Believe In Your “Product”, Or No One Else Will…

          By “product”—I don’t mean something you sell.
          By “product”, I’m talking about YOU.
          Judith Viorst said, Demanding that people love us because we cannot love ourselves is an iron-clad guarantee of further rejection.
          Let me tell you a story.

Magic Key To Wealth: Make Yourself More Valuable

      Believe that you have value.
      Believe that you have something to give to the world.
      Anthony Robbins says, The single most important and potent way to expand your income is to devise a way to consistently add real value to people’s lives, and you will prosper.
      If […]

Believe in Your Capacity To Make Money

Remember that your perception of yourself is your reality. 
How you define yourself will be how you will act.  If you believe that you’re lazy, inept, weak, dim-witted individual—that’s how you will act.  Your definition of yourself are self-fulfilling prophecies.  Why?  Because as human beings, one of our greatest needs is consistency.  You will find yourself acting consistently with your self-concept […]

Do You Have An Abundance Mindset?

         There’s enough money out there.
Some people are trapped into a “scarcity” mentality, they think you have to be crooked, dishonest, and a thief to grab the little money that is floating around.  That’s not true.  God has created an ample world, enough for everyone.
To make money, you NEED to have an […]

Purify Your Thoughts About Money

       I receive tons of letters from readers, most of them happy, but some of them heart-rending.
       Just yesterday, one letter I read was from a man who was poor all his life.  He didn’t even know how he’d get food for his family the following week.  Sure, he had a job but […]

Bad News: Yikes, Our Depressed Stock Market Fell Even Lower!

       Bad news, right?
This “bad news” is actually SWEET MUSIC to the ears of long-term investors like myself and my TrulyRichClub Members.
Why sweet?  Because a depressed Stock Market is similar to a mall-wide “midnight sale” where all the fantastic Stocks are selling at insane cheap prices.
If you’re still thinking of getting into the Stock Market, now is the time to jump […]

Have You Found Your Flow?

  Flow is powerful.
For the great achievers, Mozart, who had 600 compositions, and Thomas Edison, who had 1,093 inventions, and Isaac Asimov, who wrote 475 books, they have found their “flow”.  (So far, I’ve written 35 bestselling books, so yes, in a small way, I’ve found my flow too.)
 David Myers says, To be in the flow is to […]

Do What You Love And Get Paid For It

We give 60% of our waking time to our jobs. 
If we’re unhappy with our jobs, that makes us unhappy in 60% of our life!  That’s why St. Thomas Aquinassaid, There can be no joy of life without joy of work.
To simplify your life, find what we love and get paid for it.
You need to find out […]

How To Discover Your Life Dreams

I have an assignment for you.
Do you want to know why you were born?  What your sacred mission in life is?
Here’s what you do: Schedule a few hours for a personal retreat; a whole day is even better.  Get your calendar and cross out that special day with a fat red pen.  No one touches […]

What Do You Really Want?

Simplicity means singularity of purpose. 
That means you’re not scattering your energies all over the place doing unconnected and uncoordinated things.
Many years back, I wrote a personal vision for my life. 
I went away for a while to write a picture of what kind of life I wanted to live twenty years down the road.  I wrote […]