People ask me, “Bo, why are you so successful?”

I always tell them, “God’s Blessing!”

But if I’m honest, it’s not just God’s Blessing.  Because all my life, I’m opened my life to God’s Blessing.  I’ve grabbed those Blessings through long hours of dedicated work.  (I work hard on my marriage and family too.)  I don’t watch TV.  I don’t play video games.  While everyone else is watching and playing video games, I’m working.

I don’t believe in luck. Because we’re already blessed beyond our wildest imagination. In fact, I believe we’re swimming in an ocean of blessings 24 hours a day. But are you grabbing those blessings through fiery commitment?

I’m not saying, “Work like me.”

I’m working like this a madman because I’ve got big dreams.  But if you’re okay with where you are, and you’re 60 years old, then don’t be like me.  Take it easy.  When I’m 60 and have achieved most of my dreams, I’ll probably slow down too.

Everything depends on where you are now and where you want to go 10 years from now.

Life Is a Game Of Chess

I feel this message is crucial because the stereotypical image of a spiritual person is the guy in orange robes sitting alone in lotus position on a rock, his eyes closed, saying “Ohhhm”.  People think that all spiritual people are passive.  Not true.

I need to spend a few minutes deconstructing this very strong stereotypical image of a holy person as a passive guy who does nothing else but pray and wait for God to move because if I don’t do, all this past baggage will reject my message.

Life is a game of chess.  Half the time, it’s God’s move.  But half the time, it’s your move.  I think the biggest problem among “stuck” people is they’re waiting for God to move, when it fact, God is waiting for them to move.

How To Know God’s Will

Through the years, I’ve learned a lot more about knowing God’s will.  When I teach this people how to know God’s will for their life, I share with them…

  1. The Word
  2. The Wise
  3. The Why

The Word means the Bible and Church Teaching.  While riding a bus, you see a wallet in the seat next to you.  You don’t have to ask God, “Lord, do you want me to return this wallet to its owner?  Or is this a blessing that you’re giving me?”  For crying out loud, this is an issue between right and wrong, and The Word says, “Thou shall not steal.”

The Wise means consulting with people who are wiser than you are.  That’s the reason the Bible says, If you see an intelligent man, visit him early; let your foot wear out his doorstep.  (Sirach 6:36 RSV)

The Why means knowing your sacred mission.  And that mission is written in your heart.  That through the scalpel of discernment, you strip way the outer layers of your desires, you’ll touch base with your deepest desire, which is to do God’s Will.

Because I know my personal calling, I don’t wake up every morning asking, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”  I wake up every morning already knowing God’s general direction of my life—and He entrusted me with a phenomenal brain to work out the details.

That was my entire teaching on knowing God’s Will.

Until recently…

A 4th Element Of Knowing God’s Will

In the latter years of helping people discern, I’ve added a fourth ingredient.  I call it The Walk.

The Walk means you discover God’s Will as you move.  When you act.  When you work.  When you explore.  When you experiment.  When you try.  When you struggle.  When you make mistakes!

Keep walking.

I feel that the idea of sitting down and analyzing your situation is overrated.  In my life, I discovered God’s Will through relentless work.  Spiritual people justify acting on their laziness and being trapped by their fears by calling it “Waiting on the Lord.”  Enough of that.  Get off your butt and work!

Launch Something Bad

Launch something so bad, only your mother will applaud you.

But once you’re out there, make it better.

Readjust, realign, recalibrate.

Here’s my key principle: Aim for progress, not perfection.

Keep walking!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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