A collection of stories I wrote that have touched many lives

Why I Love Christmas?

I love Christmas. I love the Christmas meals. Not just the food, mind you. Like a few minutes ago, I just came

Grow Your Anointing, Grow Your Wealth.

        If you grow yourself, you grow your wealth.        Why?        Because your growth happens in two ways.        Imagine an

Can I Hug You?

         My birthday was a blast.           I received 280+ text messages and almost 600 e-mails–not counting greetings from Facebook, Multiply, Friendster,

Do You Expect To Be Blessed?

Tell me if I’m right. 90% of the things you were so worried about ten years ago, you laugh about them today. Am

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

It happened more than 60 years ago. A frail, pale, and bedridden woman named Magdalena was suffering with tuberculosis. Breathing was very labored.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

A Wife Of A Jobless Husband Shares Her Story of Waiting… I’m taking a break from my teaching series on “Getting Rid