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On August 29, 2009 In Metro Manila

I just received a text message from my friend.

          “I’m giving P1 million to build one new Anawim home,” he said.

Yeheey!   (Anawim is a ministry for the abandoned elderly that I started 12 years ago. One home can house 20 abandoned elderly picked up from the streets.)

          Thirty years ago, my friend was a lowly clerk earning P8 a day.

          Before this, he was kicked out from college.

          Before this, he borrowed money from relatives to invest—and lost everything.

          Not a very good start, believe me.

          But thirty years later, he is Chairman of the Board of a number of companies—and one of the wealthiest guys I know.

          But that’s not the main thing I wanted to talk about the man.

          There’s even something more spectacular about the guy than his rags to riches story. Are you ready for this?

Amazingly, my friend is one of the most loving men I’ve ever met in my life. I’m not kidding. I always tell him, “You don’t have one greedy bone in your body!” You’ll be amazed at what he does for everyone around him—his employees, his partners, and even his customers. 

For example, there’s no labor union in his company because he, the owner, is the top labor leader! He’ll fight for their rights. Everyone loves him and they don’t want to work anywhere else. His employees stay with him for 20 to 30 years.

I asked myself this hypothetical question: If he were greedy, would he be richer? Perhaps. But he wouldn’t have any friends. Today, he’s got a ton of friends who would drop everything for him.

In my jargon, my friend is Truly Rich.

Many think that all rich people are greedy, selfish, and corrupt.

That’s not true. My wealthy friends aren’t like that. 

·        There’s a married couple I know who are so incredibly loving, I get teary-eyed just thinking about them. (I’m such a mushy wreck when it comes to receiving love.) Through the years, they’ve helped me so much in my ministry too.

·        There are these two widows who make me feel very small every time they serve in Anawim. So dedicated! Very wealthy yet serving the poorest of the poor. Recently, they donated one house for 20 abandoned elderly too.

·        There’s this rich businesswoman I know who is so loving and generous, her friends call her the sister of Mother Mary. Okay, if she isn’t, then she must be a cousin. Man, is she the kindest person.

Oh, I could go on and on with my other Truly Rich friends.

And I want you to be one of them! 

If you live in Metro Manila, I’d like you to join me in my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar on August 29, 2009. It’ll bless you.

Read carefully. If you think that rich people are crooks, then subconsciously, you wouldn’t want to be rich. Because we will avoid what we subconsciously do not want. You need to get rid of your old financial mindset. Here’s what I learned: You need to think in different way if you want your financial life to change.

How much to attend the seminar? 

Companies ask me to give the How To Be Truly Rich seminar to their employees, and we charge them P8,000.00++ per person. (Yes, I’m one of the highest paid corporate speakers in the country, and I do it as my way of supporting our ministries.) 

But I run public seminars so I could help more people, and you can join me at the give-away price of P475 per person only. I know I’m nuts, but this is my way of practicing what I preach—generosity. I want to help as many people as I can get out of poverty thinking and get into abundance thinking. I want to help people learn practical strategies necessary to change their financial life.

For more information on the How To Be Truly Rich Seminar, click here.

          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez

PS. The singular purpose of wealth is to love others. I believe in this so much. If you want to become Truly Rich and love others with your money, join me on August 29 at my How To Be Truly Rich SeminarFor details, click here.

PS2. You don’t live in Metro Manila? Wherever you live in the world, you can join my TrulyRich Club and learn everything I teach via audio CDs and DVDs. Each month, you’ll receive my material shipped directly to your home—materials that will change your thinking and expand your wealth. You could test-drive a 2-month membership for free! (Just pay postage.) For more information, log on at now!

12 Responses to “From Clerk To Chairman Of The Board…”

  1. I would like to join this seminar. I just hope my schedule is not that hectic on that day. More power Bro. Bo!

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for educating us not only spiritually but also financially.

    How I’d like to join your seminar but the last time I called it’s already fully-booked.
    I’m glad you have another upcoming schedule this August but i tried to call the number but it just kept on ringing, is there any other phone number that we can call?

    Could you also please email me, where to deposit a donation for the Anawim Ministry?
    Thank you and God bless.

  3. …for those who haven’t attended yet… this is your chance. i already have the book, but i also attended this practical financial seminar from brother bo, (that’s August 2, 2008) im sure you will also learn a lot from brother bo in person. God bless to all.

  4. cant you do it for free? even just for once?

  5. This is so true. I am the HR Officer of two of the companies that he owns and I can attest that all his employees love him truly that none of us would give up our employment in his company for another, no matter how big the offer is. He so generously share almost everything that he has: his money, his time, and most especially his wisdom and lessons in life, which we all treasure. In this time of recession, I can say, that our company is still hiring as per our Chairman’s directive. His reason? He wants to help young, talented, and determined people to succeed in life just like him. God bless our Chairman!

  6. hi can you pray for me to cure my urticaria because i have urticaria 1 year and 3 months now it still doesnt get well pls im only 12 years old thank you

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  8. Hi Bo,

    I wanna be included in your Truly Rich circle of friends. Be a friend and be truly rich.

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