As you know, I’m the crazy guy who wants everyone to be multimillionaires.  I don’t only “want” it to happen, I actually created a step-by-step program for everyone to become multimillionaires.  It’s called the TrulyRichClub.  The Goal of the Club: To Make Good People Rich.   And I’m happy to report that thousands of ordinary people are already on their way to becoming multimillionaires.


         BUT with the same breath, I also teach people how to be happy apart from material wealth.  Or they’ll NEVER be happy, no matter how rich they become…


Epicurusonce said, Whoever does not regard what he has as ample wealth, is unhappy, though he be the master of the world.


People think that happiness is expensive.  If you look at the list below, they seem to be right!


Buffet lunch at Shangrila Hotel                                     P1,800

Wearing a pair of Ferragamo shoes                                P12,000

Driving, or being driven, in a brand-new Lexus                P3.5 M

Lying beside a pool in cool Polo shorts                           P4,000

Checking the time in a Rolex                                         P400,000

Malling in a Lacoste shirt                                     P4,000

Seeing the glint of a one karat diamond ring (average)      P500,000

Walking in a party in an elegant Armani suit           P100,000

Cuddling up in a Marks and Spencers pajamas                P4,500

Daubing the scent of Estee Lauder perfume, small bottle   P3,000

Travelling in ‘business class’ instead of ‘tourist’ (U.S)     $3,000


There are people I know who don’t think that happiness is expensive.  But what they do is awesomely enriching.  For them, happiness means:

                  Being quiet in prayer for 10 minutes each morning                   P0.0

           Giving a glass of water to the postmen and garbage collector P0.0

           Laughing with friends                                                                    P0.0

           Calling up my friend and asking how he is doing                       P0.0

           Reading a good book.  (Borrow one!)                                          P0.0

           Visiting an Elderly Home and listening to the stories of a Lola P0.0

           Taking a quiet walk with a loved one and holding hands          P0.0

           Choosing to sleep-in until 10:00 AM one Saturday morning     P0.0

           Cooking popcorn and holding a songfest with the kids             P100.00

           Giving roses to a friend (from market) with an original poem     P100.00

           Wrestling with an 8 year old son, and letting him win                 P0.0

  Making love with your spouse                                                      P0.0


         Know that happiness isn’t only for millionaires.


Let me ask you:  What simple joys do you regularly take in your life similar to those mentioned above?


Make a list of other inexpensive pleasures you want to try.  Take your calendar and schedule some of these activities in the coming week.  If you don’t do this, there’s a big chance that you’d forget about these not-so-urgent but very important “celebrations of life”. 


You’re More Than Your Wealth


Jonathan Pond said, Living beneath your means is the only route to take to enjoy a secure and comfortable standard of living throughout your working and retirement years.  Living beneath your means isn’t a suggestion.  It’s an imperative.


I’m now earning a lot through my many businesses; Yet I still own very few things today.  Reason: 90% of the time, I only buy what I need, not what I want.  And 10% of the time, I give myself a few luxuries and buy what I want.  This financial habit makes me have much more to invest in my Stock Market investments and much more to invest in the Kingdom–through tithes and alms.


Why do I have this financial attitude?  Because I am more than the brand of my watch, the logo of my shoes, or the name of my car.  I believe that if in my soul, I deeply respect and value myself, people around me will sense that, and they too will value and respect me–whether I’m wearing an armani or not.


My friend told me that he bought a pair of jeans.  Cost?  P12,000 each.


I nearly fell to the floor.


Because last week, I just bought a really nice one for P800. 


I admit it may not look as cool as my friend’s P12,000 pair.  But I don’t think people will love me less than that guy.  (Disclosure: My most expensive pair is P3000.  So I’m no cheapskate either.  I enjoy and appreciate good, durable things as blessings from God.)


         Two years ago, my friend bought a brand new luxury car worth P7 Million.  Practically the same time I bought my own second-hand luxury car too.  I wanted bigger legroom at the backseat and smoother ride–so I could continue writing my articles on my laptop–while my driver circumnavigates Manila traffic.


Price tag?  P600,000.


Again, let me clarify: I’m not saying no one should ever buy a P7M brand new luxury car.  Life is too complex to pontificate general rules for simplicity.  (Perhaps when I’m a billionaire, I’ll end up buying one.)


         This essay isn’t about giving you rules of simplicity but attitudes of simplicity.


         Before you buy anything, first think of the amount of money, energy, and time you’ll need to maintain it, dust it, insure it, clean it, protect it, and fix it.


         Believe me.  You are more than your wealth.


Let me ask you: Do you feel a need to impress others by what you wear?  Do you feel an attachment to material things?


Search for people you know who aren’t attached to material things but are happy, loving, and free.  Interview them.  Get some tips from them.  Be inspired by them.  And pray for this grace.


         May your dreams come true,




         Bo Sanchez


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