Warning: There’s a cruel epidemic afflicting our families, our marriages, and our friendships.

It’s called the Relationship Drift.

It’s a very devious disease. It’s like some cancers. You really don’t know you have it until it’s fatal. And then it’s too late.

And then Relationship Drift becomes Relationship Dead.

The only solution is to diagnose it early.

But the symptoms of Relationship Drift are almost invisible to the naked eye. Because you’re not really fighting each other. There are no screaming matches. In fact, your home is quiet. Like a convent.

And there are no pots and pans flying in the air. And there are no bloody court cases.

But little by little, your hearts move apart. Intimacy is gone.

Joy is missing.

In marriage, sex only happens every time Halley’s comet passes planet Earth. You take each other for granted. You know the disease has run its full course because you wake up one morning not caring for the other person anymore.

Let me give you examples of the Relationship Drift:

The father who doesn’t have heart-to-heart conversations with his kids anymore.

Or the wife who no longer enjoys her husband’s company.

Or a couple that talk to each other functionally, not deeply.

Or siblings who no longer laugh together, play together, and eat together.

Here’s why:

we live in a busy world.

Bills need to be paid.

Cars need to be repaired.

And kids need to be fed, vaccinated, and neutered, er, I mean nurtured. (I know of parents who want to administer this little medical procedure to their kids when puberty comes along.)

My point? It’s natural that you drift apart.

You don’t have to be a bad person. You don’t have to be Adolf Hitler or The Joker. You don’t have to be obnoxious, selfish, or evil to cause the disease called Relationship Drift.

Let me give you an analogy.

Two people in a relationship are like two little boats floating on the sea.

Problem: There’s a current that will slowly pull the two boats apart. Before they know it, the two boats are miles away from each other.
Friend, there’s really only one way to fight the drift: Paddle!

If you don’t want to drift, you’ll have to go against the flow and paddle your way to each other. You’ll have to work hard, muscle your way, sweat like crazy and fight to be together.

I believe that the only antidote to Relationship Drift is to bond constantly.

PS. Are you a Parent?

Raising happy, successful, and loving adults can be a mystery, but here’s a powerful principle: give your child responsibilities early. Let them care for a pet (including cleaning up poop!), do chores, or help with a family business.

My two sons?

They’ve been serving in the youth ministry all their young life. Through it, they realized life is not just about them, but about making this world a better place (with less poop).

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