Wealth Is A Feeling

Wealth is measured by how grateful you are.

Let me shock you. Wealth is not primarily your cash or your houses or your cars. I believe wealth is first of all an emotion. Wealth is a feeling.

The true measure of wealth is not your money, your real estate, or your jewels. The true measure of wealth is how grateful you are. The more grateful you are, the wealthier you are. The less grateful you are, the less wealthy you are. It’s that simple.

20 years ago, I was earning P30 a day. Yet I felt so rich. Because I was so grateful for God’s blessings. Today, I even feel richer. Not just because I earn more, but because I’ve become even more grateful.

As I told you before, there are three levels of gratitude: Superficial, Simple, and Sacred.

1. Superficial Gratitude

Superficial Gratitude is being thankful for big-ticket items.

A house. Car. Marriage. Baby.   Healing.   Big Business deal.

Superficial gratitude is very good, but I warn you that it doesn’t last very long. 

Like yesterday, I read a story of a man who finally passed the bar exam after 9 attempts. For those 9 years, passing the bar exam was like a full time job. But finally, he passed it! Imagine if you’re John. You’d be very grateful. But soon, you’d have new problems as a lawyer.

I remember my friend who finally got married at the age of 51. Imagine her joy. I’m sure she was very grateful. But eventually, new problems will come up. Like marital problems.

Superficial gratitude is good, but it doesn’t last. Because after awhile, big problems come with big blessings.

You need to move to the second level of gratitude.

2. Simple Gratitude

I believe there’s no difference between big and small gifts from God.

Last month, I gave my mother a trip to the US. I felt that at her age, she should already meet all her friends in America before they leave planet earth and go to Heaven. Obviously, at 84 years old, she couldn’t go alone. So I had to pay for my sister to go with her too. So it was a big, expensive gift.

But I give Mom small gifts too. Like every two weeks, I bring her out on a date. I don’t really spend much on those dates—just a simple restaurant meal and that’s it.

But if you ask my mother, “Tita Pilar, what gift do you most appreciate from Bo—your US trip or your dates with him?”—I’m sure she’ll say, “Both. I love them both. They’re equal in my eyes.”

Here’s what I learned: When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as a small gift.

            Take your breathing for example. Is that a small gift or a big gift?

            It was Fr. Leonardo Polinar who said, “What if God put an Oxygen meter in your nose. And an Angel came to your door collecting monthly payments for oxygen?” 

            Collector Angel: “Your monthly bill, Brother Bo.”

            Bo: “Oh no! Why is it so big?”

            Collector angel: “Your nose is so large.”

            Bo: “But last month wasn’t this big.”

            Collector angel: “Perhaps your snoring got worse this month.”

             Or how about daily food. Is that a small gift or a big gift?

            I was very touched when my friend Dave Quintana shared this with me. He’s an American missionary who worked among the poorest of the poor in Payatas. One day, he met a little boy there, working in the garbage dump.

He befriended him and asked him, “What’s your favorite food?” For a few seconds, the boy didn’t answer. The question was totally foreign to him. 

He finally said, “Yung pagkain na hindi bulok.”

Food that isn’t spoiled. That was his favorite food.

Now tell me: Is your daily food a small gift or big gift?

            But even Simple Gratitude is not the deepest form of gratitude.

3. Sacred Gratitude

The deepest gratitude is Sacred Gratitude.

The Bible says, Be thankful in all circumstances. This gratitude is no longer tied to circumstances. You’re no longer attached to circumstances or outcomes or results. Because no matter what happens, you believe that God will work for your good.

If you have Sacred Gratitude, you’re always thankful. You’re thankful for life, for love, for God, for presence, for happiness… You’re thankful for the fact that you’re alive. You’re thankful because you exist.

      At this point, gratitude is no longer something that you do.   Gratitude is who you are. If you have Sacred Gratitude, you become one of the wealthiest persons in the world.

So, Is Money Not Wealth?

            Money without gratitude isn’t wealth. It’s poverty.

But gratitude with money is true wealth.

Here’s why gratitude is the true measure of wealth: Gratitude is a special magnet. It attracts whatever you’re grateful for.

            When I’m grateful for the love in my life, I attract more of it. My relationships get deeper. My friendships become stronger.

            When I’m grateful for money, I attract more money. The right people come into my life. Doors open before me. Opportunities fall at my feet.

            Friend, how grateful are you?

            May your dreams come true,

            Bo Sanchez

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85 Responses to “Wealth Is A Feeling”

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful article. I feel blessed and inspired everytime I read your articles, Bro.Bo. God bless

  2. Thanks Bro Bo!
    This was exactly what i needed right now. I’m facing 3 big financial mountains… but you helped remind me not to tell God how big my problems are… but to tell my problems how big my God is!
    I want to be more grateful with what i have!
    Thank you again!
    God Bless!

  3. Thanks so much. I feel blessed and spiritually nourished every time I read your articles, Bro. Bo. God bless

  4. i’m moved!

  5. This in site is a blessing in itself! Thanks Bo!

  6. Thanks at large. Another good read.

  7. Wow!
    Just at the right time..I got terminated from work today..But I never felt sad or down..because I am assured that God will give me a better Job. Bless you Brother Bo..

  8. Thanks Brother Bo. I really like your articles.I learned a lot from it.

  9. thanks for making me realize that i should be thankful for ALL circumstances, whether good or bad…coz God is good ALL the time!

  10. bo, thank you so much for this article. words of wisdom like this keeps me balanced and grounded. god bless you more!

    hi people! god bless to all! Peace yo!

  11. Brod Bo-Your article is a Truly Enriched.Thank you very much and More Power !!! All the Best.

  12. thank you again bro bo.. i keep looking forward each week for your words of wisdom… i have plenty to thank the Lord for and I know words are not enough to express my gratitude for all His blessings to me and to my family….

  13. thank you bro. bo for this wonderful article. love it so much! it maid me realize many things..

    God bless you always!

  14. Just to share my story.

    When i ate my lunch earlier at my room before reporting for work… i really feel grateful eating my chopsuey baon kahit bahaw at malamig na ang ulam. I feel grateful its because that most of Filipinos have nothing to eat like Bo’s story of the certain boy in Payatas. He didn’t mentioned specific food but instead, he said na “huwag lang panis”…

    Hope in one way or another, we will be always be grateful.

    Godspeed to all Filipinos.

  15. halleluJAH! … to the Father of all creations thanks a lot for creating this one spiritual leader named Bo:)

    i have been one of your followers … love each and every article you continously share with us, us who hungered wisdom coming from God, that is.

    hoping and praying to be at THE FEAST this coming Sunday – hi brother Bo:)

    did miss the KCON, looking forward to more of your articles, talks, seminars:)

    may we be blessed more, always a blessing!


  16. Bo,
    tHANK U BRO bO! Thank u! I want to be like u someday!

  17. hello bo’

    a lot of people are grateful to GOD for having you in our life.
    your wisdom, touches people’s lives in such magnitude.

    Thanks a Lot Bo’

  18. Thank you to God for your gift that blesses us.

  19. Thanks Bo, this article really get me BULLS EYE! You made me realize that I should be thankful for what I have now no But’s, no If’s. coz its true GOD is always good.

  20. Thank you, Bro Bo.
    This article leave a very broad “wake up” to us all.
    Gratitude should then be an attitude. But should be done with sincerity. And si God lang nakakaalam nyan.
    Now, I realized I am truly blessed and wealthy kahit na maraming trials Syang ibinibigay…
    Thank you po Dear God…

  21. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thanks for the inspiring stories ….

  22. Dear Bo,

    Thank you once again for a wonderful article..it is true..lets just be grateful in all circumstances..thank you..God bless!

  23. Thanks so much brother Bo.

    It helps me a lot. for every problems arise it can give me strength through your articles. Thanks God for being an instrument for us. God bless.

  24. Hi Bro. Bo

    Your a gift to us from God,,,,,, Thank you.
    To God be the glory.

  25. Another inspiring message! In times where wealth is measured through how much own owns, this article sheds light on the true meaning of being wealthy and how to show appreciation for what we have.. Just to share, I have been praying for one thing all this time… This made me realized that instead of concentrating on what I don’t have, I should focus on things and people that I have and be thankful to God!

    Thanks Brother Bo! Hope one day you can come to Bicol and share your wisdom with us in person!

    Looking forward to your next article..

  26. Thanks for this timely reminder Brother Bo. I’ve been remiss in being grateful as I’ve had my shares of setbacks. But thanks for giving me a new perspective. God bless you!

  27. Hi bro Bo!

    your right….eversince ive been thankful to the Lord..blessings in all areas of my life flows abundantly…..

    thanks so much for inspiring us to be grateful always.

    God bless you………….

  28. hi bo,
    I really appreciated your article in thanking the Lord always. I too thank HIM every day of my life. Even the jeep that I ride everyday and the people that comes my way brings blessing to me. God bless and may you continue to inspire us always.

    PS. I do really wanted to attend your seminar on financial literacy but apprehensive because of the price. Can you give this at a discounted price? thanks.

  29. bulls eye bro BO…

    may the Lord of heavens bless you always!

  30. Thanks a lot Bro. Bo for your down-to-earth concept about being grateful. If we felt hurt with those people who seems ungrateful to all the kindness that we have shared with them, I could just imagine how painful it is for our dear Lord God to see His beloved mankind so ungrateful for all the blessings, graces and most especially for His unconditional love for all of us. May God bless you with more inspiring thoughts and insights that you could share with God’s people.

  31. Wow! That’s profound…thanks a lot. Bro. Bo

  32. I noticed that the ones who are grateful, attracts more grateful people, thus making them a happy bunch!

    I have friends who what we call ‘nega’ and i think to shy away from them when they start being ungrateful so I won’t forget how blessed I am.

  33. What a feeling!

  34. May God bless you more Bo!

  35. Bro. Bo

    Fantastic Article. Be grateful of what you already have and you will attract more good things. Keep Inspiring…


  36. hi bro. Bo.

    thanks a lot for the inspirational article.

    we should be grateful in our life.

    Godbless us all bro. Bo….

  37. bro Bo. UR such a great person thank you for sharing ur ideas in life…God Bless You Always!

  38. Truly so grateful on every micro organism inside my body that God is manipulating to make me ALIVE as His daughter!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS for loving me in spite of my unworthiness.

    Brother Bo please continue to be a blessing to all of us.

    Mama Mary Loves U!

    Handmaids for Family & Life

  39. thank you…God bless!!!

  40. Hi Bro. Bo,

    That was wonderful, another nourishment for our us. Inspired me to be grateful in everythings God has given me.
    GOD BLESS US ALL….. Maraming salamat po.

  41. I am grateful for the blessing that is Brother Bo!

  42. Hi Bro. Bo, thanks for another inspiring story…be grateful for all the blessings, small or big blessings……Thanks again po!

  43. your truly a prophet of the 20th century Bro.
    This is where God calls you, making you very much effective as one who announces God’s message to his children.


  44. It is very enlightenment and encouraging message, thanks a lot and Glory to God for the wisdom and gift that God has given you to strengthen our faith to HIM.

  45. Dear bro BO,

    It’s so very inspiring. Thank you so much. You may continue to alway s bless us with your wonderful article..

  46. thanks so much bro.bo for always being an inspiration to me/us. i will forever be grateful for all your touching testimonies from your book.

    always be a blessing to us!

    advance merry christmas..(:

  47. Thanks a billion for always having good news, and food for the soul and spirit articles that you keep sharing to all of us Bro Bo! You and your team truly inspire me a lot. How I wish I could also serve others through written words inspired by the Holy Spirit. My family and I are very thankful because of your presence in this wonderful world we live in! God bless you, your family and all people working for God’s glory on earth.
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

  48. thanks brod bo,

    at this point in my life where i met big financial challenge, you are God’s light that guide my way. Am forever grateful to God for i know that there is no problem too big that He cannot solved it.

    my blessings when counted are more than my problems.

    we can only see the stars in the night. at this point, i feel God’s embracing me, assuring me na nandiyan lang siya.

    prayer is the weakness of God and the strength of man.

    Am praying that may God bless you always to touch other peoples’ lives.

    God bless us all,

  49. hello Brother Bo,

    I couldn’t agree more. REally before I thought, I should be thankful only for the beautiful things and circumstances that came into my life but when I got older, I began to realize that I was even thankful for my mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes, some mistakes are bigger than the others, some even very shameful for me to remember but those same mistakes humbled me.

    Before I was so proud, I thought I could, would not in any way possible could make such sins but I was put to shame. God really works in mysterious ways… My pride and arrogance was lessen. Of course, not entirely eliminated but I’m a work in progress.

    NOw I begin to thank God in all circumstances no matter difficult most especially if things don’t go my way.

    I thank you for your dailly reminders, You are God’s gift to christians.

    MOre power,


  50. Bo, another one big slap to my face… I always had realizations after reading your articles… thank you so much… Don’t be surprised if some of it will be my shout out in facebook… hehehehe,,, More power..

  51. very inspiring!! thanks bro… I didn’t know that I’m very wealthy. God bless you more!!

  52. thank you so much Bo..for this wonderful article you’ve shared to us…God bless you…

  53. So inpiring Kuya Bo.

    I really Love reading your articles and to watch you in Preacher in Blue Jeans as well.

    You made me feel loved and blessed through your inspiring words and message that God has given to you.

    Thank you so much Kuya Bo.! A blessed Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    CHeers and More Power,

    Weng :)

  54. nakakinspire talaga ang mga kwento mo bo, kaya nga sa blog ko may picture ako na nakuhan ko pala yung books mo na 8 secrets.. sya lng yung hindi ko tinagao.. kc lagi ko sya binabasa paulit ulit…. http://probinsyanaphilippines.blogspot.com/

  55. substantial message from GOD through Bro Bo.
    I think we have to start from ourselves at home to be always grateful for what we have, teaching our kids or little ones to practice thank you at all times…Thank you…More Power….

  56. Gracias brother Bo for this excellent article.

    I resolve to be grateful for things great and small.

    God bless.

  57. Thanks Bro Bo, for another inspiring message. Truly that gratefulness to God makes us feel wealthy. Your message reminds me to thank God in every circumstance that comes my way.
    God bless you always and your family!
    Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

  58. bro. Bo, thank you very much for the sharing, it really fit the way i am feeling today, after all the circumstances, i should really thank God, may it be good or bad, i should be thankful to the Lord! God bless you always and thank you for the blessing!

  59. Bro. Bo
    I always thank God for giving you the wisdom and sharing it to us, specially para sa mga “nakakalimot magpasalamat”. Your message reminds me to thank God in every circumstance that comes my way. Thank you bro Bo. and more blessing to you and your family…

  60. Woooahh….

    Its my first time to visit here..

    Ganda nakaka amaze po article nyo…

    It makes me realize how blessed I am.. To received those blessings coming from GOD. Even though its positive or negative… Thanks po….

  61. This is very enlightening…I do hope that I will have–what you call Sacred Gratitude SOON…it’s hard to be grateful if specially of there are lots of problems and circumstances (NEGATIVE) that you encounter everyday….but I believe on what you’re saying in this article…Thank you brother Bo for sharing to us your insight and wisdom.

    May God bless you more.

  62. Grabe..very simple message..pero tagus hanggang buto..THE BEST KA BRO BO…

  63. Thanks Bro. Bo totoo po tlaga yun na the more grateful you are the more blessing you get, and I am so grateful that you are alwys there, God Bless

  64. Dear Bro Bo,
    Thank you so much…Every time I read your letter it gives me feelings of security in what I do. I am very lucky reading all your books I’ve learned a lot and make my dreams big. I am now starting doing small and simple thing helping others and giving a little tithe in church. Even before I am a giver and I keep helping my siblings but this time is much different I feel the presence of God every time I give and help and make people happy especially children. Thank you Kuya Bo you make me complete. I always pray for that you will write more books. Thank you for holding me much closer to Father.


  65. oh yeah! i am wealthy~!

  66. a touching lesson for me. more so that as we enter the advent, many of us thinks not about the grace by which the JESUS was born but how much do we have, how much earnings we have to spend for the holidays.

    God bless!

  67. Salamat Kuya Bo!
    God, this is food for me ^^ I know you’re always blessed, more to come!

  68. Last Friday night, our company Christmas party, our group won 1st place in the presentation contest. But even before the winner was announced I felt we already won because, preparing for the contest, our group has bonded together and enjoyed each others company. I’m already thankful for the time we all spent together. I’m sure that is the kind of gratitude you’re referring to. Thank you for being my mentor.

  69. At this point, this become an answer to some uncertainties within me. Thank God, He direct me to your article. Thanks to you too! God bless you more!

  70. Thanks Bo for the inspiration. =)

  71. Thank God for the gift of gratitude..thank God for love, friendship, happiness, peace. Thank God for food, shelter, and clothes. Thank God for family. Thank God for jobs, work, earnings, opportunities, Thank God for generous people. Thank God for willing mentors. Thank God for every day. Thank God for His self and His love.

  72. maraming salamat sa lahat ng aral mula sayo

    maraming salamat sa lahat ng aral mula sayo

  73. thank you for this very inspiring article. indeed, God is good ALL the time. i pray that i will always have a thankful heart.




  75. Hi bo,
    As always all your stories are very inspiring, you are right we have to acknowledge and appreciate all things which are given to us either small or big…
    You said that if you give big , you receive big!!!Yeah but as we are not rich, we cannot afford to give big right!!! so, if i understand very well we won’t be able to enjoy the big wealth.. thus for me it is a metaphor, you give small and you receive small, when you give big and you receive big..
    Thanks to remind me to be thankful for small things

  76. i was always grateful with God’s blessings i recieved….good friends, source of living, strong health and safety for my family,..i cant ask for more. He knows what i need everyday of my life.. i always speak to him when i wake up and my day ends..
    i was so grateful with everything..deep inside of me feels pain when i saw a vendor in the street… wish to the Lord he will sell of it..why we have poor people?
    I always read your soulful msgs…Only HIM knows how moved i am.
    thanks for reminding that being grateful is a BIG GIFT!

  77. Amen BO!

    Thank you for your sharing.

  78. Thank you Bro. Bo..it was a very nice blog..everday i am working on my innerself to be really a good child to God..everyday i filled my heart with gratitude in everything that God is giving me..

  79. thank you 4 that inspiring article..

    indeed, God is using you mightily to tough other’s lives

    God bless..

  80. very nice! :) thank you for writing articles like this one. :) Please pray for me. :) May I always be grateful to God. May I always be kind and faithful in everything I do. I want to be the best person that I can be. I want a stronger faith. He knows what’s best for me. Help me trust him more. :) Please Pray for me.

  81. for starters in being grateful like me, indeed it is hard, my proud heart is hardened by hate and too much pain. yet in the end, i still find myself clinging and crying for His help. do i make any sense to you? i am looking for something that would make my faith stronger.i think im a lost soul…i want to find inner peace..and being gratefull for every single thing will be a good start. please…i need more prayers..thanks in advance.

  82. it inspires me a lot..it reminds me to be thankful for who i am and what I’ve been.. i hope everybody would care to read it especially those who needed to renew their being..thanks bo..God bless!

  83. I am learning more and more to be thankful, Brother Bo. Thank you. :)

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