Your Size Doesn’t Matter;

What Matters Is The Size Of Your Dream

I just read the biography of John Gokongwei, The Path of Entrepreneurship.

It’s an incredible story.

Did you know that on his 80th birthday, he gave away half of his billions to charity? I want to do exactly the same thing when I reach 80. (I’ve got a few more years to earn my billions.)

A few weeks ago, I visited San Carlos University in Cebu.

I saw first hand a beautiful, massive school building donated by John Gokongwei–to the tune of P150 Million. He’s also donated other buildings to Ateneo de Manila and Sacred Heart School in Cebu.

Not bad for a guy who was selling peanuts at the backyard of his home.

Actually, John Gokongwei was born to a rich family. His father owned a chain of movie houses. A chauffeur drove him to school. And in school, he had lots of friends because he would invite them to watch movies for free.

But when he was 13, his father suddenly died of typhoid. Because his father’s empire was built on credit, they lost everything–the businesses, the house, the cars…

“When the free movies disappeared, I lost half of my friends,” he said.

When John had to walk 2 miles to school for the first time, he cried to his mother. But she said, “You should feel lucky. Some people have no shoes to walk to school.”

The 13-year-old John was forced to work.

He woke up at 5am to bike to the market with his basket of goods. There he set up a tiny table to sell soap, candles, and thread.

In 1943, he expanded his business. From Cebu, he would transport tires on a small boat called a batel to Manila. That was a five-day journey! And in Manila, he would buy goods he could bring back and sell in Cebu.

Fast forward today and John Gokongwei leads a multi-billion empire consisting of Cebu Pacific, Sun Cellular, Universal Robina, Robinsons malls, and a host of other companies. (I like Jack n Jill snacks, so I’m a fan.)

How did that happen? How could Cebu Pacific (the airline that made flights so affordable) start from selling peanuts? How could Robinsons malls start from a tiny table in a palengke?

Simple: John Gokongwei started small but dreamt big. His dream was so powerful, it fueled his daily life. He worked hard to make his dreams come true.

And that’s a universal principle you can bring to the bank.

Do you want to succeed in life?

Start small, dream big.

1) Start Small

I know one very impatient person who did the very opposite: He liked to start big. I saw this man everyday. When? When I see the mirror!

Yes, this is my weakness, and I’ve paid dearly for it. But I’m learning. Here’s the reason why we need to start small: Because at the start of our learning curve, we will fail. You can bet your life on that. Beginners will fail, period. But if we start small, our failures won’t crush us. But if we start big right away, our failures will be big too, and we may give up. Believe me, in my businesses, I’ve lost millions because I didn’t know how to start small. I will never forget this lesson because of my very high tuition fees!

2) Dream Big

I know some people who dream small dreams.

And these small dreams don’t happen. Because from the very start, they’re not exciting enough. So they don’t even take off.

Here’s what I found out: Small dreams attract small men. Big dreams attract big men. As well as all the big resources of the universe.

In my ministry work for the Lord, I’ve learned that its easier to raise P1 Million than P100,000. And it’s easier to raise P10 Million than P1 Million.

Friend, your size doesn’t matter.

What matters is the size of your dream.

As you focus and work on your dream, you grow as big as your dream.

As you grow your dream, you also keep growing.

As you expand your dream, you also keep expanding.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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