Do you know that the human life span is increasing?

In the time of Julius Ceasar, the average life expectancy was 27 years old. The high infant death rate, war, famine, and pandemics all contributed to this. So a 27-year-old man walking on the street was lucky to be alive.  Yes, some lived until 60, but they were few and uniquely blessed.

By the year 1900, the average lifespan grew to 47 years old.

By the year 2000, it grew to 79 years old.

Some experts say that by 2050, it will be common for people to live beyond 100.

My message? Prepare to live longer.

Get Ready Physically, Emotionally, and Financially

This is why I eat right, sleep right, exercise right, and care for my body. I don’t want to be a bedridden 90-year-old. I want to be a strong 90-year-old who can go hiking, swimming, and biking. That’s the dream.

And that’s why I also keep investing in the stock market, real estate, businesses, etc. I don’t want money to be an issue when I’m 90. I still want to have the freedom to go where I want to go, live where I want to live, and give to causes I want to give.

My BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have a billion pesos when I die, donated to a Trust Fund so that its regular earnings will continue to support our ministries.

But more than money, it’s the joy of work that keeps me going. I can’t see myself not doing anything. That will drive me nuts. I love what I do so much, I’ll keep doing it for the rest of my life.

Prepare For a Long and Generous Life

Friends, this topic is so close to my heart.

Because in 1995, we founded Anawim, a ministry for the abandoned elderly.  We’ve been picking up the poorest of the poor from the streets, specifically, old people who were working before in good jobs but who never saved for their future.  Because of this, they ended up in the streets when relatives didn’t want to care for them anymore.

I don’t want you to end up in Anawim.

Dearest Friend, I urge you, to prepare for a long life.

Get healthier every day.

Start an investment program.

Don’t just grow old.

Grow older and richer and better!

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