Love The Sinner And The Saint Within



Do You Want To Get Rid Of Your Destructive Bad Habits?  Love Yourself.


       Would you believe?

       I’ve been preaching for over 30 years now.

       And in the first fifteen years of my preaching ministry, from 1979 to 1994, I never once preached about “loving yourself”.  If you doubt me, look at my preaching notes and you’ll find nothing of this idea.  Nada. Zero.  Zilch.  Zip.  Why? 

Because I felt that loving oneself was another way of saying “selfishness”.  So if you told me that I would one day write an article about loving yourself, I would call you nuts.  “Blasphemy!” I’d say to you with the vehemence of a snorting bull.

       That’s how I interpreted what Jesus said in the Bible, “If you want to be my disciple, carry your cross, deny yourself, and follow me.”  Because Jesus wanted us to die to ourselves, how could I tell people to love themselves?  Isn’t that the very opposite of what Jesus wanted us to do?

Here was my belief then: The SELF was the enemy of GOD.  So why love it?

       So I told people to forget their own needs—even their basic, valid, legitimate needs.  For if Jesus gave His life on the cross for us, how can we not do otherwise?

       But along the way, I got into trouble…


I Was Trying To Love God—

But I Felt Miserable.

What Was I Doing Wrong?


I was trying to love God, but it was as though I was bumping on a brick wall.  I failed and I couldn’t understand why I was so miserable.  I’d given up everythingfor Him, so why did I feel empty and disconnected? 

And here was my bigger problem: Why was I still enslaved by various hidden addictions?

Along the way, I also met a lot of good people like myself.  Good, wonderful, spiritual people who wanted to follow God all the way.  But they too were mired in hang-ups and addictions that made them discombobulated.

Was Christian life this… bad?

What was wrong with us?

       And then there were my special “visitations of God”. 

Supernatural moments in prayer that blew me away.  These were specific times when I felt God pierce through my belief system—where He would just love me.  No ifs, no buts, no conditions.  He would love me as is, where is.  I would feel so loved, I couldn’t understand it. 

And to my horror, it was as though He was inviting me to love myself as well, as is, where is.  Naturally, I couldn’t understand it.  It went against my rigid legalistic theology and so I would “cast out” that inner voice.  Wasn’t the enemy?  Wasn’t I the sinner who needed to be disciplined, chastised, and punished?  What was this idea of “just loving myself as is, where is”?


But as the years went by, I began to understand. 

It took another ten years—from 1990 to 2000—for this healing to happen…


Deny Myself? 

There Was No SELF To Deny!


Slowly, I understood why I couldn’t love God.

How could I deny myself when I didn’t have a SELF?

How could I die to myself if nothing was alive in me?

How could I give up if there was nothing to give up?

Let me explain: Deep within, I was so broken.  I never valued myself.  I never felt good about myself.  I was filled with shame.  So to cover my shame, I’d try to be good.  To fill up my need for love, I tried to love God. But the more I tried, the more empty I felt…

Today, I realized that I can never give what I don’t have. 

I can’t love God—or anyone else for that matter—if I didn’t first love ME.

       My favorite verse in the Bible?   We love because He first loved us.[1]  That is so true!  The only way I can love God is if I receive His love for me.  And it is His powerful love that will reconstruct me.  Only then can I love Him.


Are You Killing Yourself?


       Last week, I said, Don’t focus on your addiction.

       Because when you focus on your addiction, you end up in despair.

       And despair is the end of the road. 

       Like Judas, many people commit some type of suicide.  They may not kill themselves physically, but in their despair, they kill their dreams, or they kill their relationships, or they kill the blessings that God wants to give to them.

       You need to acknowledge your addiction (don’t deny it), but you don’t have to meditate on it. Your eyes should be on God’s love for you.

       Focus on God’s dream for you instead. 

       And you can do that if you love yourself.

       Loving yourself means loving the sinner and the saint within you.

       You’re a mix of the good and the bad, and you need to love that mix. 


Unless You Love Yourself,

You Jump From One Hidden Addiction To Another


Unless this happens, your addictions may never go away. 

When we don’t love ourselves, our love tanks cause painful emotions to rise.  So we may stop one addiction only to replace it with another, perhaps a more hidden addiction.  I know of some former drinkers and smokers who, after removing these vices, unconsciously replaced them with more acceptable addictions, like workaholism and religious legalism, or a food addiction or TV addiction.

If you want to get rid of a destructive bad habit, you need to love yourself.

How should you love yourself?

How should you love the saint and sinner within?

       In the next four weeks, I’ll share with you four powerful ways of loving yourself that will change your life forever…


       May your dreams come true,




       Bo Sanchez


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[1] 1 John 4:19

59 Responses to “Love The Sinner And The Saint Within”

  1. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thank you for this wonderful article.

    Indeed focusing on God will replace all the hidden addiction we have.

    Have a good and blessed week everyone.

  2. Thanks Bro Bo.

    We should not focus on our addiction. Focus on God alone will free us from the burden of sin.

    Thank you again.

  3. Thank you Bro. Bo. I am excited to read your articles on loving myself. As I read this article, I realized that I don’t love myself. I am looking forward to loving myself so I can serve and love God better. More power to you Bro. Bo. :)

  4. one way of loving where i show love for myself.. is I treat myself on an early sleep in the middle of a very very busy week..

  5. Dear bro BO,
    Thank for this articles very interesting,i cant wait to read them all..i been reading your books.I been to one your talks here in LA ..Its been a long time..anyways your are right How can we give things if we dont have it..Its been long journey and recovery for me.but i do understand things now in my life> I thank god for evrything.Your sharing is inspiration.God bless you and your family.I hope one day i will visit you in Philippines.Im excited.Thank you.

  6. dear Bo,
    thank u for a wonderful monday article.. i am looking forward for Four ways to love oneself. maybe this is why i feel empty, inspite of giving what i have and loving others too much! i realize i have neglecting myself!
    God bless.

  7. Brother Bo,

    I’ll hold you to your promise:
    ” I’ll share with you four powerful ways of loving yourself that will change your life forever…”
    I think I have destroyed my life
    I’m a born catholic but not practicing anymore
    I’m having legal counsel for an annulment
    I work long hours for too long that my presence isn’t felt
    that’s just top of the iceberg…
    In my own right,
    in the catholic realm,
    there are only two people I tend to listen to…
    Fr. Jerry Orbos and you…

    I hope I get word from you again…

  8. Oh! bro. Bo. thank you so much for this article… kailangan ko talaga ng ganitong message sa mga oras na ‘to.. salamat at nabasa ko ‘to thanks po… God always bless you! i relieved.

  9. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thanks so much for this inspring article..i really touched with these, i felt the same way..Hope to find more ways in your articles in loving self, to receive GOD’s love…^^

    God bless you more..and more…

  10. On the first day of the week it is wonderful and exciting to read your article Bo. Thank you so much that you make my day spiritually complete for the whole week. and it’s a blessing!

  11. Thank you Bro Bo for this soulf’ood on loving ourselves. I’ve been thinking, prioritizing and helping others for so long– it’s about time to love me and myself. Timely I was able to know you (which accidentally happened when watching TV on a Sunday R&R in Iloilo). I was a Catholic before, then I got into Christianism for several years until i became inactive for long, for so many reasons. Now I’m giving myself a chance to be with God, get into your teachings, the Kerygma, TRC, GodWhispers. Currently I’m overwhelmed and learning so much at the same time. My best!

  12. Pls Brother Bo, pls help me love myself .

  13. hello, bro bo! so grateful to have known you! your words, your kerygma tv, your books, always uplifts and inspired me… to God be the glory!!!

  14. Thank you so much for this article Bro. Bo. It enlightened me so much as well as affirmed my own opinion about loving oneself, as the bible verse says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I will share this with my husband. He has difficulty managing his anger. Once, I almost gave up on him. In the process of hurting himself in many ways, he also had hurt us his family. I always told him how I wish he would love himself so he can love us too.

  15. Thank you for this article. It gave me a clearer and deeper understanding of what loving oneself means.

    I am truly blessed with this perspective that you shared.

  16. Thank you Bo, for making us realize to love ourselves, to love others more!

  17. Dear Bro. Bo,

    Thanks for the insight. Really need your prayers. God bless you

  18. Thank you Bro Bo for an enlightening advice to me on this particularly during this time when I encounter such mountains of challenges. God bless you and your ministry.

  19. thanks Bro Bo!
    Truly it is by love of God that we are able to love.

    May we learn to love ourselves and accept the love God wants us to receive.

    Blessings are coming if we’ll remain open to His love and say Yes to his will.


  20. Thank you for this wonderful message.

  21. Thank you Brod Bo sa mga mensahe mo and you are truly anointed Christian. God will bless you more. Praise the Lord!

  22. Thank you for this article…and for the upcoming articles! =D

  23. thanks bro bo, im looking forward to read those articles coz i realized i need to learn on how to really love myself..keep on inspiring!God bless….

  24. Hi Bro. Bo, Thanks for this inspiring articles..I looked forward for the next articles..I am very excited to read on it..Be blessed!…

  25. This one I need so badly. Thanks for sharing, Bro Bo. Thanks for your healing, my Jesus!

  26. That is the power of Romans 5:17, to those who received God’s abundant grace and are freely put right with him will RULE in life through CHRIST.

  27. Another inspiring Monday. Thanks for sharing this article once again, Bro Bo. God bless.

  28. you’re right Bo. I killed myself. I killed my dreams for my husband’s dreams to come true. I forgot myself. And now I am so empty that I don’t know how to start and feel the love of God. Your article is very inspiring. “When we don’t love ourselves, our love tanks cause painful emotions to rise. So we may stop one addiction only to replace it with another, perhaps a more hidden addiction.” You are right. Thank you for this article. I need to take care of myself and love myself so I can take care and love others as well. .. Thank you and God Bless us all always! :)

    Thank you very much!for the inspirational message about loving myself…please may the Godbless u always…for continuing sharing your gifts of wisdom..


  30. LIKED!:) the more i love my self the more i loved bro bo! hehehehe God Bless u more bro bo.

  31. I thank God and give God all the Glory for giving Wisdom to Bro Bo to share week after week such lovely messages. WOG is only understood by those who have WISDOM from GOD.

    May the name of God be praised and glorified by all who know His Name. (Bro Bo do you know the name of the Father) May Jesus Christ his Son teach us to humble ourselves as we beleive and confess that he is our only saviour and that he is the Son of God and May the Joy of the Holy Spirit and Grace of our Blessed Mother be with us all. AMEN

  32. Brod bo,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful
    Message,realy need your prayer..God Bless you.

  33. Wow very inspiring..thank’s a lot for giving and giving us abundance to love and to be loved by our ownself.

    Your such a great miracle from us. :-)

  34. Big Tnx bro Bo for sharing this ‘old new inspiring’ article of yours.
    More power and may you keep on inspiring and informing us.
    GODBLESS us all.

  35. Thank you Bo…
    Just want to ask.. Could it b possible that worry and fear be an addiction?

  36. Thanks Bro. Bo for guiding our lives with d fruit of your wisdom. Thanks GOD for sending you to us. In JESUS NAME !

  37. thank you Bo for the valuable insights,it really helps!

  38. Thank you Bo. Im looking forward to the next issue 😀 Loving the self to deny the self …

  39. we should love the mix of being a saint and a sinner in oneself … agree , change for the better and continue the goodness … GOD is always and will always be loving us …

    thank bro ..

  40. Thanks Br. Bo, for sharing this wonderful & very inspiring

    article. God bless you always!

  41. Thank you Bro. Bo for sharing this to us. God bless you more & more😇🙏

  42. Thank you brother Bo… You are truly a blessing. May you still prosper to help others, and may God grant my wish to be like you in His time.

  43. Thank you Brother Bo. Because of this article I found what’s missing in my life.

    May God always bless you so that you will to continue to bless other people.

  44. Thank you Bro. Bo:
    This article is quite wonderful and inspiring one. This really touched my heart and i dont know why tears fell on my eyes while i was reading this.
    Maybe this touched something in my inner soul.
    Thank you so much and may this one touch also others through your spiritual talks like this one.
    May others be blessed also. God bless….

  45. Salamat Bro. Bo for this nice article. Yes, I’m a sinner and a saint. Tao lang ako, I have flaws and surely hindi ako perfect. Thanks for reminding me to love myself, and for reminding me that God, our Father loves me even though I’m a sinner. Itong pag-ibig na to mula sa Diyos keeps me inspired everyday, striving to be good everyday. Focusing on the good, on the positive. Thanks for helping me out along the way. Yung mga articles mo gives inspiration and guidance to me. Thank you.

  46. Thank you so much for this article. It’s really inspiring. I have been hard on myself for so long and haven’t accepted the sinner and the saint within me. I always tend to dwell on the sinner within me that’s why I keep on feeling that i’m not worthy of God’s love. This article reminded me that the love of God is stronger than I could ever imagine. Thank you again Bo.

  47. Thank you Bro. Bo! GOD BLESS :)

  48. Dear Mr. Bo:

    I have been watching your videos and presentation lately that is after I already had a terrible fight with my wife, if only I knew that it existed before I could have reacted properly. Now I’m trying to leave it behind and move on, but it’s not that easy, for I keep recalling the bad things she said about me, as if I did not do anything good for the last 12 years that we been together, that all those times are all failures. I’m not that evil, yes I admit I made honest mistakes and sinned unintentionally but I’ve done some good things too, perhaps 60% bad 40% good, is that reasonable enough to tell me that I’m a worthless piece of shit ?

    She have forgiven me she says, but most often she will berate me and remind me of all the bad things I have done to her and she will cry to the point I’m lost and don’t know where to stand. I already asked forgiveness and said sorry before and then again and again every time she would berate and nag me. She weighs every word and act I do, if it does not suit her taste, she then berates me, so where do I go now it’s becoming a cycle and I’m getting tired of being told how bad I was, finally I decided to leave and keep quiet. I talk to her when there are important things to discuss like money matters for I still give my financial support for my children.

    I want to move on and have started following your advices of being good all the time, it’s not that easy but eventually I will get there, right now I’m keeping a distance with my wife so she will not see me that often and not remind her of the past bad things. I don’t want to lose my control and say bad things of her, but my patience have limitations too, as much as I try to be positive about everything, there are times when negative thoughts passes by.

    It’s been a year already; the berating is still there and same words I still hear from her like before. I don’t listen to those words anymore, I ignore them and I have decided to be happy no matter what she says about me. “Love thy self”

    I’m sorry I just wanted to write down what I felt.
    Thank you very much, God Bless.


  49. “Thank you, Lord for this another wonderful article. Thank you Lord for making Sir Bo Sanchez Your channel towards us.”

    Sir Bo,

    Praise the Lord for your God given talent in sharing His Words and become our inspiration to live and follow Christ as our savior and redeemer.

    We love you so much. We pray for more sharing and that through these, we are able appreciate more and live within His will. God bless you and your ministry.


  50. ThNk you for the lovely and very eye opening message dear Mr Bo… Indeed “we cannot give what we don’t have” for the self or anybody….around us…bless you…I pray that more people will think and meditate on this point/subject so they/we can understand it fully…and be able to lead a good and happy self and life….thus being a model…..

  51. Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring message about “loving yourself”. I can understand now why loving myself first is important before I can able to love God and others. Keep on inspiring many soul. God bless and more power!

  52. Bro Bo you said that the next four weeks, I’ll share with you four powerful ways of loving yourself that will change your life forever…

    I am really waiting this brother………………………….

    God bless you all the time.

  53. Hi Bro Bo.Thank you for helping me IN to be love by my self.My old is a sinner and a saint forms in me now.Thank you LOJ and to all Kerygma Preachers…GOd blessUs all;)

  54. Hi Bro Bo. Thank you so much for reminding me to love a sinner and a saint within. I had been trying to . . . . . but it appears that the picture of a sinner always overshadow the saint. I pray that God will teach and lead me to His Godly will. I am looking forward for your next article the four powerful ways of loving yourself. You are great God bless!!!!!!!

  55. Sir Bo, You really are a great God’s instrument.. I thank God and I thank you

  56. Hi Bro Bo –

    I do thank God for there is one Bo Sanchez HE is using to help enlighten the minds of people particularly me. I do hate myself a lot from the time i was born maybe. I deny myself to a lot of materials benefits since childhood and give it to relatives, friends, in need though strangers. Until i reach this age of mine. Hatred in me became stronger when my son passed away in 2002 at the age of 15 and now the more i hate myself when my husband passed away recently. I feel i am a failure though i still have 2 daughters. How can i love GOD if i hate myself.? I always welcome death in me, failures in business because we are victims of circumstances ..why? because my husband is too kind, forgiving to people cheating us. That’s fine with me, but why can’t i love myself. I feel i do not have that dignity that GOD gives his children on earth. Hope i can forgive my self too and forgive the people who had hurt me. Thank you and be blessed always. A lot of people need your guidance…Thank you.. ESG

  57. bro.thank you very much for sending me a inspirational message!may the God bless you always!

  58. Bro Bo,

    its great, thanks for this article. Hope for more,more articles to live by. More blessings to you and to your love ones

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