I Left My Meeting With Mike Velarde A Changed Man

I had a special blessing from God this morning.
I spent 3 beautiful, spiritually enriching hours with Bro. Mike Velarde, Founder of El Shaddai. (Thanks to my friend Chona Velasco for linking us together.)
I know. When some people think of Bro. Mike, they think of him only as that funny TV preacher with an accent wearing a red bowtie who makes his audience jump up and invert their umbrellas under the rain.
Don’t be fooled. God is using him to bless the world in a mighty way. You may not agree with his style, his accent, his wardrobe, or even his theology—but millions are drawn to God because of him.
Believe me, I can’t express how much he inspired me this morning.
Finally, I now know why millions gather at his feet every Saturday night (either physically or through his Radio and TV broadcast) to listen to him.
It was Cardinal Sin who asked Bro. Mike in one Luneta Grandstand El Shaddai prayer rally, “What do you have that I don’t have? I can’t draw this crowd, but you can.” His answer to the Cardinal: “This is pure grace from God, your Eminence.”
And I experienced that powerful grace this morning.
As he spoke to me, telling me simple stories of faith, I felt drawn to the Lord. I wanted to trust God more, to serve God more, and to love God more. That was the effect he had on me. And yes, the same effect on millions of others.
Next month, you’ll be able to watch a video of our entire conversation together—here in www.kerygmafamily.com (If you’re not yet a member of the kerygmafamily.com, just sign in, and you’ll be able to watch all these great videos. Membership is free anyway, because donations are totally optional.)
But let me summarize what I learned from Bro. Mike:
1) People need to know that God cares for us—body, soul, and spirit
Bro. Mike believes that God is interested not only with our spiritual needs, but also with our next meal. He cares for our material and physical needs as well. This comes out in his talks. I use a different approach, but I totally agree with him and preach in the same way.
2) People need rest in God’s Presence
He told me that the only time he heard God’s audible voice was when God told him, “Build a center where my people can rest.” At first, he thought it was a physical center. So he designed it, even had the Pope bless the plans, even had Cardinal Sin in the groundbreaking ceremony—but soon, he realized it wasn’t a physical center. It was El Shaddai where people would get their rest. Because the crowd would never fit any enclosed building anymore! Here’s what I picked him from him: From a very tiring week of work, people need to go to happy place with God. And that’s what happens in El Shaddai—people go home from these meetings refreshed and happy. I’ve noticed that my gatherings (The FEAST) have the same effect in people too. Church should be a place of rest and joy!
3) You need simple faith to do His work
Bro. Mike has a simple faith. I feel that it’s because of this simple faith that he can do all that he does. I need to cultivate this kind of faith in God if I want to be used more by Him. Sometimes, I get too complicated. I need to learn from him.
4) Be generous if you want to succeed in life
Bro. Mike is extremely generous. At one point in 1981, he gave his seed money (P50,000) to fund a huge charismatic gathering. He wasn’t preaching yet at that time. He just gave away his money. Until God asked him to form El Shaddai. I believe God is blessing him because of his generosity.
5) Love people—like really!
Bro. Mike loves people from the heart. I felt it. He welcomes both the poor and the rich in his office. Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Senators, and Generals seek his advice almost everyday. But in that same room, he also welcomes the poor, the sick, and terminally ill who need his prayer.

Bro. Mike Velarde is already 67 years old, but doesn’t look like it at all.
He still jogs everyday. Even when he travels, he sees to it that his hotel is beside a park for his daily exercise.
After 28 years of serving God, I asked him, “Do you ever feel tired?”
He smiled, “I feel that it’s just my first day with the Lord. I feel like I’m still 18.”
ut he also explained to me his weekly regimen, which is very sensible.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, he does his business—which is real estate. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he does his ministry work. On Fridays and Saturdays, he hides in Tagaytay to pray and prepare his weekly talk. On Saturday night, he delivers that talk to a massive crowd in El Shaddai. On Sunday, he rests at home—totally drained by the work he did the night before.
He adds, “Life is a choice. We can choose to be miserable, or we can choose to be happy in the midst of miserable circumstances.” I had to laugh. We almost use the exact words! It was as though I was hearing myself preach.
Hey, I’ve got to stop writing now. It’s 11:20pm and I’ve got sleep.
I have four meetings tomorrow. (Tell you about it.)
But watch for that video, okay?
See ya!

42 Responses to “I Left My Meeting With Mike Velarde A Changed Man”

  1. Hi, Bo!

    It’s really very encouraging, inspiring & heartwarming to see TRUE people of God joining together for one special purpose and that is to bring more & more people closer to the Father Almighty.

    May God continue to bless you more & may you & Mike continue to be an inspiration to a lot of people, esp. the lost ones. :)

    From: Cez Gonzales

  2. hope you guys bro. bo and mike see you preach in one grand prayer meeting or feast to bless many people! that’s my wish to God…luv yah both..

  3. when i read the line, “life is a choice”, I was stunned… it was as if you answered my question! well, you two are really heavensent… God bless! :grin

  4. i hav a talk tomorrow for singles and this article had just inspired me in a way. how i wish id get a chance to talk with thse two powerfully blessed men of God. When i read the line ‘life is a choice…” i laugh too. i use the same line sometimes…

  5. I have met both of you. We, preachers were with Bro Mike in Singapore do the everyday jogging and I met Bo in the Phils at the Our Lady of Grace Parish Caloocan City 8 years ago. You are both ANNOINTED SERVANTS of God. I claim also one time
    you will both preach in one big gathering so as the fire of serving God will remain among the God’s people.

  6. It’s really amazing how God use people or circumstances…when I read the line “Life is a choice…”, My confusion seem to banish…My decisions is right!!…to go home, be with my family and be Happy in the midst of miserable circumstances…
    Coming from both Br Bo and Br Mike…it’s really God’s Amazing Grace….

  7. u wil be in heaven soon! you are both great! pray for us sinners! help the needy and the poor as well.. and love others as you love yourself! Good day and God bless!

  8. I was a member of the EL SHADDAI community in Antique when I was 14 years old….after i graduated in college, I moved in Manila and became a member of the LOJ community.

    Though imperfect, the El Shaddai and LOJ molded me to be like Jesus…I couldn’t help but shed a tear of JOY for the inspiration and unconditional love of our brothers and sisters ….plus, my parents by acquisition have given me.

    It melts my heart to read this article….
    It is refreshing and exciting to know that the two great leaders and humble servants of God unite for a huge mission.

    [B]”Duro gid nga salamat”[/B] (Thanks a lot)

    maggie magbanua :p

  9. Bro Mike & Bro Bo, are indeed the good servant of our Lord.. Everytime I read this kind of article my heart is full of joy & happiness. I love u both just continue helping the poor and preach the gud news. Thanks! God Bless U.
    Regards to all
    Kit :p

  10. I’ve been short tempered the past few days and having read this article enlightened me and at the same time I have the feeling that God speaks to me in Bro. Mike’s words that “Life is a choice . . ., thanks for the reminder! Choose to be HAPPY! You only have 1 life to live people!!! :grin

  11. until now, i still do have clouds of doubt regarding bro mike velarde’s real intentions…but i welcome the idea that he has real and good intentions…sana nga lang the consistency indeed manifests.

    yet, i thank GOD for bringing him into the midst of lonely people, unemployed, those who are broken-hearted, helpless, hopeless and those that are feeling miserable…Mike Velarde has a unique way of uplifting their spirits…doon sa ganung mga ways, we appreciate hi.sana nga to the true, and good benefit of the people…and really for the glory of GOD.

  12. LiVe a faNtastic Life! .. :eek

  13. ii always watch your show in channel 13 kahit napupuyat ako ok lang sana magtagal po yung show niyo kasi alam ko po like me marami pa kayong life na mababago through gods words ty!! :grin

  14. :)

    I’m really looking forward to that dialogue.

  15. Both of you have touched our lives in your messages and we can’t thank you enough for that.

    We believe that both of you are sent by God to bring more souls to Him and show them the way to salvation…more power to your ministry..and may our Almighty God showers you both with blessings and good health..

    We admire you both …

    Ces and Don

  16. Both of you have touched our lives in your messages and we can’t thank you enough for that.

    We believe that both of you are sent by God to bring more souls to Him and show them the way to salvation…more power to your ministry..and may our Almighty God showers you both with blessings and good health..

    We admire you both …

    Ces and Don

  17. Bro.Bo I am thankful to God for He made a way that the two of you met.Men of God whose intention is not a selfish motive but a selfless one to serve God.

    Before I got to attend the Kerygma feast I am already listening and watching prayer meetings of EL SHADDAI. Occassionally even attending to PICC before they move in to Paranaque.Bro. Bo. God touches my heart in that community when I have watched it during late night and I have a big family problem and it involves my mother. During those times my mom is in trouble but I prayed to God through that community and from then on my relationship to God becomes more intimate. I know many people experienced the same thing with the EL SHADDAI community.

    I believed bro. Mike made the faith a simpler one and that’s why people listen to Him. He uses words of God where in people can understand more and they can apply in a practical way of life.One more thing I appreciate is when bro. Mike talks He never utter bad words against His critics in politics,media and moslty other religious leaders. He always told the followers to pray for them and even prayed for them as God said “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES”. One more thing He always said that don’t believe in me, but trust and believe in Jesus the Lord for he said he is also a sinner like us.That touches my heart because he dont get the approval for his personal intentions but for the glory of God.

    And I am very happy cause it is like a Father and Son(not the quantifying the years of service to God but the age) talking together on how to spread the word of God around the world more. It is an inspiring to all of us that church leaders are uniting and not criticizing one another.

    Lastly, I believed it is not bad to be rich (of course in a righteous way) because you can’t give what you don’t have right?So better for our church leaders to be successful in their business to give more for the glory of God.

    Godbless to both of you Brothers….

    just call me Peter of San Juan,MM :p

  18. Truly, both of them are God’s gift to us, sinners. I hope that both of them would have Bro. Stanley Villavicencio as their guest speaker in the future. The miracle that happened to him was recognized by Vatican.

  19. i was inspired and it makes me feel that even though life is ful of problems.,, God is thre willing to help and make us happy…we just have to call Him ang acknowlwge his presence.Godspeed

  20. i was inspired and it makes me feel that even though life is ful of problems.,, God is thre willing to help and make us happy…we just have to call Him and acknowledge his presence.Godspeed

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  22. when I was younger i was delusioned to become as greatr as these two spiritual speakers and leaders. But due to repetitive backsliding I became a spiritual cynic. it is hard to return to God. Now I have to start again- by listening to these two mentors.. thanks bro- for humbling me thru your story.

  23. I’ve taken lots of personal notes from Bro Mike Velarde’s prayer meetings and these have greatly given me insights into the Word of God; and how we can practice these. I’m glad to see the synergy between Bro Bo and him in propagating the Word to more people.

    I enjoin everyone to pray for both these brothers of ours that the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen them and be wiser in effectively preaching to all nations.

    God bless them both!

    Halal el shadday!


  24. Glory to God! Bro. Mike and Bro. Bo, I’m very thankful to the LORD OUR GOD that he gave you to us to send a good words from GOD and inspired us and to heal our soul.

  25. Praise the LORD Bro.Bo and Bro. Mike I am really blessed by the word of GOD keep up the good work amen.

  26. Bro Mike and Bro Bo you are both instrumental to my spriritual growth. I am an El Shaddai member here in
    Pittsburg, CA and I remember Bro Mike Velarde spoke of the Philippines to be the richest country in the world…tayo ang magpapa-utang sa maraming bansa.
    Basta’t magka-isa lang tayo at mag-patawaran. Under GMA, Philippines is gaining global recognition in many facets of life. Let’s pray for our President to be guided by the HOLY SPIRIT in all her decisions. Pasalamat tayo, may gobyerno pa ang Pilipinas…Mahal tayo ng Diyos dahil di Niya tayo dinamay sa tsunami….maniwala tayo sa PANGINOON na hinihirang NIYA ang bawat Pangulo ng isang bansa ( di ako sigurado sa Middle East) kaya we need to love and respect GMA, our President…

  27. hi,

    im a fan of Bro Velarde, may i know how can i reach him so i can watch his teachings online.



  28. zup?


    Si bro. mike po ay talagang God’s gift sa lahat ng nakasumpong kay Yahweh El Shaddai..

    more powers Bro. Mike Z. Velarde and Bro. Bo Sanchez…


  29. Hi guys, i am both a member of LOJ and an avid attendee of El Shaddai prayer meetings every Tuesday and Saturdays at Amvel Park, San Dionisio.

    For those wanting to hear more of Bro. Mike’s teachings, DWXI 1314 am is now online.

    Go to http://www.eradioportal.com, select LUZON, and AM station, then select 1314AM and you can now listen to Bro. MIke’s preachings online as well as his other radio programs.

    God bless Bro. Bo and Bro. MIke, two real servants of God, God bless their ministries!!!!!

  30. Before I was conceived my mom attend prayer meetings of El Shaddai. I just became a punctual attendee of prayer meetings when I started my college years. Bro. Mike’s preach is much easier to understand and he clarifies whatever that is wtitten in the holy bible. When he preaches he’s like a child who asks questions, which I am also like one when I first read the bible. Moreover, he has a sense a humor which I like the most :) If you are an intelligent person when you hear him talk you’ll really tell yourself that he is a man full of wisdom and he is a no nonsense person to talk to. He really helped me opened my mind to the importance of God’s words :)

    Bro. Bo & Mike, you are truly an inspiration to us! Keep going and God Bless.

  31. Thak you bro. Bo,

  32. Bro. Mike is really sincere in his teachings. Sa dinami dami po ng pinagdaanan nyang criticisms, hnd pa rn sya natitinag dahil alam kong sinasamahan sya ni Lord.

    Maraming salamat sa diyos, dahil kung walang bro. Mike ay wala ring milyun-milyong buhay na nabago!

    If you are still in doubt about the real intention of bro. Mike and el shaddai (philippines) ministry, believe me, he’s really a man of god.

    Just put in your mind that in el shaddai, walang sapilitan! So why you have to doubt? Try to listen to bro. Mike and to the teachings of his ministry, el shaddai.

    El shaddai programs:

    DWXI 1314khz AM band – 4:30 am to 12:00 midnight everyday (except when it is a live broadcast during special occassions)
    DWXI also have a live internet streaming @ http://www.eradioportal.com
    just select luzon on area and click dwxi.

    TV programs:
    IBC 13: 8:00am-11:00am every Saturday and 10:30pm-1:00am every Sunday night.
    It also has program on TFC (The Filipino Channel) Worldwide (kindly check the schedule on their tfc website)
    And maybe (but im not sure), it also has program on TV Maria, a local cable TV network operated and launched by the Catholic Church in the Philippines, together with the big contribution of El Shaddai.

    And, El Shaddai is always giving away printed, colored magazines for FREE to know more about updates and activities of the ministry. just visit their office or the nearest chapter to ask for a copy.

  33. More powers to both of you, Bro. Mike Velarde and Bro. Bo Sanchez! Hope to see and hear your talks again in el shaddai.

    You are all invited on the month-long celebration of the El Shaddai silver jubilee and opening of the El Shaddai College of the Divine Wisdom starting on July 22 to august 22, 2009.

    Two biggest anniversary gatherings:
    August 20, 2009
    Dedication of the temple: El Shaddai (Shrine) International House of Prayer
    Venue: AMVEL City, Brgy. San Dionisio, Sucat, Paranaque City

    August 22-23, 2009
    Grand and final Overnight 25th year anniversary celebration
    Venue: Quirino Grand Stand Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines

    Hope to see you there!

  34. I definitely felt bad since yesterday because of temper flare up. But the line Life is a choice…..makes me jolt out of it. Not 100% yet but i am slowly getting there.

    Thanks for a beautiful message.

  35. CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida I congratulate Efren for being awarded as CNN hero of the year. He deserves the recognition because he worked and helped a lot of needy Filipinos. But in RP there are a lot of unsung heroes. First and foremost are Fathers and mothers who have to leave their families to work abroad so they can earn money and send to their families. There are so many OFW’s who work and work, but don’t have a chance of settling for good in the country they are working. OFW’s send a lot of money to the Philippines but they are not given enough protection from abusive employers. These are our thousands upon thousands of unsung heroes.

  36. Love is sweeter the second time around. This maybe the case for the leader of the political party Bangon Bagong Pilipinas Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva. The Jesus Is Lord Church Spiritual Director once again will try to line himself up as one of the candidates in the 2010 Philippine Presidential Election. Will he win this time?

    Let’s have some facts. According to Wikipedia, the Jesus Is Lord Church has the figure of five million members worldwide that will boost up his candidacy. However, this membership includes ages 3-17 years of age which are not eligible to vote. We don’t have the count of this age group. Let’s say 1 millions, so he still have 4 million.

    He can get some help from the Evangelical groups in the Philippines. There is a group which is against the leadership of Bro. Eddie which is the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches being led by Ephraim Tendero. I don’t know the reason why this group loves the evil than the godly candidate? Bro. Eddie can probably get 2 million from the evangelical churches excluding the JIL. So he has now 6 million. I can’t see where he can get the rest of the votes. This is why it is important for Bangon Bagong Pilipinas to have a vice president candidate that will carry at least 2 million votes for the party.

    Let’s us answer the question: Who is Brother Eddie Villanueva? As a Filipino, Bro. Eddie has the compassion for the people that he is willing to step down from his comfort zone just to serve them.

    As for me, I will be helping the cause of Bro. Eddie Villanueva. He is the only hope for the suffering Filipinos.

  37. Bro. Bo, thank you so much for taking your time interviewing Bro. Mike Velarde. God changed my life because of Bro. Mike for preaching the word of God. Explaining the gospel verse by verse in a very simple way, so that people could easily understand. I can’t thank you enough for what you did. You just confirmed that Bro. Mike Velarde is a God’s Blessing to millions and millions of filipino people.

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    NS, Canada

  38. I love the fact that you look up Bro. Mike Velarde. He is also a servant of God like you. I believe in what he is doing in El Shaddai as I also attended some of the meetings in Luneta Grand Stand. What I noticed both of you, are your sweet smiles and good laugh…..I love it!

  39. how i wish someday God will use me the same he uses both of u..Greatest preachers of this century..i envy both of u bcoz u have the power to show the lord how grate he is and loving…love u both of u..praise jesus 4 ever n ever..thanks..a look at u makes me happy..

  40. I have been an army of El Shaddai and due to my busy work skeds, I am not able to serve that much anymore. I truly miss praising for El Shaddai. But it is such a heartwarming and touching feeling, to know that two people who are one with God come together and share their insights on faith. Problems seem to be a walk in the park hearing each others words, for truly your words come from our God. God bless you Bro Bo, and Bro Mike.

  41. Both Bo Sanchez and Velarde are all talk but no substance.

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