Marian Pilgrimage Diary: Day 4

Day 4: Big Problems Are God’s Taps On The Shoulder

From Burgos to Loyola, Spain

This morning, we left Burgos and rode off to Loyola. Yes, the birthplace of St. Ignatius de Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. I felt right at home. Why? I studied in Ateneo—a school run by the Jesuits—so Ignatius is close to my heart.
In this exact place some 400 years ago, Ignatius was a soldier who lived a life of much wine and many women. He was far from God. But one day, he got gravely wounded in battle. Not knowing whether he would live or die, Ignatius had a deep spiritual conversion experience that would rock his world. He gave his life to God and called others to also do the same. Thus, he formed the Society of Jesus—which by the way, is the largest congregation of priests in the world today.
For some people, tragedy is God’s “tap on the shoulder”. (I’m not saying God caused it. Read this poetically, not literally.) A crisis in life wakes us up from a meaningless life to live a life of blessing, love, and great purpose.
For Ignatius, it was being severely wounded in battle.
What is your “tap on the shoulder”?
What crisis calls you back to God?
Of course, our big problem doesn’t feel like a “tap on the shoulder”. More often, it feels like a giant boulder crushing us!
Friends, I strongly recommend that you don’t wait for a crisis.
I suggest you give your life to God without His “tap”.

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4 Responses to “Marian Pilgrimage Diary: Day 4”

  1. BRO. BO,

  2. 1 May 2007

    Dear Bro Bo,

    It’s me Bro JIMMY CRUZ of SINGAPORE.

    Yes, it’s really a KNOCK by God for us who oftentimes
    neglect the Will of God. It’s like a big stone being
    put not only on our shoulder but on top of our head.

    Before I met the Lord I live in a worldly life. Lot
    of beers and wines, marijuana, overnight disco pubs,
    women, massage parlors, bold movies and lots of other
    worldly gimmicks. I thought it will make me happy
    but it won’t. Even I graduated from catholic schools
    and at UST, I was not living in a true Christian Life.
    My way is really out of God’s plans. Even I was earning
    money after I graduated, I still ask money to my
    parents just to satisfy my internal needs. What a son
    that I was. I have been using the blessings that God
    gave me in a reckless living. I was too selfish,
    self centered, pride… In short I was a SINFUL man.
    I was too shame to be called a Man because I was not
    the type of Man that God had designed. I follow my

    Time had come that I felt like empty. I felt like
    that I am going nowhere. I felt like that I have
    wasted too much of my life in useless living. I felt
    like broke, always tired and headache after so much
    self satisfaction. I felt that God is far. I felt
    that God is no longer listening to me. What a
    distress. What a horible life… When I was out,
    I can’t overcome temptation. It was so great that
    I can’t resist…

    UNTIL one day, I was in Paranaque (at the back of
    Casino) to attend a birhday party. After the party
    we passed by a stage where on that stage the name
    EL SHADDAI is raised. I really can not understand myself
    I was far already from that stage but I felt like
    something magnetizing my eyes to see the name
    EL SHADDAI.. There was a curiosity then.

    One night I was listening to a radio and there was
    a song that I heard “Take me out of the dark” by
    Gary V. I was touched by the song because I saw myself
    screaming that I want to be release from my spiritual
    captivity. I really feel that I was on the dark.
    Then I heard that night there were so many people
    at Luneta praying. I just immagine myself to be there.

    The struggle wihin me was so intense that I always
    stumble until last DEC 30, 1988 night.. I remembered
    I was so drunk that night and after a massage parlor,
    I bought a newspaper TEMPO and I was attracted to one
    of the column there “LAKBAY DIWA”. I was tense while
    reading the topic “FOR THE PAST 365 DAYS”. I was
    drunked but I really can feel that the column was
    talking to me. A lot of questions were asked like
    What did I do for the past year? How is my relationship
    \with my love ones? How is my relationship with God.

    It’s a great awakening that I decided to have my
    New Year resolution for 1989 and that is to search
    for God and serve Him.


    From then on I find myself being changed my God.
    Old life had gone and New Life was given by GOD.
    There is a total change because I surrendered myself
    to GOD and I response to God’s calling.

    I won’t stop proclaiming how God can perform miracles.
    Thanks be to God…

    Please pray for me Bro Bo.
    On May 5, I will give RETREAT in Kuala Lumpur and
    on May 6, I will share the Word of God in the prayer

    God is always Good.

    God bless you AS you continue to nourish our soul.
    More power and annointing.

    In Christ

    Bro Jimmy Cruz (Singapore)

  3. Brother Bo, I just wanted to ask you to remember to pray for Jeremias So Yu-for h
    his deliverance, enlightenment and full conversion.

    Thank you. God Bless. Please pray for my hopes, my intentions.


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