It’s In Your Brain


Let me explain to you why writing down your dreams works.

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re in a party.  It’s noisy.  Lots of chatter, laughter, and loud music.  But from the other side of the room, you hear someone whisper your name.

Thank your reticular activating system (or RAS) for this phenomenon.  It’s a filtering mechanism at the base of your brain that sorts through the entire tidal wave of visual, sensory and auditory stimuli you receive.

The RAS is also what allows a mother to sleep through the noise of cars honking outside her home.  The RAS tells her to ignore these irrelevant sounds.  But the second her baby cries, she’s up.  This time, the RAS dictates, “That’s important.  Wake up!”

Let me give you another example.

When my wife was pregnant some years ago, we were strolling in a mall.  She said to me, “Bo, did you notice that there are so many pregnant women here, much more than before?” I just laughed because it wasn’t true.  Since she was pregnant, her RAS focused on all the expecting mothers who were walking around the mall.  When she wasn’t pregnant, she wasn’t noticing them.

It’s the same thing when you write down your dreams. Your RAS zeroes in on the many things that will contribute to the fulfillment of that dream.


You’ll See The Ingredients Of Your Dream

Fall Into Place Like A Jigsaw Puzzle Right Before Your Eyes


Someone asked me, “When I pray, can’t I just say, ‘Lord, just give me whatever You want to bless me with’?  Why do we have to specify what we want?”

Sure you can pray that way.

But I think there should be times when we pray with more specificity.  When I do, I see the ingredients that I need fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle right before my eyes.  And it’s beautiful.

So write down your dream.  Put down on paper what you want to happen in your life and present it to God.


May your dreams come true,


Bo Sanchez


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