Remember Your Greatness And Laugh With God Today

           Going home from the beautiful Sagada mountains, we passed by Nueva Vizcaya.
       After 8 hours of travelling in our minivan, my boys were hungry.  So we dropped by at a restaurant for lunch.
       That was when a funny thing happened: All the managers of the store recognized me.


         In my life, I have found three places that give me a deep sense of the presence of God: 1) A scenic mountain with lovely forests; 2) A tranquil beach under a blue sky; 3) And the passenger seat of Roger’s red car.
         You see, my friend Roger drives like a […]


      I don’t know how to explain this.
      I really don’t.
      But in my life, I’ve seen how the universe conspires to give me what I need.
      It could be as simple as a parking space.  For years now, I’ve noticed that when I need […]


I’m a preacher.
But I’m also an entrepreneur.  Yes, I run a few personal businesses.  (Just to clear the questions in many people’s minds: Nope, I don’t own Bo’s Café.  Though I wish I did.)
Because I earn through my businesses, I can afford not to get a salary […]

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Stop Complaining

Some people read the newspaper every morning.
And first thing in the morning, they watch News on TV.
They fill their minds with the latest exposes.  The latest politician caught in graft.  The latest violence in the world.
While maneuvering through traffic, they listen to the same bad news on […]

Love Your In-Laws

One day, a friend who’s like a walking joke-book greeted me.
“You want to hear a good one?”  He didn’t wait for an answer.
He told me of a guy who wanted to give a birthday gift to his mother-in-law.  Out of fresh ideas, he decides to buy her […]

You Teach People How To Treat You

         One summer, when I was a thin, small, peepsqueaky, sixteen year old boy, I placed a backpack over my shoulder and rode a plane for Israel.  (I won first prize in a Bible Quiz in Television—and this was the prize.)
It was the first time I […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel

My wife cries at the drop of a hat.
Let her watch a touching movie and she’ll be sobbing at the opening scene.  Yep, right after the screen says “Touchstone Pictures Presents”.
       I used to laugh at her for being such a softy for these things.
       “Gosh […]

Do The Boring Basics

         I do a lot of incredibly exciting stuff in my life.
I preach an average of 200 talks a year.  
Each year, I take numerous airplane rides, hopping around islands and nations.  Right before my eyes, I see lives changed, souls converted, families reunited.
       Each year, I […]