Always Give Your Best Struggle

When I preach to an audience of thousands, I always find two or three people in the audience who sleep through my talks.
It doesn’t matter what I do, whether I crack a joke, scream till my larynx dies, or I murder someone in the front row—it […]

Join Me In A “Receive Your Miracle” 10-Day Pilgrimage To The Holy Land February 10 to 20, 2015

Special Bonus:
You’ll Also Join A Feast
Right In The Old City of Jerusalem!
I know a lot of people who travel often. 
I know a lot of people who take lots of holidays and vacations in different parts of the world—Hong Kong, Bangkok, US, Europe—but they never consider […]

Define Your Greatest Achievements

My favorite pastime is spending a day in a bookstore.
       Intellectually, it invigorates me.
       Emotionally, it refreshes me.
       Spiritually, it inspires me.
And financially, it saves me money!  Because sometimes, I don’t have to buy the books I read.  I just read it in the store.
Somewhere in the […]

Congratulations: You’re Human!

“Help me, Bo.  I’m falling in love with my boss.”
       I’ve known Lucy for some time now and her silliness betrays a deep spiritual maturity in this married woman.
“Tell me about it,” I said solemnly.
“Oh Bo, he’s gorgeous.  He’s a cute American and I get red all over whenever I’m in front of him.”
“Brad Pitt […]

It’s My Birthday Tomorrow!

I have a confession to make: I now get sentimental on my birthday.  (Yep, I get mushy.)  I never thought this would ever happen to me.
Obviously, when I was a kid, birthdays were big.  With the cake and ice cream, how could it not be big?  But after age 7 or 8, birthdays went downhill from there.  After awhile, it […]

Feel Your Feelings And Let Go

      “How are you, Phillip?” I asked a friend one day.
      Phillip retorted, “I’m fine.  My son died in an accident, my house burned down, my wife ran away with another man, I lost my job last week, and my doctor told me I have lung cancer.  […]

So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

Almost everyone wants to be their own Boss.
To own their thing.
To earn bushels of money—for their family, for their future, for their church, for their ministry…
But do you have what it takes?
Sad Fact: According to statistics, only 1 out of 5 businesses survive after the first 5 years.  And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of […]

You Are Beautiful

I have a tiny house.
It’s so tiny, whenever I open the refrigerator door, you’d think I installed centralized air-conditioning in my house.
But when I built it 12 years ago, I determined that no matter how small it was, it was going to be pretty.  Like I wanted the walls to be covered with red bricks to […]

Complicate Your Life

My title sounds shocking, especially coming from someone whose known by everyone as Mr. Simple—a guy who doesn’t even comb his hair and doesn’t wear a watch and who dons a 70’s outfit not because its faddish but because he’s trapped in that era.
But you see, I […]

Don’t Try To Please Everyone

Let me share with you a simple secret in succeeding in life.
Don’t ever try to please everyone.
I’ve been a leader of ministries for more than three decades now.  If I’ll try to please all the expectations that people heap on me, I need to be Padre Pio and Bill Gates and Francis of Assisi and John […]