Why are we chronic worriers?

At the root of it all, worriers expect bad things to happen because they experienced bad things in their childhood.

If our parents abandoned us, we expect the world to abandon us too.  If our parents lied to us, we expect the world to lie to us too.  If our parents cheated on us, we expect the world to cheat us too.   If our parents hurt us, or gave us pain, or harmed us, we expect life to hurt us, give us pain, and harm us too.

Here’s the root cause of worry: Worriers believe they deserve bad things to happen to them because they’re bad. 

Worry is rooted in a toxic self-concept.

That’s why the only thing that can heal worry is God’s Love.  As the Bible says, There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out all fear.  (1 John 4:18)

When you worship a loving God, you realize you’re good.   Can you imagine?  God accepts you, welcomes you, embraces you!  Not because of what you’ve done but because of what He has done for you.  In God’s eyes, you realize you’re good.  You’re very good!  You’re amazing.  You’re wonderful.

You hear God telling you, “Because I love you, you deserve to be blessed, to be favored, to be enriched, to be anointed, to be equipped, to receive good breaks, to experience abundance…”

Today, when people hear the word “Worship”, people think it’s something that you do for God.  A lot of people think that Worship is singing, praying, raising their hands, etc…  That’s not the center of Worship.   In my understanding, Worship is God loving us.  God accepting us.  God embracing us.  God blessing us.

Use Your Killer Move

When I was a kid, I used to watch Voltes V.

Somewhere at the end of each episode, the 5 pilots of 5 spaceships shout, “Let’s…volt…in!” and the 5 ships form this gigantic robot.  And after failed attempts at killing an enemy robot (shaped like a cockroach, or turtle, or wolf, or some other creature…), Voltes V makes his “killer move”.  He pulls out his “laser sword” from his chest and then slices the enemy robot—slashing down and up in signature “V” form.

As a kid, I wondered: Why not use the killer move in the first 30 seconds of the show?  No, they have to first battle the enemy robot as 5 separate ships.  When that doesn’t work, suffering damage and injury to themselves, they volt in.  And as a robot, Voltes V has to attack using his missiles and his ultra electromagnetic top, of course, to no avail.  In the last 2 minutes—it does its killer move.

Friend, your enemy is FEAR.

And according to the Bible, there is only one killer move against Fear: Perfect Love drives out all fear.  Only God has perfect love.  Go into His presence and receive that perfect love.  And drive out all your fears and worries.

Expect to Be Blessed

Each week, I have a boys date with my sons.  We go out and just enjoy each other’s company.  Sometimes, we watch a movie.  Sometimes, we shop for stuff.  Sometimes, we just hang out in a restaurant and talk.

It’s not what we do that’s important.  What’s more important is that we’re together.  It’s not my program that’s important, it’s my presence that will impact their lives forever.

By the mere fact that their father is spending his time with them, at the deepest core of their being, they already feel valued.  Important.  Loved.

This sense of being loved will play a huge role in their life.  They will live their life in this world expecting to be blessed, not expecting to be cursed.

I urge you to bask in God’s Presence today.

Stop worrying and start worshiping.

And starting today, expect to be blessed!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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