Prophesy Their Beautiful Future With Your Words

  If you’ve got kids, it’s important that you paint a picture of their beautiful future. Some parents who have temper problems don’t get this. They’re so flippant with their cruel words. In their rage, they tell their child, “You won’t amount to anything! You’re so irresponsible, you’ll end up a bum in the streets.” […]

Get Serious About Your Health

  If not now, when?   I believe that for many people with persistent health issues, they need to get out of your daily routine and busy schedule, and simply focus on their total health (body & soul).   I have doctors and health mentors who can help. I’d like to introduce you to my […]

Praise Someone Today!

  The literal meaning of the word “blessing” is “to bow down.” When I bow down in front of someone, I give that person value. I say to him, “You’re important.”   And the easiest way to do that is through praise. When you praise the people that you love, you’re actually blessing them. Here’s my […]

Choose Your Battles

  There are two kinds of parents. Parents who bless and parents who curse. What kind of parent are you? Face it, your kids will always make mistakes. So here’s a million-dollar advice: Choose your battles. Many parents simply have too many battles with their children: Unruly room.  Loud music.  Low grades.  Ugly penmanship.  The […]

Bless Your Loved Ones

May I share this with you? My friend sent it to me and I found it…uh…enlightening (I think). What I Learned From My Mother (Anonymous)   My mother taught me about Priorities.  Because when my brother and I fought, she’d usually say, “If you want to kill each other, go outside because I just cleaned […]

Remember Your Dreams By Putting Them On Paper

  Finally, writing it down makes you remember your dreams. One day, a 75-year-old golfer came home and complained to his wife, “Sweetheart, I could have played a good game today if not for my bad eyesight.  After I hit the ball, I don’t see where it goes.” His wife replied, “Of course your eyes […]

The Only Sure Way Your Kids Will Become Millionaires On Their 20th Birthday

Do you want your kids NOT to repeat your financial mistakes? Do you want your kids to get an early head start and prepare for their financial future? Do you want them to have an investing and entrepreneurial mindset at an early age? There’s a way to do it and I can show you how. […]

It’s In Your Brain

  Let me explain to you why writing down your dreams works. Have you ever had this experience? You’re in a party.  It’s noisy.  Lots of chatter, laughter, and loud music.  But from the other side of the room, you hear someone whisper your name. Thank your reticular activating system (or RAS) for this phenomenon.  […]

Negative Words Have Power Too

    But while positive words affect your future, so do negative ones. I once worked with a guy in a ministry many, many years ago. Every once in a while, I’d get a crazy idea and I’d say, “I have a new proposal.” Even before I could expound on my idea, this man would […]

Get God’s Blessing For Your Life This Easter!

Join The GRAND EASTER FEAST at MOA Arena this March 27            MOA ARENA will be exploding with God’s power on Easter—and you need to be there.            I invite you: Get more of God’s Blessings in your life this Easter!            Join me at the GRAND EASTER FEAST 2016: MERCY FULL […]