Stop Complaining

Some people read the newspaper every morning.
And first thing in the morning, they watch News on TV.
They fill their minds with the latest exposes.  The latest politician caught in graft.  The latest violence in the world.
While maneuvering through traffic, they listen to the same bad news on […]

Love Your In-Laws

One day, a friend who’s like a walking joke-book greeted me.
“You want to hear a good one?”  He didn’t wait for an answer.
He told me of a guy who wanted to give a birthday gift to his mother-in-law.  Out of fresh ideas, he decides to buy her […]

You Teach People How To Treat You

         One summer, when I was a thin, small, peepsqueaky, sixteen year old boy, I placed a backpack over my shoulder and rode a plane for Israel.  (I won first prize in a Bible Quiz in Television—and this was the prize.)
It was the first time I […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel

My wife cries at the drop of a hat.
Let her watch a touching movie and she’ll be sobbing at the opening scene.  Yep, right after the screen says “Touchstone Pictures Presents”.
       I used to laugh at her for being such a softy for these things.
       “Gosh […]

Do The Boring Basics

         I do a lot of incredibly exciting stuff in my life.
I preach an average of 200 talks a year.  
Each year, I take numerous airplane rides, hopping around islands and nations.  Right before my eyes, I see lives changed, souls converted, families reunited.
       Each year, I […]

Learn From Your Tears

I was in Grade Five.
One of my teachers was young and pretty, and I thought she liked me too.  Why did she look at me every time I looked at her?
       After extensive research in the faculty room, I found out that she was only twenty-four.  […]

See Each Person As A Gift

When my son Bene was only three years old, he was already a brilliant philosopher-theologian.
Because of this, I sometimes felt he was an alien disguised as a three-year old boy doing espionage work.
Let me give you an example of what I mean.
When the little guy turned three, […]

Know The Story Behind The Story

One day, I was giving a retreat to a bunch of bigwig executives.
      As a whole, the group was very happy to be there.
      Except for one guy—one of the Vice Presidents—at the back of the room.
If horses suffered from menopause that was what he looked like: […]

Choose Your Pain Wisely

“I wish I…(gasp) didn’t start… (gasp) smoking at the… (gasp) age of seventeen…(gaaaaaaaasp!)”
It was tiring to just watch Joe breath.
Every act of inhaling for him was pure torture.
Joe has severe emphysema—an incurable lung condition, often caused by prolonged smoking.
The way he breathed, you’d think he was having […]

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

“Where are you in the photo, son?”
       I was just five years old.  I showed Dad my kindergarten class photo—a free-for-all scene where kids were elbowing each other for more photo exposure.
Where was I?  At the back of the pack, peeking over someone’s shoulder.  You could only […]