Accept Your Weaknesses


      This will be short.

       Let me begin with one of my favorite stories…

       On her way home, a woman was walking on the sidewalk.  She saw a parrot in a pet shop window.  Upon seeing her, the parrot said, “Lady, you are really ugly!”

       Shocked, the woman walked away in a huff.

       The next day, she walked again on the same road.  She saw again the parrot peering through the pet shop window.  And sure enough, when the parrot saw her, it said, “Lady, you are really ugly!”

       The woman couldn’t take it anymore…

       She barged in the pet shop and told the owner, “Your bird outside has been telling me that I’m ugly.  You better do something about that parrot.  When I walk here tomorrow, and that bird says the same thing about me, I’ll sue you!”  The owner was very apologetic and said, “It won’t happen again, Ma’am.”

       The next day, she walked home on that same road.  Once again, she sees the parrot, and the parrot sees her.  She stopped and with an icy stare asked, “Yes?”

       The bird, strutting back and forth, cocked, “You know.”


You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Love Yourself


       Friends, many of us have an inner parrot that tells us, “You’re ugly.”

       We have an inner parrot that we carry around within us, cruel and rude.  We actually don’t need the devil anymore to accuse us and damn us to Hell.  Because we do it ourselves.

       These feelings of shame drive us to our addictions.

       Friend, fire your inner parrot.  (Better yet, fry him with olive oil, a little garlic, and chilli.)

       Start telling yourself the truth: That you’re God’s child and beautiful beyond imagination.  And that God will use even your worst weaknesses.

       Remember: You don’t have to be perfect to be loved.


Your Weakness Is A Gift


       In the Bible, St. Paul boasted of his “Thorn in the Flesh”. 

       It was his weakness.

But whatever it was, about this weakness, he said these immortal, mind-boggling words.  “At first I didn’t think of it as a gift, and begged God to remove it. Three times I did that, and then he told me, “My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.”  (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

       How can your weakness be gift?


Your Weakness Blesses You In 3 Great Ways


          First, my weaknesses humble me.  It makes me depend in God even more.  And I see how He uses me mightily despite all my weaknesses!  That is why the Bible says, God chooses what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful. (1 Corinthians 1:27)

Second, my weaknesses make me more merciful towards others.  I believe that someone who easily judges others hasn’t yet accepted his own weaknesses.  If he had, he wouldn’t be judgmental.  But because he hasn’t, he projects his self-anger towards other people.

Third, my weaknesses bond me with others in a way that nothing else can.  When I share the story of my past and my addiction to someone else, I disrobe my defences and become vulnerable to him.  In this way, I also give permission to that person to disrobe his defences as well.

          Friend, thank God for your weaknesses, your struggles, and your problems.

          They are great gifts that will bless you and others.


Next week, I’ll share with you the third way of loving yourself.


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez


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50 Responses to “Accept Your Weaknesses”

  1. Hi Bro Bo,

    Thank you for reminding us to celebrate our weaknesses and be grateful everyday.

    Have a blessed week everyone!


  2. Thanks Bro Bo,

    I love this quote: “your weakness is a gift.” because it will bless me and others. it will inspires people to overcome their weaknesses too.

  3. Thanks Bro Bo for reminding us to accept our weaknesses.

  4. Dear Bro. Bo:

    Thank you, and I accept my weakness and I have learned that most of the time I am not living by faith instead living by sight…. Everyday I am crying, feeling sorry and I pray to GOD to forgive me and still hear and answer my prayers. Thank you Bro Bo, I accept my weakness

  5. thanks Bro Bo!
    all we have come from the Lord

    His grace is pergfect to our weaknesses.

    May we learn to trust him in His ways and timing and learn to love ourselves as we love others with the Love He’s given to everyone.

    Happy Monday Brothers and sisters!

  6. Thanks Bro. Bo for this.

    When I have learned to accept my weaknesses, it also become easy for me to accept other people’s weaknesses as well. Our weaknesses reminds us that we need God in our lives. Such a humbling experience for me back then.

    Have a great day ahead everyone! :)

  7. thanks Bro. Bo :) this is such a wonderful message.. it really strikes me. God bless our weaknesses that makes us humble, merciful and to bond with others.. I LOVE it much! ♥

  8. salamat po bro bo.

  9. Thank you bro. Bo for this article.. I love to read some more… thanks and God bless you even more.

  10. I am thankful that God gave us Bo Sanchez. Bro Bo you are so love by our Lord because He has given you gifts that you can share with us…gifts of wisdom, gift of love, gift of charity,gift of knowledge and many many more. You made us a shareholder of those gifts. The most important gift you have shared is letting us know better our God. You have guided us thru your books, retreats and seminars and even thru the social network that we were able to get closer to Him. Bro Bo, you are our inspiration.
    We are proud to say that we have a Bo Sanchez the preacher, the financial advisor, the spiritual leader, the philanthropist,the educator and most of all a God Fearing individual, good husband and father to his children and a brother to all mankind. CHEERS!!!!!!

  11. Let not the other persons opinion or impression of me be my reality!

  12. Thanks a lot my weaknesses its only like a road sign that we need to respect because that signed is our guide through the
    direction of my success

  13. thanks alot this s very helpful for me:) take care always

  14. Thank you Bro Bo, its only now that I realize that my weakness is here for a reason and can be used to serve others…

  15. dear bro. bo
    thanks a lot for this article bro bo you open my mind to accept my weaknesses and be a better person someday..

  16. Dear Bo, I thank God for all my weaknesses, struggles and problems because they are blessings to me and to others. God Bless you always Bo. God be with you and with us.

  17. whoever we are………..whatever our weaknesses….God loves us………
    thanks …bro….

  18. Bro.Bo,

    Thank you so much for a really inspiring story..It strikes thru my heart..Unfortunately,I have a lot of insecurities and in my 32 yrs.of living I still find it difficult to overcome but every time I open my email and seeing your words of wisdom I always feel relieved..It’s good know that somewhere out there someone understand me….Thank you Bro.

    May you continually be a blessing to others.God Bless you and your loved ones!..

  19. bro bo;

    thanks so much for nourishing me of your messages everyday
    i really do have “many weaknesses”; i felt relieved every time
    i read your messages. you”re really a “blessing”.

    may you continually pour us with your daily food for our soul
    to awaken us especially this lenten season.

    God bless u and your family

  20. Sir Bo, Thank you for your very inspiring words. May God always blesses you.

  21. Dear bro
    Iam so happy that I discover this soulfood that you are sending us daily. They really inspire me to be a better person. I am learning how to become a christian. God bless you, I will be waiting for more soulfood everyday.

  22. thank you so much for reading this article , its really problem about my weakness and sometimes bother me in daily living and struggling my work and it come to the point that were arguing with my husband because non sense attitude for her but a big mountain for me. now i know that i can be use this for my strength and it makes me realize that there so many valuable things to do than to make an argue my husband. thank you for reminding us.

  23. Thank you, Bro Bo.

  24. Thank you so much. Bro. Bo! May the loving God keep you always in His care so as to continue to serve Him by sending us beautiful messages as our soulfood in daily life. One line for this i always remember: “you don’t have to be perfect to be loved.” More Power!

  25. Hi Bo,

    This article pointed out directly my personal issues this week. its amazing because a midst of your weaknesses you can still be a good christian by embracing it in positive way. I just realized that I’m giving much effort for my self just to be loved by someone. Just be grateful for everything.
    Thanks Bo for always inspiring me with your article.
    God bless and More power!

  26. Thank you brother Bo for the inspiring messages… God bless you always..

  27. Bro.Bo thank you….. I thank God for all my weaknesses

  28. Thank you bro Bo, I will embrace my weakness… Just realized that I have been denying a lot of it. When I read your food for the soul it is indeed very humbling and makes me more accepting of what I am and what others are.
    Thank you… I praise and thank our God for you….

  29. Goodmorning our Bro.Bo thank you Thanks God for being an over all channel of gifts..GBU

  30. Thank you Bro Bo. It helps me realized those weaknesses that I kept long time ago. Now, I am trying to analyze to overcome.
    Thanks for inspiring me to face the reality.

  31. hi this is really nice reflection for holy week looking for ward to your retreat on picc. love your messages. thanks.

  32. Thank you once again Bro. Bo for another inspiring message. Knowing our weaknesses is indeed a gift – a gift so that we can bless others. Accepting our weaknesses makes us more loving people , rather than judgmental people. Thank you Bro. Bo. God bless😇😇🙏🙏🎺🎼🎷

  33. inspiring way to start the day. thank you bro bo.

  34. Many thanks Bro. Bo, so inspiring and keep my spirit up! GOD Bless Always :)

  35. I always felt energized every time i read your inspiring message, it is really a food for soul. . .thank you. . .GOD bless

  36. Dear Bro Bo,
    I praise and thank God for you are indeed a great blessing to me. Thank you so much for all the teachings I received from you through email. I Get inspired every time I read your message.
    May God continue to use you powerfully to reach out more people and lead them to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless!

  37. Very inspiring! Thanks Bro Bo!

  38. thank you so much for the message. it always remind us
    to be humble always.

    GOD BLESS Bro Bo

  39. Thank you Bro Bo for enlightenment.

    Praying for you always.

  40. thank you Bro Bo for reminding me my weaknesses and accepting God’s power in my life.Please pray for my health.God bless you,your family and your purpose on earth.

  41. Big Thanks bro Bo for sharing this another mind opening inspiring article of yours.
    I really learned alot.
    I accept my weaknesses and lay them unto GOD.
    May you keep on inspiring and informing us.
    More power and GODBLESS us all!

  42. Thank u Bro Bo, through u we r reconnected with GOD . More power to you and your Family

  43. thank your for giving us wisdom and inspiration. please share us more…. God Bless.

  44. “On her way home, a woman was walking on the sidewalk. She saw a parrot in a pet shop window. Upon seeing her, the parrot said, ‘Lady, you are really ugly!'”

    The lady said, you may be right but you’re the one in a cage and I don’t have enough money to buy a parrot.

    Bo Sanchez.

    Keep going.

  45. bo,

    please email me your free ebook at my new email address

    tnx and God bless…


  46. Thanks for this message Bro. Bo. I realized that I can also use my weaknesses for something good or great. It’s not just about the strengths. Life is also about the weaknesses and how to use them for good.

  47. Bo,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It made me realized that God let everything happen according to His purpose. Instead of hating my weaknesses now, i have learned to accept them and i was able to connect with other people who has the same struggles as mine.

  48. weaknesses can turn into strength..

  49. hi Bo,
    thank u for sharing all the inspirational stories and good words from God. Godbless you always and pls.continue to inspire us.

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