These Crazy Guys Already Live In Heaven



       A few months ago, God refreshed me.

I was invited to give a retreat to a group of missionary priests in Mindanao.  Believe me, these guys were the real Indiana Jones.  But they weren’t searching for earthly treasure.  They would go to the farthest, the most dangerous corners of the planet to find another kind of treasure: The forgotten person that needs their love.

       These rugged men live in the most treacherous parts of the country.  Four of their brother priests have already been killed, some tortured.  Yet instead of getting scared, they’re emboldened to serve God even more. 

Some of them receive death threats regularly.  And escaping kidnap attempts is already a way of life for them.

       I met priests who ministered in war-torn Jolo.  One of them worked there for 13 years.  He was already 74 years old, yet I still saw passion burn in his eyes.  “I can die in Jolo,” he said to me…

       I met priests who lived in the string of tiny islands in Tawi Tawi.  One of them has been serving God in that place for 22 years, living with the indigenous people there—the Tausog and Samal (sea gypsies).  Everyday, these priests would ride a boat to visit the few very poor Catholics in each of these islands.

       I also met priests who lived up in the mountains, serving the Manobo tribes. 

I met priests who worked in slum areas in the city. One priest told me that he was visiting sick people in a squatters area when all of a sudden, he felt the cold metal of the nozzle of a 45 caliber pointed behind his head.  “Click!”  He heard the man pull the trigger.  But by God’s miracle, the weapon jammed.  And that day, he lived to tell this story to me.

       In the morning, I saw these priests pray in the chapel.  I observed how these priests loved to pray.  They prayed with heart.  I guess when your life is in constant danger, you have no choice but to develop a deep prayer life. 

       And I noticed how humble they were.  Exceedingly humble.  Let me explain why I know.  It was my fellow preacher and Feast builder of Sta. Rosa and Binan, Jon Escoto, who gave the entire retreat.  I just gave one talk in the program.  So before going there, I asked Jon, “What topic do you want me to give?”  Jon said, “Give a talk on No Fear.”

       So when I arrived at the retreat house, not knowing yet the stories I told you above, I preached to them about “going out of your comfort zone and going into your courage zone”.  Later on, I realized how silly my talk was to them.  Because here I was, living in the comforts of Manila—while they were out there in war-torn areas, living in their courage zones 24 hours a day.

But these priests—battle-worn and battle-scarred—listened to me like I was the brave one.  A few of them were in their sixties and seventies (the oldest among them was 80), yet they sat in front of me like little children, drinking in my every word.

They were happy men.

Why?  Because their hearts are filled with love.

I believe their Heaven starts now.

       This is why I love giving my message today: Because to these missionary priests, no Earthly Reward is enough to motivate them to do what they are doing now.  It can only be Eternal Rewards.

       But not just any kind of Eternal Reward will suffice.  For example, heavenly mansions and streets paved in gold won’t motivate these guys.  Halos and angel wings won’t motivate them.  For these modern Indiana Jones, they have only one great treasure, one Eternal Reward, and that is the Rewarder Himself, Jesus Christ.

       They love Jesus.  He is their Reward.

       This verse has become their life: But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 3:13-14)

It’s Your Turn: Where Are You Living Now?

       You’re not a missionary priest in Mindanao.

       Perhaps you’re a Call Center agent in Manila, working hard so you can send your kids to school.

       Or a nurse on night shift, working overtime, so you could support your mother’s medical bills.

Or an entrepreneur, trying hard to prosper your business, so you could give extra benefits to your employees.

Or a father of two kids, playing with them even when you’re tired, because you want to tell them how important they are to you.

Or a mother of three, working in the office by day and cooking and tutoring and cleaning by night, sacrificing your life for your family.

If you live a life of love, you’re now living in Heaven.

Keep loving.  Keep serving.  Keep giving.

Because Jesus is your biggest Reward.

May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez

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74 Responses to “These Crazy Guys Already Live In Heaven”

  1. how inspiring those priests are! the story is so motivating! thanks Brother Bo for sharing it.. More blessings! :-)

  2. And it all comes down to LOVE. Heavenly love that is ♥ :)

  3. Hi Bro Bo,

    thank you for reminding us that love will give us a heaven like experience.


  4. Love! Love! Love! Thank you Bro. Bo. God bless

  5. Thank You Bro Bo.

    Love this quote: “Keep loving. Keep serving. Keep giving.”

    Have a blessed weekend everyone! God Bless!

  6. God bless bro. bo sanchez

  7. what an inspiring story,i hope i could be like them,a person who lives without fear but with faith and love for God alone..thanks bro bo!

  8. Love. Faith, Hope abides… and the greatest is LOVE.

  9. Thanks Bro. Bo for this inspiring article.

    I could relate on your statement of being a mother of three whose every day activities include working in the office and serving my family. I admit that I almost give up and get tired because of the responses I’ve been receiving. Hope I could still go on serving and loving them despite of all those hardships because in the end what’s important is my reward – JESUS :)

  10. Thanks again Bro. Bo for this wonderful message. These priests are Heroes to me. They’re serving God /. people wit No Fear! They trust Him!

  11. Thank you for the inspiring stories of heroism and courage of our priests. We need to affirm them in their mission to serve others even in the midst of danger. May God protect them always.

  12. thank you bro bo for reminding us the power of love. I am constantly reminded by your words to give more love.

    thank you and have a blessed week everyone.

  13. We learn today the meaning of obedience. Thanks Bro. Bo.

  14. Does religion really matter in salvation….other wud say dont join that and this, their goodness is just an upfront but it seems real…..Its so!!

  15. humility…;)

  16. hi Bo!
    thanks indeed for sharing about our missionary priests…their lives are really an inspiration to all of us who serve the Lord. our only prayer is that there will be more priests like them! we honor you, too, and bro Jon Escoto for serving and inspiring them even more! God bless!

  17. They are all courageous. May God bless them in all their ways.

  18. …only the Lord Jesus is our exceedingly great reward!

  19. thanks Bro Bo!
    an enlightening message this week for everyone!

    May God bless you and your ministry more!
    MOre power!

  20. thanks bro Bo!
    i realized that one of the best lessons i learned attending the feast is to have that courage to step out into my courage zone.

    May God bless you more and more!
    May the good Lord be our constant source of inspiration. AMEN

  21. I love reading your article. These priests really deserve nothing but Jesus…they are the martyrs of the modern times. and the way they live their lives is very inspiring…thanks for sharing.

  22.…love…and the greatest is LOVE. Thanks, Bro. Bo

  23. Dear Bo,
    I am one of those Crazy Guys. Though I am from Massachusetts, I have been around in this country for “only” 58 years. When I came in 1954 we were 80% foreigners now we have made things work out that we are less than 20% foreigners and all others are the brave and daring Filipinos you are talking about!
    Sinasabi nila na ako, katawan Kano pusong Pinoy I’m not sure if I do have that honor and of how true that might be, but one thing I can say is that I agree with you on their score and that I am not only proud of them and I too like Ninoy do say that they like any Filipino they are worth dying for, such is my admiration for them.
    Fr.Pete Carignan O.M.I.

    N.B. These crazy guys are daring because the motto of their Founder Saint Eugene de Mazenod is to: leave nothing undared to bring Christ to the world.

  24. Nice article to start our Monday morning right!

    Indeed, if your life is full of love, you are living in heaven now.

    P. S. Thanks for reminding us that the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others. See you at the Wealth Summit 2013! :)

  25. Nice. It made me smile this Monday. What a great inspiring message to start the week. :)

    Thank you Bro. Bo!

  26. Thanks Bro. Bo for another inspiring message this Monday morning…”going out of your comfort zone and going into your courage zone” God Bless you…


    Our spiritual heroes and saints in the new ages!

    God’s WORD had been practiced and manisfests in their daily lives, not just preaching the WORD of GOD but DOING what is right and suitable to the situation.

    Executing their noble cause for the glory of God! So admirable act of kindness filled in their hearts!

    How I wish I could be fearless for God’s works in my own little way.

    With God’s divine wisdom and guidance, surely we can be like them in any way we can do in our day to day lives.

    God bless to all brave Christians!


  28. Hi Brother Bo.

    Thank you very much for the guidance as always through this weekly soul food.

    God bless you and your family.

    Anselm Reyes
    Dubai, UAE

  29. I am not a priest but I know that being married is a Christian mission. Building a family, a basic unit of the society, is not an easy job especially if you want a family that is always obedient to God. But no matter how hard, with God’s grace an love, I will continue in my mission without fear.

  30. God bless you Bro. Bo. Your article just made my fears vanished. Everything that I do an offering to God Almighty.

  31. Once again, you inspire me, Bo. Why is it that most of your articles hit me straight to my face? Just this morning I felt so tired doing the same everyday things for my family and felt like giving up . . . . and here you are telling me to love, love, love . . . and why not? We have everything to gain. Father Pete Carignan and all those like him should serve as living inspiration . Thank you.

  32. I couldn’t help but she a tear when I read this article. I am a mom sending 2 daugters to school. Yes, I’m the breadwinner of the family. I am blessed though of a very loving husband who takes care of our every need in the house. Thank you so much for this article. I became more inspired to carry on my duities to my family with deep love and service because I know I already live in heaven. God bless you, Brother Bo.

  33. Hi mr. Bo Sanchez,thank you for sharing this article!hope I can attend your seminars,I’m seeking for word of wisdom,I need it badly,coz its been 6 years I’m seeking for God..everytime you share an article it hit me a lot..I think you save my life from being miserable…thank you so much!more more blessings to come!

  34. Hi Boo (*+*)!

    Thank you for this realistic article.It’s Amazing! It reminds me that how far I am in loving others. (*+*)…

    God bless!!!

  35. Thank you bro bo, for your inspirational message, When I read your article I’m crying, I don’t know what feeling inside. Actually thank you very much….

  36. These “Crazy Priests” are our modern day saints. Living in a very dangerous and perilous places just to bring the love of God to the people, is their way of life. They don’t succumb to fear but only to JESUS, they way, the truth, the life and the greatest rewarder.

  37. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Bo!

  38. tnx for the soul nutrients bro bo!

  39. how i want to believe. but the heart find it incredulous with all the people who want to do bad things to me everyday. sorry. how i wish i can convince myself that it is true.

  40. Thank You Lord for giving those amazing guys in our community, I know them I witnessed how they are very loving. They spread the love of the Lord to the world even they are in danger.

    I hope soon I will join them.

  41. .thanks po sa mga message u talaga po nakakatulong sa pagppaunlad ng aming spiritual na pamumuahay.Salamat sa Panginoon at ibinigay ka sa amin.God Bless po

  42. Thank bo ur article is very warm n give me new point of view about me n my fams

  43. cheers to these crazy men (and women out there) who unselfishly and selflessly share and spread the goodness and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

    truly, it is inspiring to read stories like this as it gives me a new perspective in viewing my life, counting my blessings and asking myself questions of what else can i offer…where else could i improve…how else can i be of service..and most importantly, how can i love God more…and others…?

    may the message of these crazy men live long and forever to inspire a lot of us to be “crazier” loving God wherever , whatever or whoever we may be

    a great week ahead :)

    God bless everyone

  44. What an inspiring word for the soul Bro. Bo- Yes I am a mother of 8 , a cancer survivor, and the youngest of my children is a special child- yet I tried my best to share my time, talent and little treasure of helping my husband even in my little ways – do have a business – I alway thank God for the reward of good children and a supportive and loving husband -to God, Nothing is Impossible! All my dreams in- HE answered….

  45. Thanks Bro. for reminding me about the treasure in heaven. Praise the Lord Amen.

  46. Thank you Bro. Bo! God bless =)

  47. love can also be truly felt and experience if there’s the presence of both faith and hope… But I feel FAITH HOPE AND LOVE are co-equal!

  48. Thank you so much Bro. Bo
    very inspiring message indeed!
    God bless you more!

  49. Thank you so much bro Bo for enlightening us everyday. Keep on sharing the work of God and sending us inspiring stories…

    God is blessing you always!!! 😉

  50. Thanks Bro. Bo. Although I have other calling in politics, I too believe that I can start living in heaven by doing “Kingdom politics” and be God’s agent in this institution. May you touch other politicians with your sharp teachings…
    BO for President!!! Sorry Bro. Bo but I cant help it. lol

    Bro. Rico
    LOJ Cebu

  51. I badly need this inspiration. Thank you for sharing, Bro. Bo.

  52. It seems you are talking about my uncle, Fr. Primo Hagad who was once assigned to Jolo and later on assigned in Kidapawan City. Am I right?

  53. Dear Bro Bo… thank you once again… God Bless

  54. Thank you Bro. Bo, God Bless Us all!!

  55. Good to know that my brothers there are really recognized .
    Thank you!

  56. I disagree. Not all that loves is in “heaven”. “A mother of three, working in the office by day and cooking and tutoring and cleaning by night, sacrificing your life for your family.” BUT does not love his/her poor neighbors or does not love his/her enemies is absolutely not in “heaven”.

  57. Catholic priests are not the only the modern martyrs but also other Non-Catholic preachers who risked their lives for spreading the Truth (Word of God), whose salvation is thru Jesus Christ and not thru their religion.

  58. Yes Fr. Hagad is one of them

  59. Yes Fr. Hagad is one of them yes I said that but it was not posted why

  60. Thanks again Bro. Bo for sharing this very inspiring article, to love and serve more. God Bless.

  61. Thanks Bo, for reminding me how meaningful my life is, though it might seems like a failure’s life for a lot of people.

  62. Thank you, Bo for the undying inspirational articles… these help many in getting through and be of courage in facing life’s hurdles and enjoying God’s precious gift – Life. God bless always and more power to your missions.

  63. Big Thanks bro Bo for sharing this inspiring article of yours.
    Keep loving. Keep serving. Keep giving.
    Because our greatest reward is our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Amen!
    May you keep inspiring and informing us.
    GODBLESS us all!

  64. Sir Bo do you have this kind of seminar this coming June? I’ll be home from South Korea and I really want to attend and be part of your Truly Rich Club. Hoping for your reply soon. Thanks and God bless us all!

  65. Those priests are truly inspiring. i cannot imagine myself having the same living condition.. but they are truly men of courage and goodwill..thanks bro. bo for reminding me again to give a part of me for a worthy cause!

  66. Amen!

    thanks Bro bo.

  67. thanks to god to let me remember your “kerygma”, its been quite long time haven’t it. wish to have it again it also a life giving, lift me up when i was down during my college days.

  68. Thank you Bro. Bo. Wish I could go attend the Feast at PICC soon. I’m from Bulacan and a first year college student and I am very inspired by your words and I tried sharing it with others but they find it corny. I’m not giving up though. Thank you so much.

  69. Well, what can i say…

    “Love makes the world go round”,

    Its the “Love of God” that gave the way for us to exist, for us to have a place in heaven; therefore we should not be surprised if in this world tainted with so much darkness and indifference there still exist “courageous crazy thing called true looooove.”

    May the Love of God who is the word incarnate, our Lord Jesus Christ never stop to exist on those crazy, madly in love priests, so that the Love of God may reach souls even from the most remote, unimaginable places ever existed.

    Keep smiling, for God Loves us all.

    Thank you so much Mr. Bo for such a message of Love.



  70. This story gives me an inspiaration to go on with my mission here in Manaus, Brasil.
    Bo, thank you for sharing their stories…
    God bless….bo…..
    God bless all the missionaries in the world….

  71. Hi Bro Bo,
    This Story inspire me more to do the same , give love 24/7 to all my patient, member of my church and of course my family. It is not easy but with the grace of God we will get there.

    Bro Benjie Vitug

  72. thank you Bro. Bo Sanchez!!!!..

  73. Or a mother of two, working in the office by day and cooking and tutoring and cleaning by night, sacrificing your life for your family…..

    this is me…. and Thank God for the continuous strength in me…. Thanks Bo….

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