This will be short.

   I’m sending out an appeal to the world.

          As I write this article, thousands of people are still trapped in the floodwaters of typhoon Ondoy–or in relocation sites that have no food and drinking water. (Just in case you don’t know anything about what’s happening in Metro Manila and Rizal province, here are photos of the storm:

My friend, Sonia Lozada, is owner of Trinity restaurants. Since yesterday, her five restaurants have been cooking like crazy and sending packs of cooked food to devastated areas. 

Sonia was right about cooked food. Because if you’re trapped in floodwaters, uncooked food is useless. You can’t cook anything. Sonia has also been delivering cases of bottled water–but they weren’t enough. One bottle of water was shared by three people.

With our financial support, Sonia’s team will continue to feed people today and tomorrow. I will personally be there, giving out food and drinking water to Flood Victims today. My team will be there as well–all of us who can help.

But cooking food today and tomorrow is only an emergency measure.

          In the next few weeks and months, the real work will begin: All our organizations–Light of Jesus, KerygmaFamily, etcetera, will do the hard work of helping people rebuild their homes damaged by the floods–thus helping them rebuild their lives. It will be a long and difficult work–but we’ll be there for them.

          This is what Jesus wants us to do.

          Friend, you may not be here physically to help, but you can be our spiritual and financial support. First, pray for the victims. Pray for strength that they regain their hope. Many are devastated emotionally. 

Second, if you can, make a donation and help them.

          If you want to be part of our efforts to help Flood Victims, you can make a donation. Any amount will do. You can make your deposit online or through a bank. 

Click below to help our Flood Victims now.

“Yes Bo, I want to help!”

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. I know God will bless you abundantly. He will reward you for your kindness! That’s for sure. To make a donation, click below.

          “Yes Bo, I want to help!”