Why I Love Christmas?

I love Christmas. I love the Christmas meals. Not just the food, mind you. Like a few minutes ago, I just came from my Mom’s house for our Christmas lunch. My sisters, their husbands, and most of the kids were there—and we ate and talked the whole time. We had a seven-hour lunch! As most […]

You’re Surrounded By An Ocean Of Miracles

I turned 44 this month. I’ve noticed something: The older I get, the more I believe in miracles. In fact, I believe I’m surrounded by an ocean of miracles. Everyday, I see God-Coincidences. Divine Appointments. Supernatural Connections. Mysterious Surprises. Spontaneous Healings. More and more, I believe in the unexplainable, beautiful, mystical work of God in our […]

Grow Your Anointing, Grow Your Wealth.

        If you grow yourself, you grow your wealth.        Why?        Because your growth happens in two ways.        Imagine an ordinary plant.        The plant always grows in two ways.        The visible growth is the branches, twigs, leaves, and fruits. But beneath the visible growth is the invisible growth—the network of roots underneath […]

Can I Hug You?

         My birthday was a blast.           I received 280+ text messages and almost 600 e-mails—not counting greetings from Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, etc…   On the day itself, I received phone calls from Canada, Australia, Singapore…           And yesterday, at our Sunday prayer gathering (which we call the FEAST), I probably received a thousand hugs! If we […]

Do You Expect To Be Blessed?

Tell me if I’m right. 90% of the things you were so worried about ten years ago, you laugh about them today. Am I correct?  What were your worries just ten years ago? ·        You were worried about school projects and exams.  ·        You were worried whether your classmates would laugh at your hairstyle. Today, you laugh […]

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

It happened more than 60 years ago. A frail, pale, and bedridden woman named Magdalena was suffering with tuberculosis. Breathing was very labored. An only child cared for her. A 19-year old beautiful girl named Pilar. One day, Magdalena said, “Pilar, I want to go to Pacita. Today!” She was talking about her sister. Both were very close to each […]

I Just Loved This Inspiring Video

October 23, 2007 Astoria Hotel, Ortigas area Hi Friends, I was in Jersey City fighting my jet lag. At 3am, I was wide awake and I thank God I was, because I was able to watch this incredible video. (Thanks Catherine for sharing it to me.) This is a video of the last lecture of […]

The Best Is Yet To Come!

A Wife Of A Jobless Husband Shares Her Story of Waiting… I’m taking a break from my teaching series on “Getting Rid of Hidden Addictions.” (I’ll give the next article next week.) Let me pause to take a breather and share with you a beautiful story. I met Yane Pe Benito when I gave a […]

At The Exact Time I Was Complaining, God Was At Work

Let me tell you a fascinating story. Lizette shared this beautiful story to me this morning and I just knew in my heart that I had to share it to you. Nick and Lizette are my great friends. Lizette is helping me in Catholic Filipino Academy, where we help parents teach their kids at home. […]