One day, I was at a Christmas party.

And parents were forcing their small kids to sing, bribing them with lollipops to banana splits to doll houses to Boracay vacations.

One father – a friend of mine whose name I won’t divulge as it would be hazardous to my health – brought his little five-year-old daughter to the front.

Because he even had a Minus One prepared, we thought, “She must really be a good singer.” So everyone clapped their hands and cheered as the music started.

Then the five-year-old began to sing. Or at least made some kind of sharp noise.  But she didn’t get one key right. The cute little girl was absolutely tone deaf. From beginning to end, she sounded so awful, the experience was similar to having an endoscopy without the anesthesia.

But the father was right beside me, still taking photos, still smiling from ear to ear, his eyes glued to his little daughter. He looked at me and smiled, “She may not sound right, but can you see how lovely she sways her hips?”

That’s how God sees us: When we mess up, He’ll still look for something good to look at and celebrate that part of us.

I’ve met people who have a terrible image of God. They believe God does nothing else all day but catch them in their sin. Thus, they too think of nothing else but their sin.

So I tell them: God sees your goodness before your garbage.

Like God, don’t focus on your weakness.

Focus on the goodness He created within you.

He doesn’t see a failure.

He sees His champion.

Start winning!


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez

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