Do For Your Soul What You Do For Your Body

       I have a couple of questions for you.
       Can you imagine yourself taking a bath only once a month?
       You’ll freak out, right?  But let’s say there’s a water shortage and a presidential decree was issued that showers can only be taken every thirty days—with a maximum of two gallons of water for each Filipino per bath.  (Out of […]

A Tiny Human Being In My Arms

“My son.”
These two words didn’t roll off my tongue easily.  The first time I said it, it felt awkward.  As if something didn’t fit.
“My son.”
It felt strange.  As though I was reading a script of a play.  I had to practice saying it many, many […]

Write Down Your 100 Dreams

There are a few things in life that make me go berserk.  One of them is when someone says, “I’m bored.”   I mean, how can anyone be bored in a world so beautiful and full and exciting as this planet we’re living in?
Well one day, a fifteen-year […]

Take Delight In The Simplest Things

Guess what I gave my wife on the eve of our wedding.
My honeymoon present, if you may.
       Right after the big wedding of a thousand guests, at 12:00 midnight, when we were finally alone in our hotel room in a far-away resort as two awkward and giddy virgins with excited hormones slambanging and sloshing through our […]

Do You Like Yourself?

In the parties that I attend, I’ve noticed a common ritual that happens around the Videoke machine.  I’ve discovered three stages in this ritual.
First, someone is cajoled to sing for the group.  He first declines adamantly like it was as preposterous as running for President of the Philippines.  He in fact points to others who may sing better—but […]

Let Your Work Be Your Worship

I have a simple message for you today: Let your profession be your preaching and your work be your worship.
Preach In Your Profession
One day, my friend told me, “Once upon a time, I used to complain about my crummy job.  Until I met people with worse jobs.  […]

3 Things To Do To Claim Your 2014 Blessings

Let me tell you something that will blow your mind.
God created an entire warehouse of blessings for YOU.  
Your name—in big bold letters—is plastered on the roof of your warehouse.  By the way, your warehouse is sooooooo huge, it doesn’t fit planet earth.  It has to be located in Heaven.  And it’s stocked with every conceivable blessing for your […]

How To Have A Spectacular 2014

Before the new year begins, let me tell you the amazing story of my friend, Alvin Barcelona.
Once upon a time, Alvin was an incredibly busy man.
He with his mom Aida, running a flourishing school, the Cardinal Academy.  Alvin was also in politics.  He was also in theatre studying under Laurice Guillien.  He was also a rock singer with Freddie […]

This Christmas, Teach Your Kids About What’s Important In Life

Have you gone through a financial desert?
When there’s not enough money to pay the bills?
When you couldn’t afford to meet your most basic needs?
When God brings you to a financial desert, He’s teaching you the most important lessons in life.  Because the desert is God’s university.
       I […]

We’ve Got A Bigger Room This Saturday!

That means you can still join me this Saturday!  Yes, there are still some seats now available…
I’m talking about my exciting Seminar called How To Make Millions In The Stock Market on December 14, 8am to 12noon, in Pasig.
I can teach you how to invest in the […]