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The Root of Why We Worry

Why are we chronic worriers? At the root of it all, worriers expect bad things to happen because they experienced bad things

The Root of Why We Worry2017-10-16T21:05:37+08:00

Focus on Your Gift, Not Your Cash

Question: What can harm your business? Answer: A lot of available cash. Call me crazy, but I believe in that 100 percent.

Focus on Your Gift, Not Your Cash2017-10-16T21:03:11+08:00

Don’t Settle for Crumbs

I felt like a “kid” from a third world country, preaching in my very first US Convention. So I was thrilled and

Don’t Settle for Crumbs2017-08-22T22:32:30+08:00

Start Dreaming Big Dreams

We need to encourage people, “Dream big dreams because God is a big God.” Massive dreams are better than mini dreams. Have

Start Dreaming Big Dreams2017-10-16T20:39:44+08:00

Focus on the Promises of God

I know a lot of people who tell God their problems. When you do that, you release your stress, and that’s a

Focus on the Promises of God2017-10-16T20:55:15+08:00

What Do You Like About You?

I have an exercise for you: Write down 25 things you like about yourself. I did this one time and couldn’t stop

What Do You Like About You?2017-10-16T21:16:03+08:00

Is Your Life Too Easy?

Here’s my big question: Is your life too easy? Are you too comfortable? Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve remained stuck. Maybe

Is Your Life Too Easy?2017-10-16T20:49:37+08:00

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