God sees perfection in a very different way.  To Him, perfection isn’t the absence of weakness.  Perfection is the fruit of weakness.  Let me explain…

There are two kinds of people in the world.

People who are weak and know they are weak.

And people who are weak and don’t know they are weak.

You see, the problem isn’t being weak.  The problem is NOT knowing you are weak.  When you do not admit that you are weak, that will make you fall.

You might be asking: “Bo, both groups you mentioned are weak.  Isn’t there are third group—people how aren’t weak?”

My answer: No such thing.

Every human being has weaknesses.

People forget that.

That’s why it’s such a shameful scandal when Priests, Preachers, Pastors, and Popes fall into adultery, or heavy drinking, or corruption.  People get shocked.  Why?  Because in their minds, they think that there are certain people who should NOT be weak.

But there’s no such thing on planet earth.

When I hear a scandal involving a Priest, or a Preacher, or a Pastor, I don’t gloat.  I don’t condemn.  And I don’t even judge.  I can’t!  Instead, I tell myself, “That could have been me.  Because I too am weak.”

Let me give you two examples…

Perfection Is The Fruit Of Weakness

I studied in the Ateneo in Quezon City.  In the seven years I was there, I noticed that the classmates who always were late were not the guys who lived in Alabang or Bulacan.  Those guys were always early!  No, the kids who were perennially late were those who lived 5 minutes away.  Why?  Because of overconfidence.

Confidence is terrific.  Overconfidence is terrible.

A more serious example.

My friend attended his High School Reunion of 1965.   And he told me, “Bo, I noticed something.  The guys who had good grades ended up as managers of companies. But the guys with bad grades ended up Owners of the companies the good students were working for…  It’s crazy!”

This was confirmed in a speech by a Jesuit priest given in one Alumni association meeting.  He said, “We need to be good with both good students and bad students alike.  Why?  Because the good students will be our future Professors.  The bad students will be our future Donors.”

Let me tell you why: When a guy with straight A’s in his report card starts his business, and he encounters huge problems (because business is hard!), he just gives up—because there are many companies who are lining up to get him.

But when a guy with bad grades starts his business, and he encounters huge problems, he just keeps working on it, no matter what happens, because he has no choice.

And they end up multimillionaires.

Entrepreneurs know the hardships of business.  At the start, you’re the driver, the messenger, the collector…  Customers will curse you.  Guys with straight A report cards will say, “I don’t need this…” and walk out.

But guys with straight F’s in their report card will bow and smile at these complaining customers and say, “I’m so sorry…”  Because they have no second plan!

Weakness Makes You Vulnerable To Grace

Here’s my big message:  Your weakness can be your strength.  Because your weakness can make you VULNERABLE TO GRACE.  Your weakness can give birth to your perfection.

A few days ago, a friend asked me, “Bo, doesn’t all this get into your head?”  He was referring to our fantastic growth in the Light of Jesus Family, spreading across the world and doubling in number every year.

I told him, “Not at all.  I don’t even think about it.”  And I realized why.  I’m just in total shock that God is using me—a guy whose insides are littered with past wounds.  For 20 years, I was living with my sexual addiction.  For 20 years, I was engulfed by deep guilt.  For 20 years, I was operating on fear.  For 20 years, I was overwhelmed by a mountain of insecurities.  For 20 years, I woke up every morning with deep shame that I was still alive.

I used to cry out to God, “Lord, why am I so weak?!”

Today, I’ve learned that those weaknesses have made me vulnerable to Grace.  They made me humble.  They made me more accepting to others.  They made me more forgiving.  And here’s the irony—by being aware of all my weaknesses, they have PREVENTED me from falling into more sin.

Because of my weaknesses, I knew I live far from the font of grace; It’s as though I live in Alabang and Bulacan—and so I wake up earlier, run to God faster…

Because of my weaknesses, I knew my report card with God was filled with F’s; So I became more desperate for Grace.

Today, I want you to thank God for your weaknesses.  Because of them, you’ve become vulnerable to Grace.  God is using them to bring out His perfection in you.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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