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50 Responses to “Articles”

  1. it’s a nice site!

  2. it’s good to have a site like this, making each individual realized how wonderfull ife is…..

  3. Is there any articles on how to be optimistic?


  5. Thanks for having this kind of site..

  6. i am a nEw subscriber
    i fOund yoUr site whEn i was readiNg youR book entitlEd ‘your past does not define your future’ and kerygma =)
    thankyou father Bo..i love it,,so wonderfuL..til next time..=)

  7. this is the first time i opened this website, how can i join your community? we live at sta rosa laguna

  8. iam one of your avid kerygma reader, and i have a copy of all your books, thanks for being an instrument of god …god bless you !

  9. hi bo,

    I was really moved after i read yoiur book “your past does not define your future” …

    hehehe, mind me calling you bo, since i feel like a close friend to you now… though, it was very risky to unveil your “being human” to your fans (now, I am one of millions out there) but it was so true and beautiful. at first, i was shocked but its good that i never concluded then and then…

    I would love to have some copies of your published books but pardon me if i will use the term “unfortunately” i am currently serving the faithful in samar.

    you are such a good manifestation of God’s endless love to mankind.. Thank you so much bo, and my unity and prayers for your very fine apostolate…

  10. i am your avid reader, .thanks for making us realize how blessed we are and how wonderful life is
    This is my first time to open your website its so nice …
    by the way how can i join your community.please send me you your inspiring stories at my account

    Thanks and Godbless

  11. this is the most interesting website ive ever seen.hope you continue to be the instrument of god in preaching his love to mankind.all the best

  12. inspiring and a big help

  13. i love you bo!!

  14. May you continue to touch countless through your and your group works and deeds, making each and every Filipino believe in their dreams.

    Very great website, lots of things to learn from your sharing.

    More power and success to you.

  15. May everyone be touched by your spiritual words and works..

    Please continue to inspire others..

    we believe in you..

    God Bless..☺

  16. very good…
    you truly become an instrument to many of us…

  17. mr. bo sanchez although this a little imposible, but still im going to do this by fatih.
    im going to ask here for a favor, sorry coz i dont sent an email personnaly to you and this is not an appropriate thing to ask a favor, because i dont know your email ad.
    sir my group and i are going to have a research bout “why most filipino are poor and how to get out to poverty”. sir ijust saw one book of you telling how to enjoy money( or some what like that, sorry i forgot the titlte), sir i want to ask you an interview, it will be a big help to our research. there is a lot of thing we want to ask to you personnaly. thanks sir and more power.

  18. I am New comer in Manila. I am from Indonesia. I will say, Bo! your’s articles very good. I like them … God Bless you

  19. Greetings! Bro. Bo i really wanted to keep in touch with your community. I feel spiritually blessed whenever i got to read your kerygma mags… Recently i also had the chance to buy and read your book entited “8 secrets of the truly rich” i somehow got attached to it that i dreamed of becoming a member of your community. Please allow me so… Thank God He’s given us people like you! God bless you always! And please do include me in your community… Allow me to get your monthly subscription of kerygma and get your journal where i can write my long lists of dreams..
    I hope you’ve got to receive this comment and send me an e-mail as soon as possible…

  20. Greetings! Bro. Bo i really wanted to keep in touch with your community. I feel spiritually blessed whenever i got to read your kerygma mags… Recently i also had the chance to buy and read your book entited “8 secrets of the truly rich” i somehow got attached to it that i dreamed of becoming a member of your community. Please allow me so… Thank God He’s given us people like you! God bless you always! And please do include me in your community… Allow me to get your monthly subscription of kerygma and get your journal where i can write my long lists of dreams..
    I hope you’ve got to receive this comment and send me an e-mail as soon as possible…

  21. Sexy Girls Nude…

    or a definition of the word

  22. teddy…

    combination of Dopyera and Brothers

  23. hi Kuya Bo,
    how are u? I just wanna thank you for shaking and waking me up… i learned and realized a lot, after reading one of your book and visiting some site of yours. You really did help a lot of people. And you really done a terific job…A million Thanks..God Bless

  24. Hi Bo,

    I’m one of ur avid reader. I am working abroad, so whenever I’m home I’ll make sure that i bring along with me your bestselling books and share to my roomates here in abroad. Thank you for the uplifting words…Thank you for being the instrument of my transformation and being closer to God more…
    Keep up and continue the good deeds…

    God bless to all of us………

  25. hello again bro Bo…

    i just buy your book…how to find your one true love…i share it with my classmates and teachers and they like it…

    and a few days ago i bought “your past does not define your future…what makes my tears come out of my eyes was when you say that you are looking forward to meet me one day…it was part of my dream…i always pray that someday i will meet you in person…hope you could read this…i will wait for your reply…i’m 2nd year college student here in Aklan…you book and magazine (kerygma) was been my best gives me relief…its as if it was my medicine…thank you so much…if you only knew how much you contributed into my life…you help me to become a better person…you help me to love myself…you are my saint…you’re an angel in disguise (too much praise?) but that was the truth…i’m looking forward to see you…

  26. your the best Bo!!!

  27. Brother Bo, you’re really my idol!

  28. Hi Bo, yesterday we had a mini recollection at our office and I extracted copies of some of your blogs for our small group sharing and I am really happy that it did work. I am doing this with my staff for the past 2 years. Last year, I wans’t able to invite somebody to talk, so instead, I borrowed a copy of your video talk, topic about overcoming addition, and again the response was overwhelming.

    Your articles, blogs, are blessing a lot of people. Thank you for sharing a lot…may the good Lord bless you more…GOD BLESS

  29. you really inspire me…i hope you wont mind reading my story on how did i met you spiritually…the first time i saw your book..i said it is boring and no sense at all..without even reading it…but i don’t know something urges me to scan it…i stop at the part where the topic is “how to flirt?by the way the book is How to find your one true love….,then i didn’t notice i was reading the whole book..i brought it home without asking from my manager a permission (she owns it)….after i finish it i borrowed all her books…gee i am not a holy person i am a sinner but you made me realize how blessed i am..i even have a blog which is inspired by you…thank you so much bo for coming into my life…

  30. bo, your so greet, booth you and your book,,,,i read more inspirational message out from 8 secrets of truly rich..
    good luck & God bless

  31. it is a very nice site, yu know bo, you transform our life with my husband. we are now much understanding and loving couple. we inspired by your articles and blogs…… thank you

  32. I am so happy that this Website is existing… I want to thank you because you are the key on what Iam today.. I may be a stray cat now If i haven’t been here in your site ^^ Domo Arigato Gozaimas!! ^^

  33. God Bless!

    I am bless because God bless me i have CP in our home i can now read your articles, and it made me change my outlook in life, and now i know how to humble my self. Before i am proud of my self because without you asking i earned my degree with my “pagsisikap” . and i land a job for my own without the help of my parents because we’re that very poor and don’t have any connection or Padrino. But i know that there is God who help me and guide me to reach my dream. now that i always read your articles, your feeding my hungry soul now i change a lot and i always ask God to always humble my self. thanks you, God make you an instrument for my changes. i from Surigao City,

  34. Super..super delightful. It delights me daily and makes me refreshed and nourished. super thank you… God bless!

  35. Hello Kuya Bo….

    I have already more than 10 of ur books…

    I am 11 yrs old, and i love ur books……

    Its super duper cool….Mommy always give me a book every time i want too…
    Mom inspire me too be like u bec. ur a writer….And mommy wants me to be a writer like u.. I like it too..

    Well, regardz to Ate Marowe, Bene, and Francis..
    Gud day to u…….We, my mom, dad, and my family are 100 percent behind u.. I am by the way, an only child.

    love Trina

  36. happy birthday bro. bo! greetings all the way from Dubai!

  37. Could you email the “Relationships Reborn” Series?

  38. Hi Bo,

    been contacting you about an inquiry that I have for several months now.

    it’s about the Home Schooling. Is there a program for high school level already in the Catholic Filipino Academy?

    Thanks and Regards.

  39. Hi, Brother Bo, did you ever write an article about OFW’s? if you have done so, where in your books or magazine can i find it? I am an OFW wife and mother of 2 kids..My sudden separation from them made me realized how important it is to invest on relationship, just what you always mention in your blogs. It is one of my dreams (written in my dreamboard) to be reunited with my husband and 2 children to betogether again.

    After considering all the things to be done, including the advices i received from your kerygma live chat, i have to do it all step by step from the foundation of he dream to focusing on the dreams. I might be away from them for sometime but this is all temporary, i then realized that God is using this opportunity to establish my realtionship with Him, thru your website.

    The Lord brought me here in Dubai. He has been using this chance to draw me to Him and fully entrust Him to take care of my loved ones. He used my situation so that i have all time to listen to Him. He crushed my spirits of envy and of pride. He is preparing me for a greater mission. He is spiritually blessing me so that i will be a blessing for others and be financially blessed too.

    Can you write an article which might probably discuss on OFW’s marriages or about to break marriages–chances are this will save them.You know, I have witnessed several OFW’s broken marriages.

    Please brother Bo, write an article about OFW moms and that like me, they too will be inspired.

    God bless brother Bo!

  40. dear bo,

    you’ve been a blessing to me since then… and i am thankful now that i could get more thoughts from you through using the net…

    your thoughts make me laugh as i am reading them… the good humor is there and really you made me feel i belong… :) thanks for the inspirations you always and untiringly give to people who long for God’s love…

    great work!

    finding a man believes in me,


  41. dear bo,

    Keep up the good work…
    Never get tired of inspiring people..

    May God bless you always!


  42. Bro. Bo,

    You are such a blessing to my life.

    Thank you for these wornderful words of inspiration. In turn, I do pay it forward Bo by incorporating some of your articles into my training programs.

    Again thanks a lot! Continue to be our guiding light!

  43. Good day Brother Bo…
    I just want you to know that you inspire me a lot. You change the way i look at things. I’m starting to be more optimistic.
    You are different from the other preachers, in a good way..
    I love reading your articles cause they are so inspiring and funny. I also love reading your books. (I just started reading “Fill your life with miracles”), and of course, watching your videos…

    Thank you so much for being a blessing to us.
    More power. ^_^

  44. Dear sir/mam,

    I accidentally erased bo’s soulfood dated April 16, 2012. kindly email me again that article.

    Thank you and more power


  45. tandblekninng med laser…

    […]o You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this ma ru[…]…

  46. I go to this website every time I feel bad or downtrodden… Thanks for being awesome, Brother Bo! :)

  47. Thanks for this website Bo. More inspiring messages to come from you and bless the world!

  48. […] can go to Bo’s Articles and read the hundreds of FREE articles I wrote for your personal growth, divided into various […]

  49. hello sir bo, this was a nice article.., i would just like to get some advice from you.., Im not that sad, I know that whatever is happening around is always God’s will. Im an engineering student, I have failed this semester.., My friends know how much effort I am giving to pass my subjects, but those who have cheated so much, slept in classroom, they are the ones who always passed.. Though I didnt understand sometimes, I just trust Papa God,.., no hard feelings, I only want to read some insights from you regarding this situation so I can understand more because I dont want dissapointments be the reason for me to go away from God’s side.. Im not loosing faith, I just want to understand more. This is one of my prayers, that he’ll let me understand. thank u sir =D

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