Stop Trying To Fix People

You know what our monstrous mistake is?

We try to fix the people in our life.

Oh, I see it everywhere.

Everywhere I go, I see people complain about the people in their life.

Wives complain about their husbands.

“Bo, please talk to my husband. He eats too much.”

“Bo, can you help me? My husband watches too much TV.”

One frustrated wife told me, “Bo, please advice my husband. He doesn’t have a one romantic bone in his body. Last year, he gave me a bar of soap for Valentines Day. The brand? Mr. Clean.”

But husbands complain about their wives too.

“Bo, please talk to my wife. She’s gastadora.”

“Bo, help me with my wife. My wife is always hysterical and historical. She remembers all my past mistakes, including date, time, and place.”

One husband told me, “My wife is so talkative. If the universe paid 1 centavo for every word she said, I’ll be the richest man in the world today.”

Another man said, “My wife is always angry. When she’s angry, she causes global warming and the melting of the ice caps in the North Pole.”

Parents complain about their kids too.

“My kids are too messy.”

“My kids can’t focus on their studies.”

One mother said, “My kids are so lazy. If given a chance, they’ll ask someone to breathe for them.”

And everywhere I go, I also hear many kids ask me to fix their parents.

“My parents are too strict.”

“My parents are too corny.”

“My parents are too kuripot.”

One girl told me, “They allow me to swim only if I wear a long gown.”

All over the world, people want to fix people.

Let me tell you why…

Are You Sick Of Comparasonities?

First of all, you want to fix people because you love them.

But sometimes, our motives aren’t pure. Sometimes, we want to fix our loved ones because of shame. We’re ashamed of what other people will say about our kids, our siblings, our spouses, and our parents.

Another reason of our “fixing other people” tendencies is we’re afflicted with the disease called comparisonities.

Humans like to look to the other side of the fence to see if it’s greener.

Someone told me that marriage is like going to a restaurant. After you ordered your dish, you learn what the other table ordered, and suddenly regret what you ordered.

Believe me, this urge to compare causes so much misery in marriages.

If you always compare your wife’s body with Beyonce or Angel Locsin, she can’t compete. Or if you compare your husband’s salary with Manny Paquiao’s earnings, he can’t compete.

          Many times, we compare our spouse to someone who doesn’t exist. For example, we fantasize about Hollywood stars who aren’t real. Because all their blemishes were removed by photoshop and a huge PR company.

Even the pretty officemate who seems so gorgeous on the outside may actually be your worst nightmare the moment you live with her.  You really don’t fall in love with her. You fall in love with a projection of how you imagine her to be.

Even parents are guilty of this.

Motivate Your Kids In Other Ways


          We have a tendency to compare our kids with other kids.

          We even verbally share our comparisons in the hopes of motivating him.

          I overheard one mother tell her little boy, “Junior, why can’t you get good grades like your sister? She gets straight A’s in all subjects. But you’re highest grades are Recess and Lunch.”

          Parents compare their kids to their classmates, their cousins, and even to themselves when they were young. Their sermons begin with this famous line: “When I was young, I wasn’t like you…”

Kids cannot flourish in an environment where they are being judged. Kids flourish in an environment of appreciation. They need to know that their parents accept them for their uniqueness.

Parents, stop comparing!

And there’s also another disease that causes us to fix people.

The Virus of Criticalities

          I’ve met people who have a strong critical spirit in them.

          I pity them so much. Once afflicted, they become very miserable people.

These people think God created them to criticize others. All day long, they look for the faults of the people around them.

          But behind this critical spirit towards others is really a critical spirit toward oneself. In fact, the critic pulls down others so that he can hide his own failures.

          Let me now tell you what you should do.

Question: Do You Want Less Stress and More Joy?

          Do you want less stress in your relationships?

          Do you want less fights?

          Do you want less wrinkles?

          Do you want more joy?

          My solution is really simple: Stop trying to fix others.

Big clarification: In my message today, I’m not talking about the big sins. Like marital abuse, alcoholism, adultery, and all the other major violations against the Ten Commandments. I’m also not talking about tolerating the sins of your kids. I’m not teaching you to say, “Wow son, you’re very good in stealing. Perhaps you can be a Congressman one day.” (I’ll talk on “tough love” on the sixth instalment of this series, Relationship Reborn.

Today, I’m talking about idiosyncrasies, eccentricities, personalities, and persuasions that make your loved one very unique.

If you’re not going to fix people, what should you do?

Appreciate them.

          I’ll now explain a mystery.

What You Like And What You Don’t Like

Maybe One And The Same Thing


I have mixed feelings about my cellphone.

My relationship with my phone is ambivalent.

I like it and I don’t like it.

There are days when I think it’s the greatest invention since peanut butter. And there are days when I want to fling it into the mouth of a volcano.

Here’s what I noticed: The very features that I like are the very same features that I don’t like. Absurd but true.

Why do I like my phone? I like the fact that I can call up the 954 people in my phone directory anytime. Useful when I have a flat tire, when I need a prayer, or when I’m on the rooftop because of Typhoon Ondoy.

Why do I not like my phone? I don’t like the fact that these 954 people can call me up at anytime—even when I’m lying on a hammock in a tiny island far out in the Pacific Ocean.

Why do I like my phone? Because I can bring it everywhere I go.

Why do I not like my phone? Because I can bring it everywhere I go!

Question: Have you ever had the absurd experience of leaving your cellphone at home and having to make a U-turn to come back for it? Nuts, right? Cellphones are now like one of our kidneys. You can still survive if it gets lost, but it’ll be risky.

I repeat: The very things that I like are the very same things that I don’t like.

Funny, but this is also true with our relationships…

Why Did You Fall In Love?

          Don’t be shocked, but the very thing that made you crazy for a person will be the very same thing that will drive you crazy in the years to come.

          I’m not kidding.

          If you fell in love with your wife because she was bubbly and the life of the party, today, you want to zip her mouth so that there would be world peace.

          If you fell in love with your husband because he was quiet, strong, and steady as a rock, today, you want to curse him for being so cold and unresponsive—like you’re talking to a rock.

          If you fell in love with your wife because of her stunning beauty, today, you find yourself pulling your hair in the car, waiting for her because she takes 3 hours just to dress up and put on her make-up.

          Remember: Every strength has a weakness.

          My friend Jon Escoto says that “a weakness is really a strength applied inappropriately.” (As another friend loves to say, “You’re right in the wrong way!”) You can’t have only one side of the coin. You have to have both.

Why My Wife Married Me

One day, I had a very serious talk with my wife.

“Sweetheart, I want you to be completely honest with me,” I said to her. “Aside from the fact that I look like John Loyd and Piolo Pascual put together, what else made you marry me?”

After laughing out loud and rolling on the floor, she finally said, “Sorry Bo, your looks weren’t the reason why I married you. I married you because you have such a big heart for God.”

But I bet if you ask her today, “Marowe, what are the difficulties of being married to Bo?” she’ll tell you, “Because Bo has such a big heart for God!”

She will explain to you, “Our schedule isn’t normal. Our entire married life isn’t normal. Bo runs 9 non-profit organizations. He’s constantly stretched. He travels a lot.” She’s accepted that as her lot in life.

Here’s something she’s also accepted: When we have our weekly dates, she already expects it to be interrupted. Many times, a total stranger would approach me, cry on my shoulder, and ask for prayer.   In the middle of the busy mall, I hold an instant mini-healing rally—because the moment people see me praying for one person, people fall in line.

She’s come to accept this reality as part of the set package called Bo Sanchez.

She’s accepted the fact that when she married me, she also married the people I love—the flock I care for.

Why am I telling you all these?

Stop Trying To Fix People

To repeat my million-dollar point: If you want to have happy relationships, you’ll have to stop trying to fix people and start appreciating them.

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor”; He didn’t say, “Fix your neighbor.”

Two reasons why you need to stop fixing people. 

First, you can’t. 

Second, I’ve realized that people are like old houses. If one thing gets fixed, another thing gets broken. 

Let me tell you what I mean by appreciate.

Two Levels Of Acceptance

          The first level of acceptance is tolerance. 

The second level is appreciation. 

          Let me tell you a story.

Jean came up to me one day and said, “Bo, can I share something with you? My story might help women you talk to.”

Jean said that her husband is addicted to watching basketball. She told me that it drove her insane. “Brother Bo, there was a time when his passion for watching basketball made me so angry. I would nag him, I would throw pots and pans in his direction, I would hide the TV remote control—just so he can’t watch.”

She told him, “I think basketball has become your god. And the churches you attend are NBA, PBA, PBL, NCAA, and UAAP. All you talk about is basketball.” And her husband would answer back, “Foul yan.”

“But after a couple of years,” Jean said, “I just gave up. I realized that nothing was going to happen. That he will never change.”

That was the day when Jean began to tolerate her husband’s passion for basketball. Whenever she saw him sitting in front of the TV watching a game, she felt less irritation in her heart.

          But one day, Jean had a bigger epiphany. 

That fateful morning, Jean’s best friend called her up crying hysterically on the phone. Through many tears, she said that she discovered her husband was having an affair. After an hour of trying to comfort her, Jean’s friend said, “I wish my husband was like your husband, Jean—so faithful to you.”

That one sentence was like a slap on her face.

She woke up.

Jean realized she was blind to the great blessing that her husband was to her.

Because she was so focused on his basketball addiction, she never appreciated how faithful her husband was to her. 

She also began to count the many ways he was a wonderful husband: He was hard-working, he loved the kids, he went with her to her prayer meetings, and he was sweet in his own manly, clumsy way.

Today, she sometimes joins him watching basketball. 

She still doesn’t appreciate the game. She told her husband once, “Why don’t they just give one ball to each team?” But she enjoys being with her wonderful husband now.

That day, Jean moved from tolerance to appreciation.

And that was the day her marriage became very happy.

Are You A Judge Or A Painter?

What I’m sharing with you is so earth-shaking, I should be charging you a million for divulging this secret to you.

Believe me, if you apply this secret into your life, you will change your entire life—radically. You’ll have less stress. You’ll have less fights. You’ll have more peace.   You’ll be more joyful. You’ll feel and look younger by ten years.

It was Dr. James Dobson who said that before you get married, you should have both eyes wide open. But after the marriage ceremony, close one eye.

What does he mean? Before you get married, you should be very careful in evaluating your future spouse. Check everything. Values. Background. Preferences. Reactions. Beliefs. Examine everything!

But when you get married, stop evaluating. Stop critiquing.

It’s now time to stop fixing the other person and start appreciating the entire person in his totality.

Remove the robes of the courtroom judge. Instead, put on the robes of a painter capturing the beauty of a scene. An artist simply accepts what is and nurtures a gratitude for what is there.

When you accept the other person and become grateful for him, a great miracle happens: The person learns to accept himself too and thus bring healing of his Heart Wound. Changes begin to take place spontaneously.

          You can never fix anyone.

          Because fixing is an inside job. Never forced from the outside.

          Yes, you should inspire. You should guide. You should teach. But you cannot force.

          At the end of the day, the only thing you can do is to love the person by creating space for the other person to fix himself.

Your Assignment

One of the ways to show gratitude is to simply to say it.

Here’s your assignment for this session: Go to 1, 2, or 3 people in your life and thank them for the blessing that they are to you. 

Be specific. Write them a letter of gratitude. 

Thank your wife for the small things she does for you. 

Thank your husband for going to work everyday.

Thank your mother for the way she serves you.

Thank your child for being a wonderful child.

The next time a loved one presses your clothes, or takes out the trash, or fixes the car, or takes care of the baby, appreciate them in your heart and in your words.

          I promise: Gratitude will be like oil in the engine of your relationship.

          Your relationship will function in a whole new level.

Final Story:

“I Love The Perfection Of Your Imperfections.”

          Let me end with one of my favorite stories.

          One day, a wife came to her husband with a magazine in her hand, “Darling, this article is wonderful. It describes a little activity that we can both do to improve our marriage. Can we do it together?”

          “Sure,” her husband said.

          “It says here that for one day, each of us will separately write a list of what areas we want the other to change. Little annoyances, little irritations, etc. And then tomorrow, we share this list to each other. Deal?”

          “Deal!” the husband smiled.

          That day, the man sat on the living room with paper and hand. The wife went to the bedroom and did the same thing.

          The next day, over breakfast, the wife said, “Game? Can I start first?”

          “Yes,” the husband said.

          The wife pulled out three pages. Single spaced. Font 8. It was a long list. She began to read her list. “Darling, I don’t like it when you do this…” On and on, she read the little ways her husbands annoyed her.

          The man felt a sting in his heart. The wife noticed this and asked, “Do you want me to continue?”

          “I can handle it. Go on,” the man said.

          So the wife continued to read.

          Finally, the woman said, “Okay, it’s your turn.”

          The husband pulled out his piece of paper and said, “Yesterday, I asked the question what are the changes I want in you. But hard as I tried to think, I couldn’t think of one thing.” He then showed to her the empty piece of paper in his hand. “Because to me, you’re perfect in your imperfections.   I’ve accepted who you are—strengths and weaknesses. And I love the whole package. I love the mix. You are a wonderful person and I love you so much.”

          The wife began to sob, rolled up her three pages in her hand, and beat her husband on the head, “Bwiset ka!” And hugged him tight for a very long time.

          May your dreams come true,

          Bo Sanchez

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    God is really good.

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    i’ve accepted and tolerated my husbands flaws and shortcomings. i was the one paying all the bills, never asked money from him… he has his salary spent on himself and his sports alone…but he still left me in the end… ending our marriage by choosing the girl he’s having an affair with, because according to him “hindi ko sya ginagastusan”… it just doesn’t make sense…

  62. “I love the perfection of your imperfections” Ahhh, such a good story. Thanks for sharing this Bo.

  63. i like it. thank you so much. you’re always an angel…

  64. Thanks Bo! You made my day…I’m looking forward to hear from your next inspirational thoughts. And I’m starting to take down notes..words and phrases from you that I can share to others…love in Christ…offie

  65. hi bo. thank you for this wonderful article. it came at a very appropriate time when i’m thinking about how my relationship is going. i dont exactly think i’m changing my boyfriend, but i know in my head that i’ve been thinking how i wish things were different. and it feels very heavy. i need to learn to appreciate and accept more. thank you again and God bless you.

  66. Hi Bro Bo,

    first time i saw you in our GOOD GUYS event at one esplanade, you sure brought me your wisdom…

    its as if your a walking saint.

    all the best!

  67. thanks a lot always….

    hope you’ll not get tired of sending us wonderful learnings in life….

    God is talking to us through you…

    thanks a lot always….

  68. Bro Bo,
    Just what i needed here in the office, at home and in my relationship. Thank you so much. see you at the feast God Bless

    Thank and regards,

  69. awesome! sobrang galing! :)
    Thanks for writing for us Bo!

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  73. Hi Brother Bo, you are so true…i am like the wife in the last part. I fail to appreciate my husband, not to mention that he is also addicted to basketball.

    But i will remember it now..tolerance, acceptance…I feel blessed reading the nourishment that you are sharing..God Bless you always..

  74. Good mornig brother Bo! Thank you for another inspiring letter. God bless you more brother Bo.

  75. It’s very beautiful. I’ve lost sight of what I have and you reminded me. Thank you so much po.

    God bless

  76. Wow…. Thanks Bro Bo…
    It realy open my eyes..

    GBU alwayz… ^^

  77. Bro. Bo,

    Your message has never been this perfect and exact. “Bull’s eye”, ika nga. Thanks a lot.

  78. you have no idea how you’ve just changed my outlook in life

  79. Thanks Bro. Bo, I will share this with my friends.

    I will appreciate all the people around me more.

  80. it hit me once, twice, thrice and counting … bull’s eye!

    gosh bo, this entire article is so great! don’t you think you should have this published in all newspapers and magazines and books?

    hey, why don’t you have a column in one of our leading newspapers? your articles would be very inspiring and helpful especially to those who don’t use computers.

    go for it bo!

  81. Yeah….I will print this and discuss all these things to my children and pupils. I’m not a perfectionist but sometimes,I do commit those bad things and damage my children’s ego…I like it…I learn to more humane and Christian-like in here…

  82. Good Morning….i started my day reading your article. wheew! its very inspiring and you caught my full attention on your writings..grabe Bro Bo! youre so blessed God gave you the wisdom to blessed us also with your inspiring words….

    Thank you for inspiring us…..

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  84. naiyak naman ako dun..natawa din! it hurts but it’s true. and i guess, by acceptance, it also means erasing fear from our hearts and living in the here and now. thanks, bro bo! am looking forward to another great time at The Feast :-)

  85. Thanks bro. bo…ganda! na-appreciate ko lalo ang hubby ko….God Bless!

  86. thanks for another inspiring article. I’m just imagining the way you could get people’s attention, mind and thoughts through writings, how much more when we see you and hear your talks in person….God Bless!!!

  87. bro bo it helps so much to me. thanks bro bo.

  88. thanks bro Bo… it made me realize how blessed i am to have my family and in laws… despite of our imperfections.. these imperfections will build a perfect relationship for us… God Bless you! You keep us inspired!

  89. I had to pause for a while today and focus on this. It’s very wonderful. Made me realize a lot of things. Made me smile and cry at the same time. No I don’t have a husband yet but then I’m currently in a very complicated relationship, if it’s even a relationship. I’ve learned so much Brother Bo, thank you for the continuous inspiration, honest words and learning. God bless you always.

  90. I so like this post :) thanks Bo :) God bless you and your family always!

  91. i was very touched by your sample stories. my ex-husband (we’ve been separated for years now) and i may have lots of imperfections which i’ve learned to accept for so many years even before we got married but by keeping my other eyes closed and my lips mum, i’ve been subject to a lot of emotional abuse. my husband’s philandering would only stop for a while whenever i found it out and starts another illicit affair thereafter. eventually, finding out that he had already children outside our marriage (we also have children) finally made me decide to give him up.
    i would like to know if my ex-husband’s case may be considered one of those imperfections that i should have considered?

  92. =)) that last part was so funny!!!

    Thanks Bro Bo. Thanks for reminding me to love. ^^

  93. Thanks, Bro Bo for inspiring us….Mabuhay Ka!

    God Bless!!!!

  94. thanks bro bo.

    i want to request for your advise on behalf of my friend. her other half is addicted to porn. she knew before they got married that he is into it but not how extreme it is. she’s asking him to give it up for her but he won’t budge. he would rather have divorce than give it up.

    is it worth hanging onto?

  95. a very timely one Bo… we’re talking about a friend’s situation a moment ago and just in time, i received this. i let her read this… hopefully this could help…

  96. Bro Bo,
    thanks so much for this. i was laughing all the way…and immediately renewed the love for people around me (some of them have criticalities virus)…i told myself that if life is food they are the pepper that make it far from dull…after reading this i sent a mesage to my husband who i tend to always criticize in my thoughts (because i don’t like to openly criticize him)…it is such a help to know that people are like cell phones as you’ve illustrated. what you like is also what you don’t like at different times.:) You are so much gifted, and i thank God for you…May the word of God always guide you..it is our mighty sword…i thank God for you also have examined well the heart of man…where changes should first take place before he change his outlook in life…This morning you’ve also touched my heart…Oh! to be used of God is such a joy. i can imagine how joyful you are now reading all these comments. More power to to you…and may you continue to be a light shining for God’s glory.


  97. Hi Bo,

    I never fail to read your articles even if it’s that long, haha kidding! Really sets me into a good, funny and inspiring mood everytime..
    Keep it going!
    Thanks, you’re such a blessing!

  98. You know what, Bro. Bo, where do you get your insights in writing? Aside from keeping me holy, you’re really making me happy…Indeed, this article made me laugh…true enough! God bless!

  99. Practical approach… very timely and inspiring

    Thanks Bo,

    More power.. : )

  100. It’s another heart warming article, thank you….

    it is also an affirmation of what I currently do to my husband… i try to be with him in his boxing favorite… oh how he loves to watch Manny paquiao’s fights… buti na lang.

    I do nag sometimes, i am not a perfect wife but at least i let him enjoy the little things he wants for himself…

    He is a homebody and I love him for that. He gives his enough time for me and my daughter. True enough, when we get marry, let us close one eye for we have chosen the right one.

    thank you for the everyday inspiration and encouragement you send us thru the net. you know how these makes our day…. more power! long live!

  101. Hi Bro. Bo, your article really touched me…I now realize how important appreciation strengthens relationships…
    God bless you & your family…

  102. thanks for this Bro. Bo! its very timely for me… i’m having a tough time with my relationship right now. and this article made me realize a lot of things. my emotions blinded me from seeing all the blessings that i already have. thank you soooooo much!

    thanks for reminding me the real meaning of love….

  103. ouch bo!!!! bulls eye!

  104. Sir Bo

    Amazing! i am guilty of this.now i know what to do when this attitude strikes me.thanks!

    God bless you more!

  105. This is the realization everyone should know about.. Thank you Bo.. Very inspiring..

  106. it is very inspiring, it open my eyes again that you cannot change the person but you should learned to love the imperfections of him….might as well talk it very seriously by us so that our relationship be strong…

  107. Hi Bro Bo.

    I look foolish crying at work… but I don’t care. Thank you so much for sharing your “enlightenments” to us. You are truly making this world a better place… for one, you are on your way to making better wives out of people like me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  108. Hi Bro Bo,

    Very inspiring.
    Thanks a lot.

    God Bless…

  109. Hallo Bro Bo,
    God really touched u to send this article exactly on time when i needed it the most.I´m married to a foreighner & is living now with Him in his country.Simply means,i´m away from my biological family.My family in the Phils just recently experienced a series of “calamities” in another sense of the word.That´s because just last week or a week before u posted this article,my dad was brought to the hospital because of having a hardtime breathing which later on diagnosed for Pneumonia plus high blood pressure plus high blood sugar.Then the following day,my brother was brought to another hospital because of an accident while practicing football as he is playing for the school´s varsity.It was like we have been hit by those 2 recent typhoons that hit the Phils.I´m thankful though that they had been safe from these typhoons as my family live in Cebu.But that was not all of it,my other brother who took the recent CPA board exam,his 3rd try,failed again.Now,it´s like the flooding or the landslide added farther up in Luzon area.I was doomed and felt helpless because for the moment i have been unemployed and don´t have money to send them for assisstance,my family has been struggling financially for years til now.Though i kept on praying and praying extra for their safety and recovery on this low moment,i can´t help feeling weak.I am starting to develop doubts with my man for i He did not confirm with me soon after i told him of my family´s misfortune if He is willing to extend financial help to them.I was crying most of the time but tried to not cry in front of my man as i don´t want to bother him so much about this coz i´m afraid it will just have a bad effect to our young relationship as a couple.(We are just as of the present 9months married.)I was doomed.He did noticed my sadness and tried to cheer me up every now and then during those first 3 days of miseries.Finally,on the 4th day,after dinner,He told me that he transferred money to my sister´s account for help.Then suddenly,the news came like a rainbow after the rain.Then later that evening,i openned my mail and recieved this article from u.Now,i can say my prayers were answered just in time…now,my doubts and confusions are gone and i feel more at peace.I did prayed extra for this earlier the fourth day when i was at the peak of what seemed to be my “dooms day”.Thanks God for touching you and inspiring u to write eye openning,inspiring and life changing articles like this.God bless you,Bo!

  110. God works in mysterious ways…He sent His message to us through you. Thanks for sharing it, Bo.

    God bless you and your staff for continuous inspiring us.

  111. thank you, bro bo,

    this is a very timely article in my life….you are a blessing to our marriage….you really opened my eyes to appreciate my husband, and truly, both of us are not perfect…that we should appreciate each other….thank you so much….

  112. Bro.Bo,
    Everytime i read your article or before opening my email from you ,i pray first to guide me by the HOLY SPIRIT and God give me the wisdom to understand and to feel it from my soul every word i read from your article.. Glory To GOD!Glory to Christ Jesus !.. I Thank God it really strike my soul, my heart.. That’s true! and Its right we cannot fixed other people..To those wive’s who are Bless with their husband for being faithful im so happy for them ..thou my husband made a mistake i know God will make it..I cannot fix him.. I know God will fix HIM for me,.Thank you Bro. Bo for this articles it opened my eyes and its keep me hope to believe..and to understand my husband.God Bless all the servant of The Lord like you.. :-)

  113. Dear Bro. Bo,

    All I can say is, “ikaw talaga…” you did it again. This reminded me of my unwavering strength in trying to fix a friend. Maybe I should just appreciate her then. Thank you for your articles that remind me to renew my relationships. Very inspiring indeed.

  114. Bo, your articles never fails to put a smile on my face..
    i admire your ability to hit straight ahead all those realities in life

    ouch.. i caught my self guilty for this..
    i guess I’d better follow your advised.
    accepting people for what they are,
    i agree.. this will bring less stress and more joy in a relation

  115. ang ganda ng article na ito
    share ko itp sa husband ko to improve our relationship with the people
    god bless po

  116. grabehh napaiyak nmn ako kuya Bo,bulls eye ako..cguro kaya d nagwork mga past relationship ko kze im trying to fix them..dame kong complain.baket di xia ganeto ,bat d xia ganun…
    but i know d pa huli ang lahat coz ngsisimula pa lng kme ng asawa ko..and i really love this man,and i know hes the God’s Gift for me…im willing to change at ggawin ko un.
    nkkainspired ka tlga kuya..thank you po.

  117. Bo,

    You made me affirm how lucky I am to have my husband despite his flaws; because despite of me being flawed too he would always tell me “ang swerte ko talaga sa misis ko” whenever i’m in the middle of my fits and nag him.

    Life is sweet because of its imperfections!

  118. Good cheer bro Bo.

    When I heard this teaching last Sunday, I searched and searched in my heart and mind how I can truthfully respond to it in terms of my relationship with my widowed mother and some siblings with whom I’ve been experiencing a soured relationship; then whaam, that very same afternoon I had a really bad encounter with them!

    I never questioned my love for them or finding ways to express it until recently when I started spending more time with my Mom who was living alone with just a maid. Since then my interaction with my Mom got into discussions regarding outlooks and values which made me realize that because I spent a considerable amount of time away from them and instead with my grandfather and aunt and later on my own family, made me realize that there was so much difference between us and that we couldn’t stand each others’ values.

    I want to honor my Mom and to be at peace, as much as possible, with my siblings but I’ve realized that at this point, no effort on my part or their’s, that would change the situation, would be forthcoming. I therefore think it best that for now I retreat from them and the circumstances that would bring us to interaction so as to give time and space for God to work on me and them and hopefully, bring the good out of it.

    I pray the Lord will give me the time, my own comforting place and wisdom to be healed and find victory in my situation, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  119. such an inspiration brother Bo!

    really like the way u write, its as if ur just talking to me.


    God bless!

  120. helo bro. Bo!..thabnks a lot for this another inspiring article. It is very timely in my present situation…natamaan tlaga ako! But you made me laugh and teary eyed..thanks ones again bro. Bo , take care and God Bless you and your family and ministry!

  121. Dear Bro. Bo

    Thanks for another inspiring Article that you have shared with us.

  122. HI BRo. Bo, 954 contact lists? ang dami!!! Nagkasya pala lahat sa celfon ‘yan.
    anyway, ganda ng article… “perfect in your imperfections”.

    God bless

  123. It is very inspirational. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. After typing this, i am going to call my husband to let him know how much appreciated he is.

  124. the whole article is more than enough to say “THANK YOU”

  125. Thanks for another inspiring and inspirational article of yours. Para na din akong nasa The Feast pag nagbabasa nito. “I Love The Perfection Of Your Imperfections” I will always remember this. . . God Bless!

  126. ..hi bo!evrytime u post an inspirational article..it really heal my wounded heart…it enlightened my mind to do go0d things..and lift my spirit to go on and live harmonous life…may God bless u and ur family always..
    may God continue inspire u
    and lead u to do this simple thing that
    brighten us..
    we love u always!

    “i really love ur perfect of your imperfection!”


  127. hahaha!!! Tawa ako ng tawa at the same time touched. Thanks Bo. Praise God for your sharing

  128. very inspiring! made me appreciate my husband’s imperfections more… thank you Bo. God Bless….

  129. Bro. Bo,

    Hello! Your article is very enlightening. Thank you for sharing the secret ingredients to a healthy & harmonious relationship. God bless!

  130. Hello Bo =)

    This article was was God’s answer to our current problem in the office. God answered my dilemma through you. Praise GOD! You are heaven sent.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to give you wisdom….

    God Bless you and your family

  131. one of the best articles i’ve read todate, on “acceptance”! thanks for writing this! God bless!

  132. Thanks Bro Bo…
    You have truly change my life… From now on, the way i’ll treat my relationships will be completely different.

    Thank you, and may God bless you a thousand folds….=)

  133. Good day ! Thanks for sharing. This soulfood really made me laugh ! Ha ha ! Nakakatawa , yet so human and real ! People just read your article and they are enlightened, for you have the gift of making scientific psychological approaches reachable, in simple terms that your readers can relate to with wit and humor.
    Loving the ” perfections of your imperfections ” is just
    like Jesus loving and forgiving us endlessly ! He does not remember our transgressions when He forgives us. He only has infinite LOVE for us !

  134. great article!
    just wanted to check your input for this situation…
    what if you have officemates who don’t seem to exert
    any effort nor strive to learn more about computer
    programs (word or excel) that would help them do their work faster… or even basic simple filing of documents? this all after you’ve taught, inspired and guided them. you’ve already addressed your concern to your mgmt but still no improvement on the horizon…

  135. Thanks for this article. This is just one topic that I can’t help but share to my friends and family. I’ve been guilty of this “sin” for a while. But now I am slowly trying to fix my self with your articles’ help and of course with God grace. Thank and praise be to God!

  136. Thanks a lot Bo, I should start appreciating people. I will also share this with people I know.
    God bless!

  137. that is very enlightening.

    I hope i will also have a husband to be with, but after 2 failed engagement relationship, i still remain single. Please pray for me Bo, that God’s intended for me will soon find me.

    Thanks again for your inspiring stories. keep on inspiring us Bo. God bless you and your family

  138. Falling in love with the idea of love.

  139. my kids are not the perfect onew, they don’t even make it to the honor’s list. , but I learn to accept them as God’s gifts to me. I am a widow,, have a boyfriend, but who cannot be with me. I learned to accept this imperfect relationshi[p. For this man, makes me strong about my fairth and hope, and makes me stay away from sins.

  140. You really hit the mark Bo…i dont know what to say..I never thought that I was that shallow. This is very enlightening.

    Thanks for sharing this..It will really help a great deal..

  141. Your last story is so cute and true! Thank you for sharing.

  142. Dear Bro Bo,

    You enlightened me, as always. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Im sharing this piece to my pal. I wonder if your kid has sense like this. Is he as wonderful as you? as intelligent as you? You are truly blessed.
    May God continue to bless you to make our lives hopeful and bright. Take care and regards
    Cherry Palacio-Philippines

  143. In comparison, my husband is addicted to horse racing, never a time he misses the game. He calls is his ‘university’. I was ‘pikon’ before, but now I/m used to it and consider it a part of our life….. regards.

  144. Bro.Bo,

    Thank you for sharing to millions of people your wonderful gift. You have so simple yet so powerful style of writing God’s messages.

    May God continually bless you to be a blessing.

  145. Thank you Bo for sharing this to people. I know that you already knew that you just really do not know how much you touched other’s heart. I just learned yesterday that my mother has a stage 4 cancer. Its quite unexplainably painful but yes, what you shared is true… “you cant fix people”… you’ll end up wasting supposedly precious moments. I used to be like the example you said in the story towards my mother. But now that her time is almost coming, Im thankful that beforehand, years ago, I have already stopped trying fixing her but instead, joining on her dreams and tried hard to make it come true together. But its not enough… I wish I realized it more earlier.

    Jesus bless you more Bo.

    May your dreamssss come true too.

  146. thanks bo. the article is very timely. me and my husband work in the same office. working together is not a problem but his attitude is. wherever division he was assigned, he always had a conflict with whoever he’s working with, even to his superiors. just recently he resigned after a confrontation with his boss. he is really that stubborn, he always complain and nags of petty things. his negativity also irritates me and other people.

    after reading your article, i was enlightened on how to handle him now.

  147. I love this! Thank you Bo. What a timely reminder for me to stop fixing and start appreciating. And you’re right, it is less stressful. I feel better already! God bless to you Bo.

  148. Just what I needed… Thank you Bo! You always inspire me. From your books, to the magazines, and in this blessed website. I always look up to you and your family. I always wish that my future family of my own will be like yours. I thought you had the perfect marriage, no quarrels, always bonding time with the family. You always say that every relationship needs a lot of hard work, I always say easy for you because you are perfect, your family is perfect. You, sharing that Marowe also had a lot of sacrifices of not being with you always because she had accepted your life mission, make me think that indeed love and acceptance and appreciation is needed for a relationship to work, not perfection (which is impossible for us human beings). I thought I had the weirdest relationship, I thought my boyfriend loves me less than I do, I thought our relationship is abnormal, because he spends more time with his work, his work that amazed me before we were “us” because in it I saw how great of a person he is, how good his heart is, even for others, same work I now “compete” with for his time. I focused on the “competition for the time”, using it as a measure of his love for me, neglecting the many good things he is to me. I am so looking forward to the next “serving\ of such “healthy meal” for my soul.

    Hindi mo lang alam Bo, gano kadami kami na binigyan mo ng inspirasyon! Salamat sa Diyos, binigay ka Niya para maging boses Nya. Ive been praying for answers to my questions, Hindi ko marinig ang sagot ni God dahil madaming gumugulo sa utak ko. In a way, God used you to answer some. Maraming maraming salamat!

  149. This is awesome! You never really ran out of stories to inspire us..I really learned a lot from this article which I will surely apply in my own life. Thank you for always sharing your wisdom and for truly touching our lives. May God continue to bless you and your ministry! I wish I could meet you in person!

  150. Wow Bo your article made me laugh and cry. You are so great Bo, Thank you so much for sharing it to us. I really love to read your article. I did share it to my friends and family. Its really inspiring. Mabuhay ka Bo.

  151. Bro, Its really great that I always read your article every morning. It refreshes me and have joy in my heart. What inspire me that I should only guide and teach the people I love but not to enforce what I want them to do.

    Thank you Bro., more power and God bless.


  152. Hi Kuya Bo,

    Ang ganda po ng article na ito.
    I’ve realize many things…
    Sa mga kapatid ko, minsan gusto ko mabago ung hindi maganda sa kanila,
    ngayon I realize, I cant force them to change…
    but… to tolerate them & appreciate them na sila ang naging mga kapatid ko..
    Ofcourse, I will thank them for being there for me when I have no one in my down moments in my life & moments when I need them to ba there for me..

    GOD BLESS US ALL!! God is good, all the time…

  153. Thanks Bro Bo

    It really is so timely with this new set up in my family. We are now facing trials with this kind of set up. I know God has a purpose for letting me read this. I appreicate it very much

    God bless

  154. Bro. Bo great story it inspire me tnx a lot….

  155. I’m glad I receive this one.. Very inspiring. We really need this especially this time of the year….

  156. wow bo i love your article napaiyak ako…nakarelate ako about this…i love my child and my husband my nanay, tatay,sis & bro…we are not perfect lahat my pagkakamali…god gave me this kind of people to be part of my life…they are all blessings for me…thanks bro.god bless!!!

  157. Dear Bro Bo,

    Thank you for an another eye opener. It really moves me everytime I read your blogs. This particular one really made me feel that you are talking to me. You never fail to inspire, enterain and lift up.

    God bless you always,


  158. Bro. BO

    Thank you for a very inspiring stories, thoughts and messages. I really appreciate it. God bless you more :)

  159. […] decided to change myself when I read Bo Sanchez’ blog, ‘Stop trying to fix people.’ I have been trying hard to fix people, thinking that they cannot do it without me. I do not […]

  160. […] to the same thing : perfectly imperfect love, and loving the right wrong person. from 3ntmonty (here) and aleydis’ blog post (here). still i have yet this find the person who’ll love me […]

  161. Thanks for this very inspiring and thought-provoking piece, Bo! I saw myself in many of the situations you described and I could only laugh at the seeming absurdity of me trying to be Mrs FixIt most of the time. God bless you!

  162. 103% agreed.

    i feel like i’ve always known this but you put it into words quite nicely. mwahahahahaahaaa.

  163. Thanks be to God. Now I know the reasons why we last this long despite indifferences. We are so different in all aspects in character and background. We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on Oct. 29. And still blooming. Thanks, bro Bo!

  164. Mr. Bo Sanchez,
    You’re really great! You left me wondering how one man (or person) could be so rich with wisdom and experience.
    Then I asked myself, “What more if Jesus Himself lives up to this day?”
    Have a great one! God bless..(^-^)

  165. It’s nice to know that acceptance to ones imperfection is the best solution. Never expect, no regrets, just accept and be happy.

    Thank you Bo!
    You hit me straight in my heart, again! (^_^)

  166. Hi bro. bo. Can you tell me how I am going to relate this to driving? I am having somewhat a difficult time appreciating drivers who are quite uneducated. Thanks! If you are driving here in our country and you want some peace, positivity and relaxation, you would know it is challenging to get that given the drivers and roads around.

  167. Thank you Bo! this article is an answer to my prayers. it’s almost exactly the same with what I’m experiencing right now.

  168. Thank you for this article. Very enlightening.

  169. A friend has sent me this link and i really thank her. I’m loving this article so much, especially the last part.. Loving someone perfectly with all his/her imperfections. Thank you! More power!

  170. If only all the people in the world would be able to read all your articles I am very sure when we all die, nobody would go to hell, most will be to heaven some to purgatory. really, the more I read your article, the more I give worth to life and the more I become virtuous. you are making all your readers SAINTS! THANKS BE TO GOD FOR GIVING US you!

  171. Hi Kuya Bo,

    Wow! galing. Now I realized that this is how to handle relationship though I am not yet married but I can apply this to my self, my young siblings and future relationships. Thanks a lot!


  172. You did spread the fire of the Holy Spirit…

  173. Dear Brother Bo,

    Your article was really really very inspiring and heartwarming. It taught me to be more loving and appreciative of the people whom GOD brought into my life.

    Thank u very much for sharing the wisdom.

    God bless and MORE POWER!

  174. God won’t hesitate to bless you Bro. Bo. :)

    im inspired.
    i’ll share this with my family.
    positivity is always positive.

    thanks a lot. :)

  175. “Someone told me that marriage is like going to a restaurant. After you ordered your dish, you learn what the other table ordered, and suddenly regret what you ordered.” …

    That is really sad. Who in their right mind would think that? That person shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.

  176. hi there, wow its really wonderful message for me. it strikes me everywhere.. thanks i got the message…God Bless…

  177. before i was a big time “FIXER”…to my husband, to my child, to the people around me and to life itself. but here you affirmed what i have realized before, that i was just making myself stressed out. i’m just highlighting the faults and ignoring the best part, which is the worst thing you could do to your life. you put into words every realization i had when i decided to change my views in life. though sometimes i may still waver, i am sure i will not unlearn what i have learned….

  178. Hi Bo,
    Thank you!
    You always make my day very bright because of this inspiring experiences you sent to me. And to tell you honestly this “Stop trying to fix people” tinamaan talaga ako. Despite I am far from my family I feel I was still there because I’m controlling them. I always remind them what to do and not to do. I forgot that they have their own personality. That I should stop controlling them and let them do what they really wanted to do to make them happy and worry free.

  179. i really love it BO! thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. I hope i can make my assignment. God bless you and your family

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    may the LORD keep blessing you HIS WISDOM

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  182. Ohh..I was so touched by the last story coz it happened to me exactly. When one day me & my husband talked about evaluating each other, telling what we like & dislike, so we can fix our problems. I told him everything that i dont like about him. When it was his chance to speak, instead he just told me He can’t find any negatives about me coz everything that’s not pefect about me He appreciate it.. His LOVE conquered my imperfections. I was so touched & at the same time embarrassed about it. I was so blessed to have a husband such like him.
    Thanks! and God bless u bro.Bo!

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  184. I love this post! Thanks for always helping us improve the quality of our relationships. Looking forward to reading more of this Relationship Reborn series. God bless you!

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  187. By the way, I linked it to my blog page,so my friends can read your blog too. GBU.

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    praise be jesus & mary!

    love it reading your “stop trying to fix people”. my gosh, i’ve learned it & i was also so touch! especially now that i’m still single & so grateful to God for giving me this wonderful life.

    thanks much..Godbless!

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    thank u so much.

  190. salamat….nubusog po ako….

    In God we Trust!

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    God Bless you and your family..

    Go bless us all…..

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    love you bro.bo mwah

  199. Dear Bro. Bo,

    Woow… very wonderful Bro. Bo… So touching what the husband told to her wife.. Ho! This is really true, although sometimes annoying, but you can\’t help it but to love him, to love the things that he loves… Bro. Bo. I am very thankful that i was able to read and finish the story although very late… but it really helps me alot especially this past few days… Iba ka talaga Bro. Bo! you really an instrument to us… really really appreciate it… I learned alot! :)

  200. I learned this the hard way and I hope wives and husbands will notice what they are doing to each other before its too late..

  201. Bro Bo, thank you for the very insipiring article, I was so moved and touched. You put tears on eyes and a big smile on my face.

  202. wow….im a BIG fan of yours Bo!!! your stories,blogs and all..are totally amazing..!!!
    how i wish you can change the world thru all these,,,

    :D love it all!!!

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  204. Nice article. =)

    I still pray and hope that even if I cannot change this friend of mine, I could somehow influence him to be good and welcome God’s love in his life. I trust God! ^_^

  205. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thanks again for this wonderful lesson.
    You always inspire me.
    The holy spirit is really in you.

    God bless you.


  206. Dear Bo,
    My husband is a healer too but sometimes I got jealous of the of the care he gave to his patients.
    I cried a lot for this article. you are correct when you say the things you liked is the things you would not liked.
    I loved it when he helped other people but I hate it when he cannot help me because he is out helping others.
    Recently he suffered from stoke and I was so depressed the next morning seeing him in his pitiful condition.
    I said to him you can help others but you cannot help yourself. What I did is just to fully surrender to the Lord. Lord thy will be done but I’m asking you to help my husband. In my hopelessness I noticed his cellphone and begun to text his friend and patients announcing what happened to him. Responses came clarifying the news and visitors came with something to offer to us like encouraging words and gifts.
    That made my spirit light up as I continue to whisper to God thy will be done but heal my husband. And I remembered what my husband will always tell me. If you helped ten people and one remembered you, you must be
    Bo I cannot really comprehend why my husband suffered stroke. He served God by helping others, he play the guitar in the choir. He put others first before himself and family. we have no money to pay his bills. I have to apply loan to the bank to pay his bills and worst I am so weak to care for him. I’m also suffering from heart diseases after I was misdiagnosed and mistreated by a doctor after passing in the cpa board exam .
    So many trials so many sufferings we endured. But at the end of the day there is only one thing. God is so good He really did not abandoned us in time of need. His love and mercy helped us through the way. There is sunshine after the rain. We felt His Love. His hand is upon us guiding us what to do do.
    I was paralyzed when I was misdiagnosed and mistreated by a doctor but that incident made my husband a healer because of his love for me. Because of the many pains I’ve gone through I learned humility and acceptance for the will of God. As a result I had so many spiritual experienced with the Lord which perhaps others will not believed
    Bo sorry, in this part I’m really lost. What am I really want to share, is it the love of God, my thanksgiving for what the Lord has done for us or fixing others.
    If you want to publish please edit. I’ not really good in writing and speaking.

    Yours in Christ,


  207. all i can say is thank you…
    you made me realize my mistakes
    thank you and God bless you always

  208. Bo,

    While reading this article, I couldn’t help remembering the times I judged my kids, especially my youngest. I request you to pray that henceforth, I will be more appreciative, not only with my kids, but also with the people in my life. Yes, you’re right: everyone is unique and therefore, everyone should be accepted — and appreciated–in his uniqueness.

    You got me floored with: Jesus said, “Love your neighbor”; He didn’t say, “Fix your neighbor.” Thanks, Bo. Excellent article, worth sharing…..God bless you and the whole family!

  209. thank you so much BO. I always read your article and it made me realized so many good things that i haven’t noticed in my life. God bless you and your family!

  210. I agree that we can’t fix all things but God can fix and as a matter of fact we can be an instrument for change. We have an almighty God who can do everything nothing is impossible to Him. True that God doesn’t said don’t FIX your neighbor, but part of love is fixing. You fixed others for the better.

  211. Dear Bo,

    Sobrang nakarelate po ako sa article na ito. From now on, I’ll be more appreciative with myself and other people (I mean their uniqueness in a good way).

    Thank you so much for all the inspirational/motivational articles you sent. =)

    God Bless.

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  213. nice. . . i’m kinda guilty of this but am enlightened. . . thanks bo, love the final story. . . =)

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  215. Thank you very much Sir. You inspire me. :)

  216. wow! I am really inspired by this coz too often, people complian about the people in their lives…at least now i know that i should start to appreciate the people in my life : )..thanks brother bo.

  217. Thank you so much for this really inspiring article. It made me cry. Now i am enlightened. Thank you so much Bro. Bo. :]

  218. very much true! har! har ! har! Thanks Bo! alam ko na ngayon kung pano ako magrereact sa mga bagay na patuloy kong gustong baguhin at kinaiinisan…na ako pala ang mali

    Thanks again!

  219. tnx brother bo! every stories in here has a great impact in my life, now im gonna start to appreciate my husband instead of tolerating some of his deeds. & …. vice versa! lols! tnx bro, so inspiring indeed!

  220. very heart warming story..tnx bro. bo for such an inspiring story

  221. Very informative words of God that could the lives of everyone especially to son of God/

  222. very true… acceptance means to be able to tolerate then eventually appreciate…=)
    thank u bo for sharing your thoughts with us

  223. tnx bro,

    I just hope all couples, families, siblings and friends will have a chance to read this and live with this words of God.

    Thank you sooo much bro. Bo

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    good day! thank you very much for ur article.i was touched and inspired.God bless us all!

  225. Thank you Bro. Bo…thank you.

  226. Bro Bo, you always come on the right time, you’re such a blessing to many people.

    I had some difficulties about people around me lately and you’re right I can’t fix them. It’s hard to appreciate the things you hate about them but I know I’ll learn how to do it. I was awaken by your message and touched by your wonderful stories.
    God bless..

  227. Thank you so much…I face same situation just yesterday an got this article today….God bless us all.

  228. thanks sir bo

  229. its wonderful!
    many thanks 2 u for always inspiring people in distress…been reading kerygma since elementary years..
    thnk you very much bro. Bo!
    may God bless you always.

  230. Thanks Bo.. I read this article before but I went back to it coz this is the perfect time for me to use some of your advices.. thanks for helping me look at things at a different light… wish me luck..=)

  231. HI sir Bo!!! Thanks for your article… You have cleared a big storm in my life!!!

  232. thanks, Br. Bo, this really strikes my heart…..and it made me realize my mistakes towards my family, my husband and other people.. this made me realize that i should accept and learn to appreciate their strength rather than their weaknesses.

  233. thanks for the article Br. Bo. The thing is a wish it will really happen that someday they will fix themselves.. i’ve been tolerating my brother and sister for the sake of my mother since i was 8years old, and yet no change at all. they grew dependent on me in regards on house hold. I always been praying for that, that someday they will see for themselves their error. i already know that they are just shy to change quickly (because i myself is the same).

    Anyway, thanks again, now i know its not wrong to let them be. I love my family, as my father said, the only best friend u got is GOD and your family. Thanks!!! ^_^

  234. praised the Lord. Keep up the best medium of evangelization.. well pray for all the instruments that God allow to make things in heaven and in earth under Christ Jesus headship.

  235. this is very nice..i like it…i can relate so well here..at times i am also fixing others, my mother, my siblings, my partner….its time to appreciate them more..tnx

  236. This is very nice Bro. Bo. I liked it! Thanks for inspiring me always. God Bless! To GOD be the Glory!

  237. yaa.. totoo, we cant change poeple, but we can show and teach them how to change:) thanks Mr. Bo..

  238. even though I’m not married yet I appreciated it so well…
    its nice to read this kind of article …tnx for sharing BO

  239. salamat… it’s inspiring and enlightening… mas madali basahin pero hirap din gawin… pero pipilitin…. salamat po!

  240. Bo, I keep spreading your word among friends and family, but i feel so down with my family, they never really understand the point of accepting someone and inspiring them to change, what they’re saying is, if they want to change they should do so, because according to them, you cannot accept everything bad about a person, but as you said, acceptance is the first step of inspiring someone to change, and they said that your books and advices are not really reliable, we should still listen to those people who cares for us, but those people who cares for you change ou, fix you to become a better person but from the way i see it, my family always says, “magbago ka nga, baguhin mo yang ugali mo, nakakahiya ka sa mga tao” and it’s true, i can relate, they always say “nakakahiya”, they’re ashamed of what other may think, but they never understand you, what you want, what you’re trying to tell them because they never listen, actually, I’m the only one in our whole family (mother side) that looks up to you Bo, But i’ll never give up, i’ll spread your word no matter what! I know in time God will help me make them see things the way i see it now.

    Thank you Bo! I’m not a hypocrite anymore, i began to broaden my understanding and do not judge people easily from the way they acted, instead i look deeper and understand them more. Now i believe, I love like Jesus somehow, im starting to love sinners too and inspire them to change!

    I feel happy, because a friend of mine told me, “In the way you speak, and the way you accepted me made me see God’s forgiveness in you.” you see this friend of mine led a life astray, but he changed even before i met him, when we became friends and heard of what he used to, he said he can’t forgive himself for all the wrong things he did, but now he felt that God forgave him through me, because of telling him about your teachings about life and God.

  241. bo thanks for the wonderful article ,
    my teacher told us this article and we must make a reaction paper for this, if you dint mind this is my reaction paper !! love this article by the way !!

    This article says the right words to every person comparing doing what they think that is right for others. It’s good to criticize people but in a good way to change their minds in something that is what they think is right we people must know to be careful what we say to people so we cant hurt their feeling unintentionally, this is a great article for those people who thinks their doing is great for other so now they must think that what they are doing is ravaging the lives of others and not helping them. I suggest to people that want to help others you must wait for them until they asked you for help when they do that you must first give them advises that will definitely help them you must be bias to anyone or otherwise your advise would not be helping to them then if he/she ask for your help again then you must act and do it with him/her then always look back to what happen and what did he/she do so you will know what move will you take to make a better situation. !

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