Practical Soulfood For Successful People

My Core Belief: We Don’t Have A Clue How Great We Already Are And How Great We Can Become.

Surprise! I’ve changed my website. No more photos. No more colors. No more distractions. I’ve stripped it bare and decided to focus on the meat of the matter: Article after article after article, I want this to be your ultimate source for practical soulfood for successful people on the internet universe. This simple yet massive website is filled to the brim, overflowing the best down-to-earth, inspirational articles you can ever find.

Some of you may be saying, “Bo, this website isn’t for me. I’m not successful.” Well, what’s your measuring stick of success? To me, any human being who is striving to grow is already successful. Are you striving to grow? If your answer is YES, then welcome to YOUR website.

Through my articles, I want to change your measuring stick of success to a more accurate one. I want to give you a measuring stick that will encompass the deepest, most profound things that make us human beings. (That’s why it’s “Soulfood”.)

One more thing about success: It’s also pervasive. It can’t be isolated to one area. For example, a person who is successful in his job but whose family is disintegrating isn’t successful at all. So through this website, I want you to experience success in all areas of your life.

My dear friend, I prophesy to you…

  • Spiritually, you’ll grow closer to God.
  • Financially, you’ll grow towards freedom and abundance and generosity.
  • Physically, you’ll grow healthier and happier.
  • Emotionally, you’ll grow more peaceful and joyful.
  • Relationally, you’ll grow in love.

That’s my dream for you.

More than a dream, this is my prayer for you.

Major Topics To Make You Grow

You will be inspired. And you will be taught the steps to change and grow in every area of your life. “Practical” means it’s going to be down-to-earth. It’s action-oriented. Yes, I will tell you to get off your butt and change your life.

Here are the topics I’ll be tackling…

  • Family Life: How to strengthen your marriage and raise your kids
  • Wealth/Money: How to reach financial freedom, get out of debt, save, invest
  • Dreams: How to set your goals and have the passion to achieve them
  • Spiritual Growth: How you can grow closer to God, deepen in prayer, etc.
  • Single Life: How to find your one true love and prepare for marriage
  • Time Management: How to accomplish much more and still achieve balance
  • Simplify Your Life: How to live simply and abundantly, celebrate what you have
  • Inner Healing: How to be healed from inner wounds, let go of the past
  • Service: How to grow your community, ministry, service for God
  • Personal Stories: A collection of stories I wrote that have touched many lives

Where Do You Start In This Giant Site?

This is a gigantic site with a lot of great stuff, but don’t be overwhelmed. I’ll show you different paths to enter it.

By the way, don’t forget to bookmark this site. Much like a plant that you need to water daily, you also need to feed your mind and soul daily. Let me warn you: If you make this website a daily part of your life, reading 15 minutes each day as though it were your daily spiritual vitamins, and practice the truths you find here with passion, you’ll grow. No doubt about it. Because we are what we take in. Garbage in, Garbage out. Great Stuff in, Great Stuff out.

Here are seven ways to get into this site:

1. A good start is an article I wrote on 5 Steps On How To Expand Your Territories. If you haven’t read that one, please do. It will give you an idea of the philosophy of my website, Practical Soulfood For Successful People, is all about. It’s all about growing you so that you can grow in love.

2. Bo’s Articles

You can go to Bo’s Articles and read the hundreds of FREE articles I wrote for your personal growth, divided into various categories. I know you’ll be blessed.

3. Bo’s Blog

You can go to Bo’s Blog and see the latest FREE article I’ve written. Two or three times a week, I write something new. You will be encouraged, energized, and equipped each day. The blog also includes a free RSS feed.

4. Best of

You can also read the most popular FREE articles in this website. Go to Best of and you’ll find the articles that have helped thousands of people change their life and receive greater blessing.

5. Podcast and Vodcast

If you don’t like reading and prefer to listen or watch, go to and get my daily audio and video program. From Monday to Friday, I create a new mini-show for you. You can also download the audio to your MP3 player and listen to it at another time. There’s also an audio RSS feed available for you.

6. Soulfood Email

Sign up for my FREE Soulfood Email. Each week, I give you an update. Join the thousands of happy subscribers who are already on this list. (Last count: 50,000+ sign-ups)

7. Support My Work And Join The Kerygma Family

If you want to be my partner and help me help people fulfil their God-given potential, join the Kerygma Family. This is a borderless, international, non-physical community of like-minded individuals who want to keep growing. Members also have the happy option to give a monthly donation for all the charity, non-profit work that I do. As a way of saying “Thank You” to them, I ship to them my latest books and mail them my monthly magazine, Kerygma for their reading inspiration and pleasure. Log onto to find out more about this cool community. (Last count: 11,000+ members)

Who Is Bo Sanchez?

My mission is to bless you. My mission is to help you live life to the full. And my credentials for writing to you? I’ve failed more times than many others. And because I’ve failed so many times and learned from my failures, I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams. For a complete description of who I am, log onto About Bo.

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