Is it Possible to have the Wealth of a Millionaire And the Heart of a Monk?

Hi Friends!
I hope you enjoyed my last email and blog post. It was the Preface of my newest book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. Below is my “second instalment” (I plan to give you one more instalment next week). I’ll be pasting below the “Dedication” and the “Forward” of the book. It’s a special dedication, not to my wife, mother, kids, etc. I’m dedicating my book to the people I want to help with this book…


  • I’m writing this book to the father who wakes up at night wondering how to earn more money to pay for his kids’ rising tuition fees.
  • I’m writing to the mother who gets acidic in her stomach every time the phone rings because creditors are calling up for her late debt payments.
  • I’m writing to desperate parents who’ve been working abroad for years–away from their growing children–and yet wonder why they still haven’t saved anything.
  • I’m writing to the married daughter who wants to help her ageing mother’s medical expenses but can’t because her salary isn’t even enough for her own family’s needs.
  • I’m writing to the single man in his thirties whose girlfriend is asking when would they get married but can’t even plan one because he’s still paying for his younger siblings’ schooling.
  • I’m writing to the supervisor who’s tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, without any savings whatsoever.
  • I’m writing to the employee whose salary isn’t even enough for her transportation to the office because of all the debt payments being deducted each month.
  • I’m writing to the manager who is fifty years old and who wants to retire early but can’t–because she has debts that will shrink her retirement pay to almost nothing.
  • I’m writing to the 65 year old retiree who has to live on his monthly pension from the SSS that can’t even pay for his daily medication.
  • I’m writing to the spiritual leader who wants to help her members who are poor and who often ask for her help, but can’t because her income isn’t enough.
  • I’m writing to the entrepreneur who’s failing in his business and wonders what he’s done wrong and what he should do next.
  • I’m writing to the Filipinos who are tired of the Philippines as a Third World country and dream of a First World Philippines for their children and grandchildren.
  • I’m writing to the spiritual person who is torn by his desire to help others financially and his wanting to remain pure, simple, detached, trusting, and non-materialistic in his attitude towards life.

Friend, I dedicate this book to you.


Is It Possible To Have
The Wealth Of A Millionaire
And The Heart Of A Monk?

Then the LORD your God will make you most prosperous
in all the work of your hands…
Deuteronomy 30:9

This is unlike any other book you’ve ever read about money.
In these pages, I propose to you a way of life where you can be open to money and wealth yet your soul is free from greed and materialism.
I propose to you a way of life where you create material abundance yet remain detached, pure, and loving in your heart and inner purpose.Is that possible, you ask, to have the wealth of a millionaire and the heart of a monk at the same time?
My answer is a resounding yes!
I’m not going to kid you: It will be difficult.
But is that surprising? Nothing of great achievement comes easy.
Why Be Rich Anyway?
This question is crucial.
In fact, there are religious people out there ready to crucify me now–because they think there is only one reason why people want to be rich: Because of greed.
“What has happened to Bo?” they ask, “He’s gone over to the Devil’s side. He’s now preaching materialism.”Friends, I can’t and will never preach materialism.
Believe me, I’ve seen materialism in the depths of my soul and smelled its stench. I’ve seen it at work in the hearts of those I try to help everyday, and I saw how materialism eats her children alive. Materialism promises heaven but delivers hell. It’s a faceless monster that destroys persons, families, and nations.
No, wealth can never answer the deepest longings of our soul.
Only love can do that.
Only God can do that.
So what is a preacher like me writing a book about money?

I Don’t Want You To Be Rich;
I Want You To Be Truly Rich

Why stop at being rich?
Why not go all the way to become Truly Rich?
When you’re Truly Rich, you’re not only wealthy with your money. You’re wealthy in all other areas of your life: Love, Family, Spirituality…
For example, I don’t even look rich at all.Despite now having 16 sources of income flowing to my life, I still live a simple life. Because I want to!
My wife and I still live in a tiny house built on a 65-square meter property. It’s so small, I can close the windows and open the fridge and you’d think we have centralized air-conditioning. I tell our visitors to visit us two-by-two so that they can fit.
But according to Thomas Stanley in his bestselling book, The Millionaire Next Door, most millionaires in America live in simple homes located in simple neighbourhoods.
Our home is in a third class subdivision that doesn’t even have running water. Yes, there are places forgotten by time in civilized Manila. Dig under our street, and there are no water pipes under the ground–just like in Ancient Mesopotamia. We have to order at P150 per delivery truck.
So we hate our home and neighborhood, right?
I cannot describe to you how we love it here.

The Lifestyle Of
The Rich & Faithful

I’ve learned to measure wealth not just by how much money I have but by how much of that money is controlled by love.
Let me tell you my story.
When I was 12 years old, I had a spiritual conversion.
I met God and He rocked my world.
Part of that conversion was tithing.
I decided to give a tithe or 10% of my daily allowance to God.
That was difficult.After all, Mom gave me P2 a day–not enough for an ice cream cone, which was P2.50 per scoop. So giving 20 centavos was a real sacrifice.
But I did it and learned a lifestyle that would never leave me to this day.
In the Old Testament, people were called to tithe, but in the New Testament, we’re called to give from our joyful hearts. And when you’re joyful, you tend to give more!
After 28 years of giving, I now earn enough to the point that I give 40% of my income to God and to the poor. (Hey. I know I’ll lose a few rewards in Heaven for telling you how much I give. But I don’t care. I want to inspire people to give more to God and the poor.)
This is why I say I’m Truly Rich: because I’m a giver.
I’m far from becoming a millionaire in dollar figures. (One day, I’ll reach that point too. Just wait.) But it’s of secondary importance to me.
Here’s my real dream: To do a reverse tithe.
From giving 40% of my income to God and the poor, I want to earn so much that I can give 90%–and live on the remaining 10%. (Yes, I’ve got it all plotted out, written down in a 15-page Dream Book that I’ve been reading each morning for 10 years now. It’s been incredibly accurate. If God blesses my business plans, I’ll be able to do that by the year 2037. That’s only a few decades from now. That’s why I believe God has indeed given us the power to create our destiny.)
Hey, this is me.
I’m not in anyway imposing my dream on you. I’m not even saying that you should give 40% of your income to God and the poor. That’s my personal decision. My life has been so involved in ministry and service, I know its many needs. That’s why I made that my dream.
But this is my challenge to you: Earn to give.
And it’s true, God will bless the giver more than he can imagine.

You’ve Been Tricked

So friends, I’ve conned you.
I’ve tricked you into buying this book, 8 Secrets Of The Truly Rich.
This book isn’t about being rich only.
This book is about being rich so that you can give your wealth to God and let Him do what He wishes with it.
The title of the book should be 8 Secrets Of The Rich Who Believe That The Ultimate Purpose Of Wealth Is To Love.
Okay, that’s too long.That’s why I didn’t use it.
Friends, this book isn’t about greed. It’s about the opposite of greed.
This book isn’t about materialism. It’s deeply spiritual.
This book isn’t even a book but God’s Recruitment Manual.God is recruiting people who will join a new force in this world.
I call this group God’s New Breed Of True Millionaires.
It’s really up to you if you want to join.
I’m not going to fool you.
It’s going to be tough. It will require your unflinching commitment. You’ll get bloodied up. You’ll get mangled. You’ll wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night. You’ll do so many things out of your comfort zone, you’ll forget what the phrase “comfort zone” means.
If you’ve got what it takes, then welcome.
You’re in for a great journey.
In the next page is a Membership Form for God’s New Breed Of True Millionaires. Fill it out. Sign it. And “give” it to God. (Pin it on your wall so you see it everyday.)
By the way, I’ve submitted my application papers ten years ago.
And in the next few pages, I’m going to tell you the thrilling experience of how I became Truly Rich…

Hope you were thrilled at the preview.

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I I’m sharing to you some inspiring letters from my readers:“Didache changed my life…”

“Just to let you know that I really enjoyed reading the Didache since 2003 when my cousin from there (the Philippines) gave me a copy. I actually asked friends or relatives to always buy me a copy (since then). Since I started reading the Didache a lot of things changed in my life. I know I am close to Him already but now, more so. I just attended a Christian Life Program here in our community and I am continue seeking for more.

I really can’t explain what your Didache did to me or was it my “calling”? I want to be of service and continue to educate people how to be closer to God. God bless you always and you are a real inspiration to everybody.”


“Ano naman to?”

“I’ve been an avid reader of Didache. At first, if I’m not mistaken, that was two years ago, a good friend and counselor of mine bought a copy for me. ‘Twas the first time for me to touch Didache. I thought ’twas merely a handbook containing simple texts…something that would not catch my attention. I even murmured…”Ano naman ‘to?” But of course, as a sign of appreciation and also, out of curiosity, I started reading it.

Surprise! It immediately attained its purpose.

Out of nowhere, something hit my mind, heart and soul. I didn’t know what it is and where it came from. All I knew and felt that moment was, I finally found the thingwhich could bring me closer to Him (during those moments, I was searchingfor things or events that would enrich my soul, discover my inner self andmeet the real me). In most simple words, *”Didache touched my life.”*

It has been my routine. Right after waking up in the morning, not yet evenwashing my face and brushing my teeth, I already look for my Didache. I readand reflect on it for a few minutes.

I am 21 (turning 22 this July). I just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Management last March 2006.

My friend, if you think I can be an instrument in spreading God’s words…if you can see that I have the potential to touch other people’s lives, please let me know and I am ready to accept the responsibility/challenges.”

– H.I.

(Can you see the pattern here? Someone gave them Didache,
and now they want to serve God!! )

“How could I have not thought of this before?”

“A friend of mine lent me a copy of your book “How to find your one true love”… and every word caught my attention. I couldn’t help it, I just had to have a copy of my own so I bought one also.

I’m only halfway through the book, yet I’ve already a lot of realizations. A lot of “Tama nga si Bo!”, “Gosh, oo nga naman!” and “How could I have not thought about this before?” reactions. I’m 25 years old, single but am not in a hurry to find the next one. I’m just taking my time off from a serious relationship, having only healed a broken heart , but I’m never shutting my door. Your book confirmed and affirmed my plans of just going out on friendly dates and meeting a lot of worthy guys. Thanks so much Bo for putting into simple words what should be done. Things that women are afraid to face (but have to face, anyway)…Simply put, thanks for the inspiration!”


Forward this to your friends and loved ones, specially those ABROAD and invite them to, where they can receive the next issues and much more blessings!