. Dear Bo,
    I recently accepted Bo Sanchez ‘Like’ in facebook. Every time i read your article i was moved by your words.
    God’s Plan is bigger than your mistake was so appropriate and hit me like a sword!
    I was having an affair with my ex-boyfriend 10 years ago. I’ve always wished that we were together for 10 years. I married my husband not because i loved him but to stay in this country. I told myself that i would learn to love him but I couldn’t. This year I met my exboyfriend through an organised weekend by a club we both a member. I instigated every opportunity that we got back together. So the affair begun. I had the best 3 months of my life since I had an affair. I didn’t feel any guilt at all. I thought I deserved to be happy for 10 years of not having any sexual attachement with my husband. Everything was normal in our household. We don’t have children and I’m free to go anywhere i want without any question ask. Now, my exboyfriend is migrating to Australia in September. He has no intention of any commitment whatsoever. He honestly told me that no string attach in this relationship. I quite agree as I’m still married and living in sin. I am not sure if this relationship is only base purely on sexual need. He still single and don’t believe in marriage.
    Because of this affair I sometimes miss going to Sunday mass, I never go communion for obvious reason and never wanted to go confession as I don’t want to give up my sinful life which I dearly enjoy. Everytime I go to church I pray to God to enlighten me and give me courage to fight temptation.
    I was window shopping one afternoon, I saw this small catholic church squeezed by a tall buildings in the middle of the shopping centre. I went in and for the first time I prayed and talked to God what I’ve felt at that moment. I was so upset because of my situation. I felt that I was abondoned and no one loved me. I cried with all my heart and for the first time I wished that I was ready to give up my sinful life. That night I read your article ‘God’s Plan…’ and in the middle of that article there was a prayer. Before I read this prayer, i prayed to God that he will give me strenght to avoid temptation and ready to give my fully my sinful life.
    This is how this letter posted in blog.
    Thank you Brother Bo for a wonderful food for thoughts that will give hope to a sinner like me.

  167. My heart is so heavy right now Bro. Bo, i want to cry but my eyes are dry. maybe i’m done crying or this pain i feel right now is so debilitating that my tear glands fail to produce tears. someone stole my tears and I need to find Him, this tear thief who holds my tears. maybe when He will wash my soul with my own tears it will be cleansed and eventually healed.

    Thanks for this blog Bro. Bo it’s one of your best blogs ever. i keep on reading it again and again… i’m drowning in misery right now grieving for my mistakes in life, jumping from one jerk to another. i believe The Ten Commandments are the way to great happiness in this world. if we follow these commandments we will be happy.

    God bless you Bro. Bo, you’re a great blessing indeed! :)

  168. This is another article bro. bo. I keep on reading your articles again and again. Thank you so much!

  169. “And hey, I must mention this. I’m even good-looking. (If you disagree, I’ll pray for you less.)” This sentence gave me a huge smile! Thanks Bro. Bo for another inspiring article.

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