3 Things To Be Happy

            No 8-page article today.          Just a short note on how to be happy. A psychiatrist who’s been listening to thousands of unhappy patients for 40 years realized that there are three things to be happy. If you have these three things, it’ll be very difficult to be miserable!           Do you have these three […]

How To Enjoy Your Wealth

For 3 weeks, I’ve been sharing a 4-part series on money.  Here’s my last installment: How to Enjoy Wealth. Before I tell you how, here are two Bible passages about enjoying your wealth. Ecclesiastes 5:19 says, If God gives a man wealth and property and lets him enjoy them, he should be grateful and enjoy […]

Plant In The Spring Or Beg In The Fall

Do you want to prosper?        Then take this powerful message to heart: Plant In The Spring Or Beg In The Fall. It was Jim Rohn who said those wise words and I’ve never forgotten them. Friend, life is always a choice.        God doesn’t force His plan of abundance to you.        You have to […]

Don’t Cheat Yourself From The Rewards Of Tithing

I have a confession to make. When I was a kid, I didn’t like taking a bath. It was my unique solution to the water shortage of the world. I felt that taking a bath was totally unnecessary—a vanity that modern people invented. When I studied history, my hunch was confirmed. For example, the monks of […]

Earn As Much As You Can, Love As Much As You Can

Yes, make 100%! Don’t settle for 50% or 60% or 80% or even 90%–if God has given you the ability to make 100%. Why try to earn more? There are two very good reasons why you should earn more. 1. You Want To Give More        Once upon a time, I used to earn P800 […]

Do You Enjoy God’s Blessings?

       One day, I welcomed a friend at the airport.        She was not a Filipino. And so to give her a real taste of Philippine culture, I brought her to an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet. (After all, we’re the race that eats six meals a day.) But when we got there, to my shock, my friend was one […]

Are You A Beggar Or A Farmer?

This is God’s big message for you today: God gives seeds, not fruits.   When God gives a fruit, He’s really giving the seeds within the fruit. I now understand why people think that God is a miser. Because they expect God to keep on giving them fruits. But God doesn’t keep on giving fruits. He gives […]

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Someone asked me, “Bo, I want to change my life.  I pray. I read the Bible. I attend a prayer meeting. What else can I do?” I told that person, “If you want to change your life, change your words.” I believe that if you change your vocabulary, you change your life story. Here’s something very few people […]

What You Can Conceive, You Can Achieve

May I bless your year? Here’s my prayer for you: In 2011, you’re not going to experience a drizzle of blessings. You’ll not experience a quick and light rain of blessings. In 2011, you’ll experience a downpour of blessings. God doesn’t want you to get moist. God doesn’t want you to get damp. God doesn’t want you to get […]

29 Simple Things You Can Do To Have A Fantastic 2011

No long article from me today. This will be short.        My message today: The keys to success are simple. I believe that real genius lies in sticking to the simple.        Today, I’d like to “spoon feed” you.        I’d like to give you 29 simple things that you can do this year that will […]