I own two small companies with almost 200 employees.

I started these businesses 17 years ago.

If you want to build your own successful business, here are 5 Facts you must know…

  1. Desire Is not enough

Almost everyone wants to be their own boss.

Who doesn’t?

But if you think that having your own business means escaping hard work, forget it.

You’ll soon find out that having your own business (especially at the start) means you never stop working.

  1. Prayer is not enough

I meet a few religious people who use faith as an excuse for their irresponsibility.

Most often, God doesn’t give us fruits, He gives seeds.

We must till the soil, plant those seeds, and water the crops.

And when you do all these, pray for a great harvest.

  1. Passion is not enough

Passion for something doesn’t mean you must build a business around it.

You can enjoy a hobby with your passion and be happy.

But to build a successful business, you need so much more than passion.

  1. Skill is not enough

Knowing how to cook delicious food doesn’t mean you can run a resto.

Knowing how to cut hair doesn’t mean you can run a salon.

You must learn how to run a business.

  1. Money is not enough

I know of OFWs who believe they can start a business because they have capital.

So they buy a franchise, ask a relative to manage it, and expect the profits to come in.

But they find out it starts losing from day one.


Aside from these 5 Things, what else do you need to build a successful business?

You need Wisdom.




Many more!

Keep growing as a person.

Keep developing your craft.

Keep your eyes open.

May you become truly rich!

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