I don’t know what you’re financial condition is now.

You may be in debt.

You may be in a financial famine.

You may be without a job or stuck in a low paying job.

You may be where I was 20+ years ago—wanting to help people but not having enough to help.

Friend, here’s my message to you: Prosper your mind and you prosper your money.

When you were born, God planted a seed of prosperity into your life.

One day, I gave our Feast attendees a small potted basil plant as a symbol for the six weeks we’ll be talking about “Prosper!” I also showed them what the plant will look like six weeks later—it was a large plant in a large pot.

I told them that if they want their plant to grow, they needed to do one thing: Transfer the plant to a bigger pot. If they don’t, their plant won’t grow. It’ll become a bonsai.

Friend, the container of the plant is a symbol of your belief. And the seed of prosperity will grow to the size of your belief.

The reason why many people don’t prosper is because their wrong beliefs prevent them from prospering.

They don’t believe that they will prosper.

They don’t believe that they deserve to prosper.

They don’t believe that God wants them to prosper.

Their container is too small!

Today, I challenge to enlarge your belief. Enlarge your generosity.

Enlarge your love.

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