Know The Story Behind The Story

One day, I was giving a retreat to a bunch of bigwig executives.
      As a whole, the group was very happy to be there.
      Except for one guy—one of the Vice Presidents—at the back of the room.
If horses suffered from menopause that was what he looked like: […]

Choose Your Pain Wisely

“I wish I…(gasp) didn’t start… (gasp) smoking at the… (gasp) age of seventeen…(gaaaaaaaasp!)”
It was tiring to just watch Joe breath.
Every act of inhaling for him was pure torture.
Joe has severe emphysema—an incurable lung condition, often caused by prolonged smoking.
The way he breathed, you’d think he was having […]

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

“Where are you in the photo, son?”
       I was just five years old.  I showed Dad my kindergarten class photo—a free-for-all scene where kids were elbowing each other for more photo exposure.
Where was I?  At the back of the pack, peeking over someone’s shoulder.  You could only […]

Open Up Your Life To Love!

       Have you ever wondered if fish drank water?
       I know what you’re thinking.
      Only a crazy guy like me thinks of such lunacy.
       Well, think of a tiny fish right smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
       Now tell me.  Wouldn’t it be […]

Live Your Life With Presentation

       Have you recently dined in a five-star restaurant?
Let me refresh your memory.
First, the waiters wear tuxedoes and toupees.  The tablecloth is immaculate and the orchids in front of you are fresh.  The ambiance is gorgeous.
       Second, the dishes aren’t called on a […]

Don’t Hide Who You Are

       Let me tell you one of the greatest mysteries of the world.
When a woman puts on blush on, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye-shadow, eyelashes, lipstick, lipgloss, toner, powder—and then turns to her husband and asks, “Honey, do I look natural?”
       Now tell me, how does […]

Learn To Say No Sometimes

“Can you bring a tiny package to my family in Manila?”
 “No problem!” I said to the petite Filipina in front of me.
This happened many years ago in a preaching trip in Europe when I still didn’t know about the Balikbayan* Phrase Dictionary.  In it, the term “tiny […]

Always Give Your Best Struggle

When I preach to an audience of thousands, I always find two or three people in the audience who sleep through my talks.
It doesn’t matter what I do, whether I crack a joke, scream till my larynx dies, or I murder someone in the front row—it […]

Join Me In A “Receive Your Miracle” 10-Day Pilgrimage To The Holy Land February 10 to 20, 2015

Special Bonus:
You’ll Also Join A Feast
Right In The Old City of Jerusalem!
I know a lot of people who travel often. 
I know a lot of people who take lots of holidays and vacations in different parts of the world—Hong Kong, Bangkok, US, Europe—but they never consider […]

Define Your Greatest Achievements

My favorite pastime is spending a day in a bookstore.
       Intellectually, it invigorates me.
       Emotionally, it refreshes me.
       Spiritually, it inspires me.
And financially, it saves me money!  Because sometimes, I don’t have to buy the books I read.  I just read it in the store.
Somewhere in the […]