What Kind Of Gratitude Do You Have?

  From looking at my own life, and in the lives of the people I help, I realized there are three degrees of gratitude:   Selective Gratitude   This is when you’re thankful for Big Ticket items only. You win the Lotto. You get a new car. You finally pass the board exam after 9 […]

How Do You Measure Your Wealth? You Will Be Surprised…

I’m fully convinced… Wealth isn’t money. Wealth isn’t the cars you drive or the houses you own. Wealth isn’t your jewelry, the stocks, bonds, or cash in your bank. I now believe that wealth is an emotion. Wealth is an inner feeling. More precisely, wealth is an outlook, an attitude, a belief. And the most […]

Question: Are You Wealthy?

Grumpy Grandma Gladys was the crankiest old woman in town. One day, she announced to her family, “I want a pet. It’s gotta be perfect!” Boy, did her family have a hard time looking for a pet for her. A nephew gave her a cat. “Too clingy,” she complained and returned it. A niece gave […]

Make Others Successful

I’m a Missionary. Been one for 36 years. But for many years now, I’ve taken on a second way of serving others: I help people as a Personal Finance Coach. It all started many years ago when I noticed how so many good people were suffering from horrible financial problems. My heart broke every time […]

Just Diamonds

  Let me tell you a story about true wealth. One day, two very proud Jewellers were in the street, debating who had the biggest, most beautiful diamonds. “I’ve got the biggest diamonds!” shouted one man. The other said, “Well, I’ve got the most beautiful diamonds!” Their voices were loud and angry. A third man […]

My One Advice: “Be Kind!”

    I know.  My title is boring, right? You may be asking, “Bo, can you be a little bit more sophisticated?  Call kindness something else.  Invent a big word…” Okay, I can play that game. If you want to be happy, enlarge your psychoneuralsensitivity and affective-interpersonalization skills…” Nah.  I always believe that solutions are […]

Create Patterns Of Connection

            Spending time with each other must be a pattern—or it won’t happen. You can’t say, “When I have free time, I’ll play with my kids” or “Whenever my schedule lightens up, I’ll date my spouse”.  Believe me, they’ll never happen. My wife and I set aside Tuesday night for […]

Water Your Relationships With Love

    My little boy wanted a pet dog. But my wife doesn’t like dogs. So we gave him a potted plant instead. I know.  We sound cruel, but that’s not true.  We even disinfect the torture chambers in our basement regularly with Lysol. “You need to learn responsibility,” my wife told my son.  “If […]

Write It Down, 25 Things You Like About Yourself

            I did this the other day and couldn’t stop at 25.              I ended up writing 67 things I like about myself.  And since the list is in my journal, I plan to keep adding onto it until I reach100.         […]

Life Is A Mirror

             One day, a Genie appeared to a woman and said, “This is your lucky day!  I will give you 3 wishes.”          “Yeheey!” the woman squealed.          “But on one condition,” said the Genie, “Whatever you ask for, your husband will receive 3 […]