What Do You Really Want?



Simplicity means singularity of purpose. 


That means you’re not scattering your energies all over the place doing unconnected and uncoordinated things.


Many years back, I wrote a personal vision for my life. 


I went away for a while to write a picture of what kind of life I wanted to live twenty years down the road.  I wrote about the kind of work schedule I’d keep, the relationships I’d nurture, the projects I’d want to create, the poor I’d want to help, the house I’d live in, the car I’d be driving, even the kind of person I’d like to become.  I basically wrote down my life-dreams.  And the little document that is kept in my computer is entitled as such: Bo’s Life-Dreams.


I also believe I co-authored it with my Creator.  I have a firm conviction that He is involved in my daily affairs, and He has dreams for my life.


I also summarized my mission in one statement: My mission in life is To Communicate God’s Love.  Every time I say it, I feel electricity come up my spine!  I now stick to this mission.  I focus on my life-purpose.


How do you discover your Life-Dreams?


First of all, discern the sacred desires in your soul


Because deep down, you will desire the very things that you are supposed to be working on as your life-project.  It may not be evident at first, and it may take years for you to stumble upon it, but once the vision takes hold of us, you cannot but move towards that direction.  Your mission will fit you perfectly.


Second, discern the raw materials that you are gifted with.  When you are appointed to a sacred task, you will find an anointing in that area that blesses many people.  Suddenly, you realize that all your training, all your trials, all your experiences was all a preparation for this life-project that was waiting for you all along.


Third, discern the open doors of circumstances.  There will be opportunities that will open up before you to take your first steps towards the fulfillment of your Life-Dreams.  Be open.  Persevere.  And have faith.


Answer These Questions


o   Do you want to travel?


o   Meet new people and share life and love?


o   Operate a retreat house by the seaside?


o   Adopt and live with twelve orphans in a huge house?


o   Write a novel that will inspire thousands?


o   Work part time so that you have more opportunities for helping the poor?


o   Start a catering service?


o   Build your own cottage in an island?


o   Set up your own school?


o   Be a full-time mother to your children—and your children’s friends?


Dream your Life-Dreams.


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez



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39 Responses to “What Do You Really Want?”

  1. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thank you for these steps on how to identify my life dreams. I totally agree that my wants and God’s want for my life are the same. God creates the desire in my heart. He nurtures it inside me by providing me the skills I need to do it. He also provides opportunities for me to accomplish my desires.

  2. Dear Bro Bo,

    I believe that every inch of your message today is truly a divine inspiration because they are timely sent in my inbox as a birthday gift.

    With the challenging events of my life lately, I believe that God’s greatest gift is complete surrender to his will and at the same time learning How To Dream again purposely.

    Forever I am grateful to your inspirational books, stories and life sharing situations with us because they have moved me deeply and allow me to be brave in every risk taking moments.

    God Bless to You and to the entire Kerygma Family!

  3. Thank u bro. Bo.
    I am always inspired by your wisdom. May God bless you more and belated happy bday.

  4. Thank you Bro. Bo for this awesome Monday article.

    Its timely for me since I’m in the process of re-planning our future, giving time to those activities & things that really matters and eliminating those who don’t contribute to the fulfillment of our goals.

    Thank you for reminding us to pursue our life dreams. The dreams that God has placed in our hearts.

    God bless you. :)

  5. Dear Bo! Though late, happy, happy Birthday and may God continue to make you an inspiration to everyone! By the way, regarding what I really want?? Was in the turning point of my life, wherein had a career, but sometimes I got depressed and asking myself, is this really what I really want?? I keep on praying for God’s guidance and blessings and of course your email is so timely, need to discern mo and pray more for me to know what I really want!! Thank you very much and God be with you always. :O)

  6. Bro. Bo, thank for inspiring me with your wisdom. Thank you for your prayers for us. Belated Happy Birthday! God bless you more!

  7. Bro. Bo, thank you for inspiring me with your wisdom. Thank you for your prayers for us. Belated Happy Birthday! God bless you more!

  8. Hi Bro. Bo! Thank you! GOD BLESS! :)

  9. Bro. Bo,

    Hi. Ty so much for another very inspirational insight. Bo, I know what I want to become, all my dreams and ambitions but right now, it seems that everything is not falling into places anymore. Since last year up to February of this year everything was already in a planned but things change when I lost my job. Lagi na lang po nauurong yung plano ko na mag start ng mag invest sa Stock Market through Citisec at mag save para sa pag aaral ko uli sa College. Kaya madalas hinde ko maiwasan isipin baka yung mga dreams ko eh, hinde dream ni Lord para sakin kaya lagi na lang nauudlot ung mga plano ko. Just sharing, Bo.

    Thank You and God Bless.

  10. Dear Bo,

    Belated happy birthday !

    My daughter had read your message, timely she was pouring her heart to me. We were bought touched and inspired .

    Love and prayers,
    Grace and kamae

  11. i was happy to have The Old Path of Loving Relationships because of your SIGNATURE. Hope i can let you sign the books i have bought before. This is the first book that with your signature.By the way, Belated Happy Birthday and have More God’s Power with you always. I was always inspired whenever I attended the Feast. It was really great blessings to be one of your fans in Jesus Name, Amen.

  12. Thank you very much bro. Bo! It was truly inspiring and very timely especially now that I am discerning for my future plans. God bless you too!

  13. Dear Bo,
    let me greet you a belated happy birthday, sorry if its late.
    you are such a blessing for a lot of people who needs inspiration, encouragement in their life. Big thanks Bo.
    Talking about your message (discover my life dream)
    Believe it or not, I’m no longer dreaming about it, i have reached mine. i may not own a retreat house but I own a place where everyone can learn for their better life…i may not write a novel but i know i will be forever in their heart and mind. I teach for free Bo, not only to our countrymen but also here in Cambodia. God works in His mysterious ways and He just gave my dream, I know I am here for a reason, to live in a meaningful life,
    able to share myself and most of all touch the lives of others. Help me Bo to pray for the people of Cambodia
    that they may have a peaceful election at the end of the month… they live the same like ours, suffering for the longest time.

  14. Thank you for the enlightening words that helps in adding spice, at times to tasteless life. Though, our journey has not ended, with God to lean upon, I am still attached like a grafted branch that sprouted from the Mother tree. God bless and more power.

  15. Thank you Bro Bo for an inspiring advice to start a brand new day this week. The messages you impart to us is God’s gift. May God bless you and your ministry.

  16. Dear Bro.Bo,

    What do I really want? I should at 76 and in a few days I’ll be 77!I know what I want but how to attain it is the big question mark. Call it providence, divine intervention or whatever, but today’s article of yours hit me directly in my spiritual journey for the last decade since I returned to the Phils in 2002 after working in Germany for almost 20 years. I am a new subscriber and I am glad that a friend gave me this link’ to you.

  17. Ooops I clicked too soon. I want to do so much for our Lord but in doing so I am not focused and coordinated. Right now I want to do at least 5 or 6 in your questions-suggestions.:-) But time is running short for me. Pls include me in your prayers for guidance. You are so blessed. Thank God for giving you to us. GOD BLESS YOU

  18. Thank you, Bo for the inspiring word of wisdom and also the Bible reflections every day, didache, companion and sabbath. It’s now part of my life in my family and in my work. I feel my spiritual life growing and direction as individual being. Thank’s once again and May God bless you and continue the charity for the poor. Truly God’s extend his hands for the poor.

  19. Hi Bro. Bo…
    Belated Happy Birthday to you..
    And thank u so much for all your WORDS of WISDOM (amazing extra0rdinary talent) that really inspired a lot… Such a wonderful blessings to every0ne…
    May the Lord bless you more and more in every aspect in your life… :)

  20. Belated Happy Birthday Bro. Bo!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences to guide us through our lives. All those had been so helpful to us. May He grant you all the blessings in life. Keep it up!=)

  21. Just the affirmation that I need.Thanks Brother Bo! God bless.

  22. Belated Happy Birthday! God Bless You More!

  23. Thanks again Bro. Bo, Im always inspired by your wisdom…God Bless!!!

  24. Good day!

    Thank you for the message! A blessed day to all!!! :-)

  25. Thank you brother Bo, you keep inspiring me spiritually and individually. My every day is not the same day with out reading your mail. God bless.

  26. Thank you my Dear Bo

  27. Wishing you more birthdays to come. It is indeed a very inspiring one specially for some people who don’t even think of their purpose in life.

    I specially miss attending The Feast. I truly hope that there will be one in my home town someday. My husband and I will be very happy to help.

  28. Being with people with deep wisdom and compassion can penetrate such a wonderful effect and conviction for transformation. That’s what i called your life Bro Bo.

  29. Writing a novel that inspires thousands resonates with me the most. I always resonate so deeply with the idea of inspiring people and creating a ripple effect that touches many, many people. I long so much to make a difference and leave a deep impact in the world and in people’s hearts…I believe that the talents and gifts God has given me corresponds perfectly with the desires of my heart. I hope God will pave the way to the reality of this dream. It’s all for His greater glory.

  30. I’m always inspired by the articles you write bro, Bo. I particularly like the one that you said to write down a life dream. I haven’t done that yet but in my mind I would always dream of having a peaceful family life, and to travel around the world with my family (hopefully for free..) I think I’ll start to write down my life dream and ask God to co-write, edit or even perhaps publish it. Just as He has done with yours. God bless you always.

  31. Belated happy birthday Bro. Bo! thanks for always inspiring us and we will continue praying for you. God
    bless always!!

  32. Belated happy happy birthday Bro. Bo. Knowing you is a breakthrough in my life. Your testimonies, your life, your preaching directed me to choose the path God wants me to lead. May forever your message instill in me and my children as we persevere in our journey towards the dream that God has instore for us. Thank you Bro. Bo. for being God’s wonderful blessing to us.

  33. Hello Bro. Bo,

    Belated Happy B-day!!!!

    Thank you for your very inspiring messages..It’s really touched my heart since I lived just like happy go lucky girl without any direction and plans..I am only contented with COME WHAT MAY, if that’s really for me so be it without considering that there is only ONE that could be an author of our lives if we are truly attached with HIM always… Your life’s journey were such God’s blessings for you and for us (followers)..I thank God for giving YOU with us..

    God bless you and your family…

  34. Thank Your for this article, Bro. Bo. This really helps me to know what I realy want in my life. What things I really want to do in my life and also what things that God wanted for me. Thank you very much. More blessings to come for you. God bless you. :)

  35. Tatay Bo Sanchez

    A decade ago since I came across you name in a print magazine Kerygma. I only got to flip those pages after pleading a neighbor who’s actually studying in a private school and happened to be a subscriber. It was my great delight everytime a permission was granted because then I really didn’t have money to own a copy.

    The Word of God emanates in every articles I read. There has been no tantamount joy I felt within page after page. Now just want to praise God for keeping you in good health-sustaining your body’s soul’s energy in touching every lives – from to those who can’t understand English up to those who luckily comprehend. Now making it friendly accessible online.

    More Power Bo! I am glad to be called a LadyPreacher InBluesJeans by my friends as I follow your mission of spreading God’s Love when I think, talk or act. Thank you for being an inspiration, my 2nd Tatay.
    God Bless us more 😉

  36. Many thanks once again Bro. Bo for another inspiring article. All you’ve mentioned in this write up is happening gradually for me. I have a big dream to also spread God’s Love for all by giving talks to many people. Your books and magazines have been a great guide to this dream. I’m also asking for your prayers for this to come true. I think this undertaking will do a lot of good to many people especially the young ones.

    Belated Happy Bday and God bless!

  37. Brother Bo, Thank you for your inspiring words… I love reading your messages every time I opened my account.
    I am so glad that you kept on inspiring people through your words.

    Thank you very much…
    May God bless us all :)

  38. Hi Bro. Bo!❤, thank you so much for this wonderful message. It’s soo inspiring and uplifting 🙏😊…By the way , I know that you’re a preacher in blue jeans. But for some reason, many people would probably be very excited to see you preaching as a “Deacon” 🙏🙏🙏.. Alright Bro. Bo. Have a great day! God bless you 😊❤🌻🙏👏😇

  39. to all your questions all I can say is YES YES YES!!!!!! HUGE Y-E-S!!

    thanks bro. Bo.. I just recently made something like this on my Journal.. and they keep my heart burning… My dreams.. they’re all important to me.. because I know someday my Dreams will gonna bless people and the world i am in.

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