Do you want your kids NOT to repeat your financial mistakes?

Do you want your kids to get an early head start and prepare for their financial future?

Do you want them to have an investing and entrepreneurial mindset at an early age?

There’s a way to do it and I can show you how.

Hi, my name is Bo Sanchez.  One of my passions is helping children become investors and entrepreneurs early in life–because they will never forget these lessons.  And since time is our greatest ally in becoming rich, their chances of becoming millionaires will be huge.

Yes, I started helping my own kids have this right “TrulyRich” financial mindset.

My eldest son Bene started investing in the Stock Market when he was 10 years old.  Each year, instead of spending all the Christmas money he gets from Ninongs and Ninangs (godparents), he invested it into the Stock Market.  Plus whatever he earned from his small businesses.  Four years later, he has P600,000 in his Stock Market portfolio.  Before 20 years old, I know he’ll hit his first million.

What businesses was he in?  When he was 5 years old, his first business was selling bangus or milkfish to family and friends. 

At age 14, his business is a little bit more hi-tech: Bene makes modern websites for small companies. 

More than the income, he’s learning powerful financial habits that will serve him for the rest of his life.  (For example, after tithing 10% of his business profits to God’s work, and investing 50% of his earnings in the Stock Market, he lives on 40% only of his income.)

Do you want to help your kids have the same financial mindset?  Do you want to raise your kids to become entrepreneurs and investors?

Let them learn these 5 Money Lessons…

The 5 Crucial Money Lessons Your Kids Need To Learn To Become A Young Millionaire

I’d like to personally invite you–come and join the HOW TO BECOME A YOUNG MILLIONAIRE Camp on April 23, 8:30am to 5pm, to be held at Valle Verde Country Club. 

This Camp is designed for kids ages 9 to 19 years old. 

On that fun-filled day, this is what your children will learn…

  1. Your kids will learn how to simplify; They’ll save money on a consistent basis, knowing the difference between needs and wants; they shall acquire the very important skill of delaying gratification.
  2. Your kids will learn how the Stock Market works; They’ll learn how to invest regularly, buy the right companies, and multiply their money over many years.
  3. Your kids will learn the importance of tithing; They’ll grow in the habit of generosity and the spirit of compassion.
  4. Your kids will “befriend” money in the right way, removing their wrong biases that it’s evil; they shall acquire a spiritually correct understanding that money is a servant, not a master, and thus must be used for God’s purposes.
  5. Your kids will be introduced to the world of Entrepreneurship, opening their minds to creating a product or service, selling the product, and making the business profitable.

That Entire Day Will Be FUN!

Because our target audience is kids ages 9 to 19, learning will happen through animated speakers and fun activities.  Through various stories and games, they shall discover these crucial money lessons for themselves.

A very young and dynamic team of mentors and facilitators whom you and your kids will love will lead our Workshop.  Speakers include Bestselling Author, Feast Builder, and Youth Overseer Obet Cabrillas, Stock Market Expert Mayi Lubaton, Counselor Ichel Alignay, Children Financial Advocate Dr. Muriel Bautista, and Serial Entrepreneur Marco Victoria.

Very Few Seats Are Available

Because the learning style is a workshop style, we have to limit each class to 50 children only.  I know these 50 Camp Tickets will disappear fast.  To secure your seat, I urge you to sign up right away. 

Invest In Your Children’s Financial Future

We intended to charge P10,000++ per child for this incredible Camp–which is really a small fraction of what your child will gain from it.

But because we want to help more children, your learning investment for the TrulyRichkids’ HOW TO BECOME A YOUNG MILLIONAIRE is P4975 ONLY per 1 child.  (That’s 50% OFF.)   This learning investment will cover all learning material, all food for the day (lunch, plus morning and afternoon snacks), and other surprise gifts.

But here’s even better news: Register before April 15, and you can enjoy the Early Bird Ticket of P3975 ONLY per child (You Save P1000.00–or whopping 60% Discount.)
NOTE: We request that at least one parent or guardian accompany the child for a low investment of P1497 per person to cover all food costs during the day.

Come change the financial future of your child!

If you want to change the financial destiny of your child and join the HOW TO BECOME A YOUNG MILLIONAIRE Camp, click the link below:

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You can also email Meann at or call up Aps at Tel. +63 917 8533693 and reserve your seat!               

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. Believe me, your child won’t learn this in regular schools.  Give your child an early start in growing their financial IQ.  To join the HOW TO BECOME A YOUNG MILLIONAIRE Camp, click the link below:

Yes, Tell Me More About The



You can also email Meann at or call up Aps at Tel. +63 917 8533693 and reserve your seat!               


Here are Letters from Parents of Kids who Joined The Previous “How To Become A Young Millionaire” Camp…

“My Child Knows The Difference 
Between Saving And Investing”

The seminar made me realize that even young kids can be taught the basic concepts of investing or setting up a business, not simply saving money. It taught my child how to prioritize and to differentiate between needs and wants. But more importantly, it taught him that whatever financial or material wealth he might attain in the future should be shared and used to help our church and the less fortunate.  And all this was tackled in a fun and enjoyable manner, almost like they were just playing games. Thanks and more power! God bless your endeavors!

–Weng Lopez

“My Son Will Be Buying Jollibee Stocks Soon!”

The seminar for young millionaire was awesome!  It explained all the details in a way that a child can easily understand.  And as a parent, I was also refreshed 🙂  Thank you so much.  My son enjoyed so much the exercises on budgeting and allocating money, including the difference between investing and spending.

Today, my son is filling up his piggybank toys to buy Jollibee stocks before his birthday.  He now understands the 70-20-10 Rule, thanks to the TrulyRichClub team.

–Maria Elma Sy