Paul told to young his young disciple, Timothy, For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

When you’re young, it’s natural to be afraid of the big wild scary world out there.  Everything is unfamiliar.  So our tendency is to hide.  To run to our room.  To cower in the darkness.  To feel safe.

Let me speak to you: Safety is good as long as it doesn’t prevent Progress.  Safety can keep all the bad stuff away—but it can also keep all the good stuff away too.

It’s possible that the most dangerous place in the world can be your safe place.

25 and Below

Today, I want to speak primarily to young people.  To those who are living in the first quarter of their life.  Are you 25 and below?  I’m speaking to you.  Are you older?  Listen for your children.  Listen for your younger friends.

Here’s my big message to you: Pursue Progress Over Safety.

Believe me, the first quarter of your life is the best time for you to pursue progress over safety.  Why?  Because this is the only time in your life where you have the least responsibilities.  No spouse.  No kids.  You’re still living at home.  For most, your parents are still strong and don’t need money from you.

Remember the areas where you can reside…

Three Zones of Life

In life, there are three Zones that you can choose to live in.

  1. Comfort Zone
  2. Courage Zone
  3. Crazy Zone

If you want to fail, live in the Comfort Zone.  In the Comfort Zone, Safety is not first.  Safety is the only thing that matters.  Not joy.  Not love.  Not God.  Not others.  Just safety.  Just you.  It’s really a very selfish way to live.

If you want to fail, live in the Crazy Zone too.  The Crazy Zone is wildness without wisdom.  Passion without prudence.  Note: The Courage Zone and the Crazy Zone look alike.  They’re almost identical.  The difference between the Courage Zone and the Crazy Zone?  In the Courage Zone, failures are teachers. In the Crazy Zone, failures are decor.  That is why in the Crazy Zone, the same failures are repeated over and over again.

The only real place to really be happy —and to share that happiness to others— is to live in the Courage Zone.

Look at the Start of Their Faith Journey

If you look at the heroes of faith in the Bible, the first part of their journey is always a step out of their Comfort Zone into their Courage Zone.

  1. Abraham

Abraham was very comfortable in the land of Ur.

That was where he was born.  That was where he played marbles and patentero and sunka and jolens and Angry Birds.  That was where he and his girlfriend Sarah fell in love.  That was where his friends lived, had their prom, had their concerts…

But one day, God called Abraham to get out of his Comfort Zone into his Courage Zone.

God told him, “Uproot yourself.  Go to Canaan.  Live there for the rest of your life.”

And boom, off he went to a foreign land.

If Abraham didn’t do this, he would have remained in Ur living his ordinary life and playing Angry Birds.  But think about it: There would be no nation called Israel.  An entire nation, gone!

Question: What is your Ur that God wants you to leave behind—so that you can move to your promised land?

Let’s think about another hero of faith…

  1. Moses

Before Moses became the mighty deliverer of Israel, he was Prince Moses, living in the palace of the Pharaoh.

He lived a very comfortable life.  He had servants serving him hand and foot, probably one servant to wipe his sweat, another one to fan him, and when he’s really lazy, another one to chew his food.  Speaking of food, he probably ate the most delicious shawarma in all of Egypt.  His political career was bright and rosy.

But one day, God called Moses to get out of his Comfort Zone into his Courage Zone.  God asked him to renounce everything—the palace, the career, the slaves, the shawarma—abandon his entire Egyptian heritage, and lead Israelite slaves out of Egypt.  Through the Red Sea.  Through the scorching desert.  Through the next 40 years.  Insane.

But if Moses did not do this, the Israelites would have remained slaves in Egypt perhaps for a few more centuries.  And Moses?  He could have just continued living in the comfortable palace, eating his pre-chewed shawarma the rest of his life.

Let me ask you: What is God asking you to renounce—so that He can use you to bless people?

Let’s go to the New Testament…

  1. Peter

Peter was very comfortable in his fishing boats.

His brother was a fisherman.  His father was a fisherman.  His uncles were fishermen.  His cousins were fishermen.  I bet his dog was a fisherdog and his cat was a fishercat.

But the same thing happened.  One day, God called him out of his Comfort Zone into his Courage Zone.

Peter met a guy named Jesus, and Jesus told him, “Come follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.”

Peter said yes and his life was never the same again.

The Bible said, “Peter left his boats and followed Jesus.”

If Peter didn’t do that, he wouldn’t have become an Apostle.  And the first Pope.

Friend, what fishing boats do you need to leave behind?  What is God asking you to upgrade?

Today, I pray that you would have the courage to leave your comfort zone and step into your courage zone.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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